7 ינו 2021
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Specially shout out to Ally thank you for the treats for the kids we picked up at Target!

  • Wow.BMW car...ingat kayo Brian with ur kids

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  • Kathleen is so pretty. ✨

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  • What a good family men....

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  • "I

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  • Hello Brian and kids,Have a Beautiful Day!Watching from in ISRAEL

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  • Wow ilove this family..super❤❤❤

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  • 8 seater GMC Yukon.

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  • You need a mini van. Congrats on baby number 6!!! Love the jeep!

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  • Jollibee is open in Southcenter bri!

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  • Brian! Jollibee sa southcenter is actually open. It’ll say on the website that it’s closed but it’s actually open. Not for dine in but for take out only. Also no place for sitting or dining anywhere just FYI. Jollibee In Westfield southcenter is actually OPEN. He needs to see this!

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  • U.S.A Is the best future for the kids, have more opportunities, most especially when you live a quite area and good school.

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  • Kuya bray saan po pamilya nyo parang wala sa blog eh

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  • Yeah too bad liberals, ANTIFA and BLM totally messed up Seattle and lots of other places... you guys be careful and take care!!!

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  • Why are you staying in the city?

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  • Helo sir thanks to share your vedio good luck and God bless sayo

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  • Hi Ahern family.watching from Germany originaly from Cebu.wish you all Together na the whole family.take care

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  • Ang ganda ni Kathleen and guapo ni Michael..

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  • Aw Kathleen is looking Lisa 😍 omg

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  • Kathleen looks lisa black pink

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  • And Michael to

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  • Hala ka. Dong ug dai naay virus diha,alcohol daun

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  • Tinood ka gayud. Bryan dilikado bitaw mag suroy suroy dinha sa downtown. Kuyaw na gyud karon ingat kamong tanan mag lakaw lakaw please. . Stay safe and healthy god bless.

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  • Most comment here about Brian buy or wear better mask or bring alcohol.. I’m sure Brian know how to protect or how to wear a mask come on this COVID almost hit 1 year every human being in this world know to wear a mask and use sanitizer it’s up to them if they want or don’t want to it’s up to them... Brian is not from other planet not to know how to wear mask or to taking care his kids..

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  • NISSAN sucks. Quality is just not the same. Too many problems after just a few thousand miles.

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep safe always the Ahern Family. Always watching here.

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  • Hahaha makulit kaayo ang mga anak

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  • Why not learn Tagalog many Filipinos don't understand visaya dialect

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  • Most homeless and addicted human are in Democratic states Brian. If u r in tight budget go Carmax for used car. Don’t buy somebody’s car that u don’t know.😅 Hahaha, u r funny. U been away from US for awhile...all the options in the vehicles are all upgraded now. U should get SUV.

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  • Get a mini van you have a whole lotta kids

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  • It's not what kind of car he wants to get, it's what kind of car he's qualified for his credit in US.Unless he pays cash.History of employment a must!!

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    • Yeah right will see if he got the car I’m sure he knows that his American.. life here in America you gotta work you’re a$$ off super really hard to get what you want

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  • Did you take them to Jolibee at Southcenter yet? Nissan is bad transmission. As a true PNW go for the Subaru lol. And why is the salesman doing the driving? Shouldnt you be the one test driving it? burien Nissan has a bad rep here, dont trust them.

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  • Hi ahern Family

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  • awww super pretty cute naman ni kathleen mag model ng car. pwdng pwd ng mag model.

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  • Maluwag na yung mask ni brian kaya bumababa agad.. Hehe . Sana bili sya kahit Disposable Mask pra safe sila ng kids nya.. And Use Alcohol Always. Please Take Care Brian and Kids😊

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  • New subscriber here from japan god bless and pasubs ahern family

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  • You have a lot of patience, such a cool dad. How could you hanndle these two pasaway kids? They should be told not to touch anything in the ground especially these pandemic times. It's gross! Good luck and more blessings for you and your family.

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  • Judging those people living on the road and yourself living at the money of your 600.000 subscribers. Not mentioned all the channels of your other family members. You better should shut up your mouth. What do you think you are ?

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  • We used to live there. It's the most depressing State. :(

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  • West Coast dead think mid-southern 💋

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  • Try the Toyota 4 Runner 8 seater too... If you haven't bought one yet. Lasting good engine...❤️🇨🇦🇵🇭😀

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  • scotty kilmer you tube very helpful finding a great vehicle

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  • Keep safe guy's always ❤️

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  • Godbless more sir...besafe always... overthere and to your family...

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  • Love you ahern family

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  • Loving the content more more. Just wondering what was Brian’s job before youtube? In order po for whole fam to move in Seattle wouldnt he need a more reliable and permanent real job other than ILworld (although ILworld is great) cause I know immigration are quiet tight with these things Much love ❤️

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    • Yeah right specially buying a car here ain’t the same like in the Philippines we talking about Seattle cost of living over their ain’t a joke.. you gotta to have a stable job and when you bu a car there’s a lot of requirements like credit score and you’re job

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  • I recommend Toyota’s 2019 Highlander it has 3 row seats great car for what I have experienced living in Montana for 3 years with all the cold snowy weathers🥶 Recently just moved to Texas and the houses here are really cheap compared to prices up there you can get a four bedroom for about 200k-300k depends, but right now we are in construction for our new house (4bed,3 bath) hopefully soon in a nice gated community for about 350k here in Houston👍🏼

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  • Very amazing video,last month I received the wonderful product from

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  • Kathleen become more pretty staying in US

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  • Hehehehe

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  • Toyota

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  • Brian, watching here in Louisiana, but Im from Dipolog city, Zamboanga del Norte.

