FREE ENERGY DISCOVERED in Ukraine, 3M Subs Celeb!!!

6 ינו 2020
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Is this Energy Free or Free Energy?!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Slapped like for Davie504. Also electroboom!

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    • Welcome keysight

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    • I cant wach as children get normal matter state INFO so vast so misleading not ENOUGH TIME

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    • @James Tristen I am trying it out now. Looks promising :)

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    • zap like now

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  • Fun fact :- if you give yourself some electric shocks your neurons gets more active try this!!

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  • Great video! I guess this trick with the lamp to check grounding wouldn't work in France, as we have GFCIs at the general switchboard so there is no way to "escape" it. Also, in France, Neutral and Earth are not shorted together physically (Earth is connected in every house to the actual physical ground, while Neutral comes from the electrical network) so I was wondering if it would make the voltage between neutral and earth higher, but it does not as I get 0.6 V.

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  • Me who finally understands him since I learned the law of conservation of energy

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  • ”this is the thing u need.” " ** ”Am I right?” *"**2:51**"* 垃圾。 -Lord

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  • ”this is the thing u need.” " ** ”Am I right?” *"**1:09**"* 垃圾。 -Lord

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  • One of the best channels in youtube...

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  • You hawe to learn watter and energy are not good friends

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  • Useless because neutral have already power from series from your appliances live to neutral and den ground is not free because same thing u get the power series power appliances

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  • Knowledge and entertainment , all in one place !!!

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  • Didn't realize he was from Iran, my dad is from Iraq.

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  • "great new year 2020" dafaq

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  • it wasnt a happy 2020

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  • well--- scuse meee... but if you coenct the live wire before the light meter, and grounded directly to earth you can have "free energy"

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  • it's easy to get free energy. ti'll the cops show up.

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  • You didn't know back then ... 😞✌❤☮🌿

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  • At 2 minutes into this I figured it out, it's a ground fault!!!

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  • 6:30 min in "youtube says im dangerous so lets checkout high voltage OUCH!"

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  • Careful with grounding you might end up in the ground!

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  • I like got free energy the other day when i hacked my neighbors satellite t.v. & wifi.

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  • Algorithm comment

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  • man, in ukraine we dont have ground wire in plug) under ground means GROUND as is

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  • This man deserves diamond play 🔘✅

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  • The free energy shit is hilarious. LOL

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  • If there is a resistive load between Live and neutral (that is also connected to ground somewhere) then there should be a ground leak and your safety cutouts will trip continuously, if they have Earth leak detection circuitry that works.

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  • Lol best scene was "Dont do this at home😅😅😅"... Then ouch😅

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  • Subscriber count as of March 2021: ElectroBOOM: 4,41 million subscribers Kreosan: 4,43 million subscribers

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  • am I the only one anxious here?

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  • 7:51 no

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  • I did not understand what he just did.. I just want to see his shocking clips.

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  • 😅😅😅😅😅😅

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  • Good morning, Can you do a video of Schumann resonance . I believe this video will be very interesting. Thank you

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  • Shunt effect Amp meters similar effect with led

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  • Free Energy Nikola 369 Tesla Element 115🛸

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  • I think the shock factor makes me learn better

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  • In that context: free=priceless. (And yeah, you pay to it, so it lie... or just clickbait) And yeah, in Russia/Ukrain/Kazakhstan and e.t.c. we have a VERY bad grounding. And sometimes, wiring not changed/be fixed literally in a century(s).... And yeah, its one of major parts of fire accidents. In line to wrong/broken gas vent/piping(my english is bad...). But good news ! Electricity is very cheap in there.

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  • 5:14 look live wire is touching ovens body LOOK CAREFULLY.

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  • Heeey. It’s a year or so later. Keysight are only 5000 subs away from 100,000 now.

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  • 8:31 I don't get it. Aren't the two probes shorted by the black alligator clip cable? How can there be a (significant) voltage difference, if the resistor doesn't lie between the two probes?

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  • 10:27 what?

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  • 1:21 HA AHHAHhAHcOHACOhgGA cOUGH COUGHJ COUGH... uuuugh...

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  • Theres no free energy

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  • LOL - "Good Luck (Iran)"

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  • ได้ความรู้ และขำๆไปด้วย

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  • *”this is the thing u need.”* *”* ***** *”Am I right?”* "2:30" *垃圾。* *Lord*

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  • So...he found a difference between neutral and ground......less voltage than between my cat and my carpet. A lot less than between my socks and my doorknob....I initially thought (when your channel was new) you were a joke, but you amaze me often now. I wish I had teachers like you in the 80's. SO - that said - how do I get my hands on some of these sweet diagnostic tools?

    SuperTech-ITSuperTech-IT24 ימים לפני
    • this is while I was her primary caregiver, and had to be with her almost 24/7....I was away for a short time, which is when all my stuff was turfed

      SuperTech-ITSuperTech-IT24 ימים לפני
    • I used to have a bunch, but my mother in her senility was convinced that my low voltage and low current stuff in my room was a fire hazard, and threw out about $35,000 of my stuff, including a computer that took me 2 years to make, worth about $5000. I have almost nothing now, and trying to eek out a living doing repairs, with almost no gear.

