Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

22 פבר 2021
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NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a camera looking down from the spacecraft's descent stage (a kind of rocket-powered jet pack that helps fly the rover to its landing site), a camera on the rover looking up at the descent stage, a camera on the top of the aeroshell (a capsule protecting the rover) looking up at that parachute, and a camera on the bottom of the rover looking down at the Martian surface.

The audio embedded in the video comes from the mission control call-outs during entry, descent, and landing.

For more information about Perseverance, visit

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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  • Bravo à la NASA , un nouveau grand pas pour l'humanité

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  • Mars is a sleeping Volcanic planet , Its easily to tell from the shape of surface even with my school geology background 🙄

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  • I got goosebumps, I hope it's genuine not made up, coz that looked amazing. Especially the part when the robot entered the surface of Mars. Wow

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  • Can't wait for Perseverance's next vlog.

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  • I always wanted to see all the rovers snap a selfie on the surface of Mars.

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    • Good editing NASA Keep it up alike 1969

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  • Wow! Every day we move forward! Congratulations to NASA, JPL and Humans!!! Every day we learn a lot about space and solar system, keep it up!!!

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    • @Solar Coffee agree man

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    • It will take centuries and since earth might not be able to sustain us indefinately, this is important pioneer work.

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    • This is just the first planet,after that we move on to the next planet

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    • There are curiosity,opportunity,and sparta rover.This is preseverance rover.

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