POPULAR VS NERD STUDENT FOR 24 HOURS! How To Become Popular At School! Comedy by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

14 נוב 2020
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Ah, the old nerd versus the popular girl trope.
It’s the oldest rivalry in the book!
But it wasn’t always this way.
Before the days of boyfriends
And acne cream,
These girls were two peas in a pod.
Who cares about school hierarchies anyway?
Remember the days of playdates and sleepovers?
Those two couldn't get enough of each other!
Where did it all go wrong anyway?
A little jealousy turned into something bigger.
Maybe they’re too different.
Which do you think is better?
The popular girl or the nerd?
Let’s put this age-old rivalry to the test!
Which are you: a nerd or a popular person? Either way, there are definitely goods and bads to both. The important thing though, is to be kind to one another. We’re all in the same boat called life, after all! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends!
#123GO #comedy #relatable
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  • Last comment i promsie Wait u say yesterday u played together right how did u grow fast like ur 13 and u were like 7 or something and ur turn h-u-ge

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