*NEW* GALACTUS IS MOVING!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #1101

23 נוב 2020
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In today's Fortnite update video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and don't forget Galactus! Can we smash 30,000 likes for Episode 1102 Tomorrow?
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Here's Episode 1100 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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  • @elapid ayooo the first one yku

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  • 0:49 what you came for

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  • I like your cut venom

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  • 2:44 yea they excited for the event

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  • 0:49 this is why you came here :)

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  • Come on, let's dance 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40 2:40

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  • 00:50 what you came for

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  • hello friends it's funny

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    • Suscribite ami canal bro por favor

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  • 1.24 look like he fusionated with a karen

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  • Oo venom I like ya cut g

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  • and now u can see his helmet

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  • I remember this I used to watc you’re channel all the time way back then

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  • Bro I’m so hyped for the live event

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  • I remember kingmen

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  • Answer on question at 1:05 He will do deafult dance emote XD

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  • 3:57 no one gonna talk about how it's still shooting but no shots or ammo is being wasted???

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  • 0:30 F respects Edit: 0:37 ok that was very clean

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  • 2:36 what you see at closing time at the Walmart parking lot

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  • I remember I would watch you a couple years ago and now I found you at 1000

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  • 0:50 is what ur looking for.. also watch the whole video

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  • I miss the kingman umbrella

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  • 2:49 the peely with the KEVIN backbling was me !!!!!

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  • 2:30 Car: so bro im feeling spacey Car 2: *gets touched* Car 2: Yo bro im feeling spacey too

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  • 2:31 the dancing car

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  • 1:21 he is venom midas

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  • 0:52 this is what you came for

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  • I’m pretty sure they took out the effect cause of u know... Kobe

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  • I hope that galactus will destroy the island and make us go back to the old

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  • Galactus’s current location: IN THE CORE*

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  • This is what you came for: 0:51

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  • 0:53 is what you came for

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  • GG

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  • I would only play Thai game again if they brought back old map

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  • Who else is wondering how can galactus hold his breath for 11 days🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • The cars are vibing

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  • I watched this guy ages ago

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  • 5:53 u spelt brought wrong

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  • Is it weird that my friend asked where galactise was and I said in the water

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  • I may miss the live event but at least in go in s5 early and HOPE FULLY NEVER HAVE THIS AGAIN I’m mobile btw

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  • I like your cut G

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  • I wish if there was a captain America mythical

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  • Venom has a haircut like Midas

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  • Who else wants no ads for Christmas

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  • 6:58 it looked like he was swimming on top of the storm

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  • I miss the lightsaberz

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  • That very first clip was me

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  • haven't watched your content in over a year and you've made over 1.1k videos?! las i checked you were on 600 something.

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  • imagine bcc gaming pinning and liking this comment

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  • my fav was the first clip

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  • Which game is this

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  • 1:47 that shot tho

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  • Everyone: galactus is coming to destroy the map Me: Galactus wants tilted back aswell 😂😂💯

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  • 1:10 I like you're cut g

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  • Everyone who watched marvel avengers assemble knows that galactics choose she hulk as his new henchmen so that's a spoiler alert there. Maybe she will be the key

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  • galactus is under water you see his horns...

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    • SUSCRIBE And mi chanel bro♡

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  • 1:06 I think he will start to eat the island

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  • This is reminding me when the monster got out the water in season 9

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  • I like your videos

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  • Maybe The Next Season Is Gonna Be Marvel Themed But It’s Gonna Be In Space Because A lot Of People Thought Season 4 Was Gonna Be Space Themed.Galactus Might Destroy The Fortnite World And We Will Land On Another World And Play On That World.Just My Thoughts For Season 5

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  • 3:20 its gameplay from PS5

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  • 2:41 I'm like: Dude, how do you feel?

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  • If you want to see galuctus early than press this 0:55

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  • I think the 7 will return to help us because 6 rockets flew away from the black hole back in season 10

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  • FAKE Reported for scam

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  • I thought it was more bigger than the planet, but now I know that he is not more bigger than the sea.

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  • 2:50 My guy use the jetpack xD

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  • العربي لايك

  • 1:54 بعد سال ها یک ایرانی پیدا شد

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  • ale szew

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  • Hola soy. Espayol

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  • Midas season us why do u keep adding days to battle pass now we want more days to get holo skins right ? Lol

  • At 1:10 the kid doesn’t even have venom on his account explain it

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