Rocket league pros guess which player they are: Who is the smartest?

12 ינו 2021
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Today, I get 6 professional Rocket League players try and guess the pro players they're watching. Squishy, Jstn, Garrettg, Rizzo, Chicago, and Jknaps work together to try and win $100 each if they all guess themselves correctly. Watch the video to find out how they do!
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  • I’ll give away PS5 to one of my subscribers in PLINK app! Download Plink here: Get best teammates for playing Rocket League and other multiplayer games! Use my promo code: amustycow Add me: amustycow#70645 Don’t miss your chance!

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    • Done

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    • since you don't have friends I could be urs. I have none also

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    • Hey musty I like you a lot you really inspired me to play rl every day!

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    • aye musty i followed and you prob already gave the ps5 away

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    • anyone else having the thing that makes it impossible to sign up unless you buy an elite version for $21.99 CAD / month

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  • Username: Goldwinged23 Process this name in “Add epic friend” and may we play together? I’ve been longing to play with someone good and someone experienced. Comment what your username is in the comments so I know which username you are so I can accept :)

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  • My ILworld channel name is Jacobs game channel

    Jason ChipulesJason Chipules9 שעות לפני
    • Also my user name is Jacob

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    • I’ve been watching you for two straight years😛 I need you to help me train in rocket league because I have it and I am horrible at it that I can you be my fortnight coach

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  • Kan i play with you somtime

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  • Done pls I want ps5

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  • It’s kinda sad that people have to make a platform for people that don’t have friends😂😂

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  • O

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  • Crazy call on squishy's end being able to point out chicago based on not using air roll right or left. He's a fucking genius.

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  • Hi musty, I'm your big fan !!! And I just wanted to ask you if you would like to play with me, I have no friends in the Rocket League, and no one wants to play with me😞

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  • Video idea: reacting to people musty flicks You go on yt and search up musty flick and react to the videos

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  • Musty u should make ur irl car have the musty rap

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    • Decal*

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  • Hi

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  • Hello

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  • "5" I used this to got 50k CreditsI >> 𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 *it worksI pretty well* එය ඉතා හොඳින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වේ

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  • 5:50 SQUISHY NOOOOO!!!!

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  • MUSTY!!!!!!!

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  • Hi musty

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  • Can u do 1v1 every rank? I Can Be plat

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  • Musty says fortnite the firtnite kids no more playing with trash kids

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  • bro can i be in one of the 7 supersonics vs 2 gold 3's

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  • This was posted on my birthday

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  • Hi

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  • How can i get the lime octane 20xx

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  • That will be a good video

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  • Musty and JSTN vs 8 Diamond players

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  • Musty and JSTN vs 7 Diamond players

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  • wasup hi

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  • Halo

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  • Dude... the plink app is shady and a ripoff. I don't know how much they are paying you for this endorsement, but they are ripping off your subs.

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  • Musty I pranked your whole community I’m sorry but people actually thought it was u

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  • I cant pay! I dont have a paypal account but I still have to pay 0$ !! What should I do? It pops up do I want to join amustycow and I cant get out of there! I cant pay! Pls help

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  • I have a ps5

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  • i need help

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  • When’s the giveaway Musty?

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  • Musty is the best

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  • Imagine thinking Squishy is good😂

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  • There is no Justin action

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  • i can't believe squishy calculated everyone

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  • You should make a video that's 2 ssl,s holding powerslide down vs 1 gold

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  • Hi musty in my training my two sides colours are black but yours are blue and orange I am not sure how to change my colour please get back to my as quick as possible

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  • Hey musty I’m a big fan of u I really want to play with u my name on Xbox Doodyjoody

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  • hey musty i know you may not see this because you have thousands of commments but i would like to challenge you to a freestyle 1v1 im 11 years old im a champ i know thats a bad rank but im really good at rocket league freestyleing

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    • would somone maybe like this so musty can see this if not im totally fine with it have a good day:)

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  • hey gamer like

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  • Yuck... After the PS5 debacle I gave up on consoles. Built a nice PC and I'm not looking back.

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  • Congrats on 2,000,000 subs 🥳

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  • Hey Musty, I know its been a while but can you make another video on reacting to RL videos with no views? Sincerely Racia.

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  • Whats yr intro music?

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  • Everyone be forgetting about us switch players

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  • I think I made a new mechanic where you tornado flip and then wave dash while you are in your tornado flip

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  • Pls can I win the ps5

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  • Where are your uploads👉🏼👈🏼🥺

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  • Musty, u probs not gonna see this but just wanted to say I love it vids :)

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  • I got NRG octane

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  • I got 20xx

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  • Archerboy3679

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  • Please train me

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  • Nice one!

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  • Yo musty I don’t know if you will see this comment but I have a ton of video ideas for you I’m young and creative so I get random ideas every four seconds.

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  • Can I have a lime octane plsss it is all I need to complete your car

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  • It’s among us in rocket league

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  • Any way I can share a video idea with you musty? Not trying to blast it In comments.

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  • Epic

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  • GOD IDEA: pros 1v1 but they go foward with 0.75 speed and dont go backwards becouse when they boost they go 1.5 times speed than normal also with infinite boost.

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  • Hey my guy here musty hes already taken and hes cracked at fortnite my guy oooo😫

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  • Garrret

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  • Musty give use a locker tour

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  • Does anyone have problem with plink conacting (ps4)

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  • Can I play with you musty? Please, if I can my username is SaGeX32 on Xbox

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  • Hi musty my name in rocket league is :Iggyfunk thank you!

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  • You should do a video where you verse a player from every rank

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  • It's literally just g2 and nrg

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  • My friend Ben is wet for u can u shout him out

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  • In 5:39 - 5:40 jstn was talking but musty accidentally put squishy's profile and name in the edits

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  • musty what explosion do u use

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  • musty do you whana play, pls musty

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  • I'm Platin and i am using the most time the car-cam. Can someone pls tell me how to play with ball-cam cause i'm really bad when i play with ball-cam.

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  • Does anyone have fennec and want to trade?

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  • Hey DO You Remember Me?

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  • Hey musty can u please make a 2021 codes for rl

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  • Musty you have your own flag with your name on it

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    • He does

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  • Musty when are u next streaming because I have never watched one of ur streams plz Reply

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  • I know de way of being stuck in gold for a century

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  • hey musty if you se this message im really bad at rocket lugue and need a choach so if you can id love it if you could choach me

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  • "If your like me and have no friends 😔," - amustycow 2021

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  • I really wanna be a youtuber I have tried for 2 years but I got 10 subs so i deleted all my videos

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  • The point is im a german guy and don't understand what u say but im still watching ur vids because u do so nice rl CONTENT.

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  • Yo da way rizzo said Im clean with it OMG i almost died in laughter

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  • GARRETT WHY BRUHHHH????!?!?!???!!!!?!!

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  • My dream is just to get pinned by musty :)

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  • Musty can u give me a shout out to MCACE ALPHA KNIGHT

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  • Vram de lime oct end de 20xx

  • I just subbed my epic:XD-REFLEX are you still doing de give away


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  • Can we 1v1 I’m a bronze

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    • Why would he reply to a bronze?

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  • Congrats on 2 mil

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  • Musty can I tryout for nrg esports?

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  • Why dont they use the fennec? Is it too good or bad?

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  • I would literally do anything for u to coach me ur insanely awesome musty

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  • If you wanna do this again but change everyones car to octane, and change their camera settings to some same settings, so those are not tells, let me know and I can edit it.

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  • Maybe one day musty will be super stars like them

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