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  • WRONG THERE IS FREE its all not free but you can say with out jokeing if your bill is 300 a month and plug in a plasma device with the fridge pluged in to it and in 2 months your bill goes down to 132 a month shortly after say 4 months and now is 87 a month what would think thats WHAT DONT BE BURNT OR BUT HURT THIS IS REALL please some one say somthing this techknolegy is reall i know i am a plasma scientist its the condition that its only conditioning the wires that allways leake no matter what all the field in the wires is GOING OUT THE WINDOW SOON AS YOU POWER A LOAD IN YOUR HOUSE say 1000 watt heater well your paying for curent that floats away its watt usage will be only less than 250 under the condition of this device want to see PLEASE EMAIL ME CAN PROVE ALL OF THIS WITH WATT METERS mostly the feild before the device than after you plug in the device //THE OTHER PART IS THE DIFFERENCE OVER TIME WITH THE DEVICE PLUGED IN //over a 2 0R 3 MONTH TIME IT CONDITIONS THE HOUSE //ok funny time then you can say i am a scientist OR A MAGITION what one theres way more please say somthing would love to show this i am friendly i will be nice or i will come back to look for any cliants or ONES THAT WANT TO SEE THANK YOU FOR READING have a nice free energy day

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  • In this video we learn that always use si unit after a value

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  • Those croissants you don't want!

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  • 07:56 Let me demonstrate ** BOOOOOOOOOOOM ** : ))

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  • How led is glowing by the output of transformer (7:44). as the output is AC and led will not work with AC.

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  • 6:36 😂😂😂

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  • Bad grounding,somewhere along the way,he should have had find thde cause of grounding instead,that guy took the advantage for viewership reasons,taking advantage of viewers not knowledgable regs to electricity,im sure he knows theres no such thing as free energy,he should know better..he has just made a fool of himself

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  • Who is Davie504? Maybe Davie504 is Electroboom V2.0

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  • 2021

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  • the typical solution to such things back there was.. GOOD LUCK lol.

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  • I have some news: kovid 19 :O

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  • well, it is free if somebody else pays for it....

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  • him saying, happy new year to 2020, makes me cry

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  • What difference would it make if you used the electric produced by the cars alternator to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen then using them to help power the car...would you gain more energy.

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  • so your knda funny but your matter state ever see the 4th state of matter?

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  • nice tip to davie504!!!

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  • Free?

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  • can you upload that vid of the reverse the windings on or something?

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  • Good luck

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  • Love you bro

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  • The only free energy there is, is stolen energy from the city.

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  • 3:02 I have same multimeter

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  • (me sitting in the apartment, built somewhere in the middle of 1970-s by soviet standards): Ground wire in apartment? GFCI? Nah, never had them. This is fine.

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  • 2020 was not a good year

  • Dump a Diamond play button on this channel!

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  • 9:00 FALSE

    it's me BryanGh0stboiit's me BryanGh0stboiחודש לפני

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  • Free energy invalidating thermal dynamics is cringe and hurts my head when ever i see it this is like i love watching elctroBOOM because it just exposes the fact how stupid they really are.

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  • 0:07 This is the before-fore times before a dumb virus hit :(

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  • if its pulling house current and running it to your ground.., how is that free power? your still paying for it at the meter

    Jack LarsonJack Larsonחודש לפני
  • Energy always has a source. It depends where you get it from and how much you can get from that source.

    Brandon PhillipsBrandon Phillipsחודש לפני
  • it was about 52-533 years ago I was a teen ager my family house was far from power source my town had it's own generator. for power to travel that long speciality with inadequate cabling by the time power would have reached my house the voltage had been dropped. to overcome obsticle what I did was connoting a ground wire that I had established myself to null in order to increase the voltage and remind you it did work well. afte I simply bought 120 volts bulb instead, but the problem was that at late night when power usage minimized in town my 120 volt bulb lamp used to be blown. any how whilst i was connecting null to earth I noticed and spark from there I found out there is free energy . of course not really free but free enough that our electric meter would not have register it as usage.

    ali fattahali fattahחודש לפני
  • Nice Einstein. I mean Mehdi

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  • Good vid, can you debunk Gibbs free energy next?

    Cameron WatsonCameron Watsonחודש לפני
  • so maybe this is what the pyramids might have been built for/prototyped for???

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  • Happy 2020 right

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  • haha yes 2020 vvas great thanks !

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  • dont say great 2020 cause 2020 sucked

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  • The comfortable column yearly trouble because lilac anecdotally radiate failing a jaded geology. second-hand, knowing mistake

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  • There are more jumpscares in ElectroBoom videos than any "Five Nights At Freddy's" let's play ^^

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  • what do you think of this video?

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  • 7:55 Let me demonstrate using.... BOOOOM

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  • Two hundred sixty 😂😂

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  • im made free energy from cina

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  • I like how he says earth wires, as if earth had built in wires.

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  • I love your videos. Gimme free stuff.

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  • Ну тупые:)))

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  • I also get electrocuted sometimes when I touch the fridge 🤔

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  • I love His Content and his knowledge is far superior than mine! But I would really like to introduce him to the Swiss Power system.

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  • "I hope you started a great new year 2020." Yeah about that...

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  • 11:37 guys please explain me, how that white wire does not completely cancel voltage in green wire??? The white wire its like a dead short to connection that is produced with green wire and LED! I'm confused AF

    Kei _Kei _חודש לפני
  • In russia is used only to wires for ac Positiv and negativ, without grounding.

    Gabriel MelegaGabriel Melegaחודש לפני
  • This energy is actually free (for you) when you live in apartment house.

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  • You come for his suffering you stay for his important life information about electrics

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