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  • Kathleen is beautiful,she could be a good model someday, God bless you all 🙏💝♥️❤️💖♥️

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  • Kathleen is beautiful ♥️ she can be a star someday♥️

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  • Hello Brian, Kathleen nd Mike! watching from Batangas, Phil's. Keep safe guys. God Bless

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  • Ingat palage guy's cge ko tan'aw sa iyong devio....

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  • Kattleen is so beautifuĺ, she can be a model.

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  • Nice car

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  • Lovely kids,

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  • Is Good he knows how to budget the money ,, Scary in shuttle now Not like before ah

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  • I Choose the 8 seater

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  • Kathlyn is so pretty

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  • Really love watching yah all guys.

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  • Well we didn't think you were talking english

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  • Do you not no what a gift card looks like. do you ever let the kids play and stop batting in their ear you are such a pain

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  • Hey Brian. How come you’re not the one test driving?

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    • He has no driver's licenses yet. It is expired, needs to to be renewed first.

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    • Must be some law in Seattle

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  • CarMax has a user friendly site if your looking at 2nd cars. Or just to get more pics and info on cars without leaving home. You can also verify if car has been in an accident or flood. I know Autonation is another big used car place.

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  • Hi Aheezy fam: Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna for the roominess. Honda and Toyota r pretty reliable

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  • Hello Hern Family..take care guys.kathleen is a model ig the car..

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  • Brian, what's wrong with the masks u wear? They're too small for u, they don't cover ur nose. Ur kids wear their masks better than u. Pls be safe. Covid is a real thing!

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  • Congratz on your new car!! Enjoy the joyride😊. Be safe guys!

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  • that’s not a kid friendly area, you might want to move your family to FL, close to your friends

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  • nice choice of car Kathleen

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  • Hugaw oi

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  • Hello cath n mike❤How are you guys,,hope everything is fine,,always takecare n God bless us All🙏🙏🙏

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  • Be practical.. Get suv with 3 rows or mini van.If ever Jodalyn and the 3 other kids get will all fit.. Try Kia Sorento :)

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  • Are you staying here in USA for good?

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  • Brian mag 20 years naku dire sa WA state pero maihap ra ang times na mo anha ko diha sa Seattle. Dili ko ganahan dihang dapita tungod sa ka daghan sa homeless ug mga adik pud. Ingat mo pirmi diha.

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  • This is a friendly advise. Please don’t leave your children unattended by any adult again. It might be okay in the Philippines but not in the US. As a person that works for the CPS in diff state this is a red flag. If something happened that day and they are alone, CPS can take them away from you.

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  • Did you leave your children by themselves at home, you can get in trouble, their super young, child protective will get your kids if they found out you’re living them by themselves, it’s so obvious they are not with you .

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  • Enjoy shopping. Take care over.

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  • Meth pipe? What the hell..

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  • Be safe always with the kid Brian 😊

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  • Can’t wait for the next video like teleserye hehe and also can’t wait for you guys to visit lolo . He has a beautiful home and cute doggie. Watching from Riverside CA.

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  • These kids are so pure and innocent they were so curious with alot of things😍 more interested with a moss than new car 😂

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  • Bagay kau si kathleen mag model ba..

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  • My dream car is Tesla only in my dreams😂😂😂

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  • Do you have the Venmo app?

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  • exciting and happy times! enjoy! not too much on the moss, though. be sure to wash hands thoroughly.

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  • malingaw gyud ko magbisaya ka dodong brian

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  • kakatakot naman pala dyan sana lilipat na kayo doon sa lugar nila etching

  • Do you have handsanitizer ?? always use alcohol or wash ur hands

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  • Stay Safe Ahern fam🙏 ngano man si kathleen gwapa then si Mike kay gwapo💕 then si Mike kay hawig sa akong kapit bahay na Lalake hehe

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  • I love U Ahern family❤ ... May God bless you and all your ways always..... Pero concern lang po ..bakit jan nyo po gusto tumira kong madami pong mga adik adik po jan...

    Celina BornasalCelina Bornasal14 ימים לפני
  • It’s hard to start a new life here in US, just keep going, ask help with legit people. Your children have a better future here than Pinas. Awareness and mind set, you will go through it. I have 2 marine son, I know how difficult for them when they got out the service.

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  • I 💕

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  • Continue the good vibes sir nice vlog...

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  • beautiful Kathleen your mini me!! 😍cant wait for the next vlog.. why don't you ask mommy Jodalyn what to buy? the new one or used car maybe she goes with the used car for you to save the money for house and for expenses everyday.

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  • Hi Brian and kids. Put the target gift card in your wallet so you won't forget to use it when you go to Target. Some practical advice, don't buy new car, once you drive it out of the car dealership, it depreciates right away. Try used cars with low mileage from a dealer. Also try car rental companies like enterprise,etc. They are selling their used well maintained cars for a good price. Check their website. Good luck and stay safe.

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