My Friend is a Mermaid! Funny Mermaid Situations by La La Life musical

26 ספט 2020
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Would you like to have mermaid is a friend or roommate?
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00:00 What if a mermaid was my friend?
00:20 The rescue
01:20 The mermaid in the car
01:56 The mermaid at my house
03:52 No more sushi!
04:46 The mermaid's make up
05:05 Tik tok with the mermaid
05:30 The mermaid's magic voice
06:56 The mermaid tries to sleep
08:55 The mermaid's ex boyfriend
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  • Would you like to have a mermaid as your friend?

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    • @moon night you you are my bestest I love you so much and I love your videos like you can give me a stop watching these

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    • I like Nora madam's acting and also Lea madam too😁

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  • it’s funny how she bite the flower and wen she said no more sushi also wen she kick the phone and wen she say no salty

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  • Ifhjjj Khhk P I am sleeping but why did you wake me up Woe is the truth about your house is your house in the car no it,s not in the car it’s just in my friends house I love you 😍

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  • Mermaids ugly

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  • i want to be a mermaid

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  • Why is the ex always the shark

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  • I want to be a mermaid

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  • she remind me of little mermaid

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  • Well mermaid don't know every thing well everthing turn crazy it's turn water and mermaid tail

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  • Why does Nora at the end have a spotty skirt or shorts then she has her tail back on !?!?!?!?!?!.(◕ᴥ◕)

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  • I think it is a bit wierd when Nora says no more sushi and when she adds salt to tea or coffe

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  • Nora says she dont have friends but when she almost eat shusi lea says is from fish Nora says they are my friends????🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

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