NBA "I Took That Personally" MOMENTS

4 ינו 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin and Rajon Rondo

  • You knew this video was coming

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    • 2021 gonna be A CRAZY YEAR!..!!!

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    • :D.

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    • hey, you like watching basketball? So can you take a quick look to my video? this would be very helpful for me! thanks a lot ;)

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    • hey, you like watching basketball? So can you take a quick look to my video? this would be very helpful for me! thanks a lot ;)

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    • Jesus loves you frfr

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  • that kyrie shot over rj looks so much like the shot kyrie did over curry game 7 2016 finals i compared them and wow they are the same

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  • 2k be hoeing my man Blake Griffin that boii got power and a shot🔥

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  • 6:35 There is raw fear behind Westbrook's eyes.

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  • this game sucks without fans in the stands

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  • Curry never ceases to amaze me!

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Who dislikes the viseo

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  • 2:46 westbrook prolly saying a lot but ion see no eye contact 😬

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  • 3:45 this is probably the most took it personally moment in the NBA

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  • Butler was in the finals, Warren only did some good plays

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    • Don't do drugs, kids

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  • Good vid - but I'm confused about the Last one- Kyrie costs himself a 50 pt game with a bad play and a bad shot vs the T Wolves, then he beats a weak Knicks Team? Did Kyrie "take it personally" against himself? I can see him being that Loopy tho -- also an obvious one- Lillard torching Westbrook and OKC, and waving "bye-bye" (maybe too obvious? these are recent moments only?)

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  • all the comments iz not curry🤣

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  • D4 vs Curry = D4

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  • So inspirational

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  • Is she really a fan tho??

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  • LMAO, Heat swept the hell out of the Pacers

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  • We love curry

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  • finding kyrie

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  • As a soccer player watching my 3rd favorite sport this video lacked context for me

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  • What's with the Irving one? He lost to the Timberwolves and got revenge on the Knicks? 9:05 & 9:24

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  • Everyone is talking about how good curry is, but I'm getting mad at the ref for not calling the foul 1:17

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  • 0:38

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  • The warren one made no sense he got locked up by the heat in the bubble

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  • Steph is a bad man

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  • The way pg was respectful tho and shook kds hand I have to give respect for that

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  • Loved how he yanked cj’s jersey like get yo ass outta my way!! At 1:13.

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  • Fantasy leagues until O'Neil

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  • 9:05 Yyoooooooooooooo Kyrie did the slip n slide from that old basketball game called Street

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  • Steph Curry is so afraid of MJ

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  • 4:29 “oh me oh my”

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  • Blake Griffin take shit too personal.

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  • Let me go out here and make 100 grand since someone said I couldn’t

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  • Russel gets his revenge bro lmao🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • continue this series man

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  • Lebron trash azz put in there messed up the whole rest of the doggone video for me. You can't revenge if the refs were helping your team every step of the way in that game.. That was sickening. Take his part out so folks can enjoy the doggone video.

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  • -8:27 dramond faceplants😂☠️

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  • Curry super star

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  • What revenge is Kyrie getting tho. He scored 50 points against the T-wolves

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  • Bro i swear if steph curry turn to how he was in 2015-2016 everybody need to watch out🔥🔥🔥

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  • the way steph grabbed his shirt in 1:10

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  • " *And that's when i took it personally.* "

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  • that embid dunk on westbrook was so disrespectful , damn i know westbrook felt that

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  • I thought it was all gonna be about Michael Jordan

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  • Clippers did Blake dirty

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  • tj couldn’t do nothing against the heat tho 😴

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  • Love your videos bro. Keep up the grind!

  • LeBron always does that when the game is fully over lol

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  • Look at Curry man

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  • Butler sweeped TJ

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  • 410 dislikes probably the curry haters getting silenced

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  • who tf tj warren get his revenge on

  • dude really put tj warren in this

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  • hey, you like watching basketball? So can you take a quick look to my video? this would be very helpful for me! thanks a lot ;)

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  • Jesus loves you frfr

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  • That Embiid vs Westbrook dunk was cold

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