Self Assembling Wires? Levitating Motor? LATITY-005?!

24 אפר 2021
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Juicing Mango with Electromagnet?! High Voltage Tests?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro and Sponsor
1:25 Juicing Mango with Electromagnet (FAF)
2:42 Wire Hanger Adapter (rubbish!)
5:07 Self Assembling Wires
8:55 Arcs from Power Lines to Isolated Worker
11:28 Levitating Rotor DC Motor

  • No idea what the hell he talks about but i still enjoy the videos 😂🤣😂🤣😅😅

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  • 10:55 congratulations you are officially your own FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER! 😁👍

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  • Hey Electroboom i have a suggestion on reddit 🤗,,

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  • This is more funny than the most funny videos

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  • I like that he shows his failures because it shows the learning process

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  • Nobody has gone through more pain than him

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  • How to hurt yourself Watch electric boom

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  • I wonder how much electricity bill he gets

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  • Salam haji, az ghiafe va lahjat mitonam begam ye ghesmat irani hasti.

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  • I miss you electroboom

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  • High altitude, high voltages, high workers

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  • Hey Medhi is this video real that u can make a generator using micro wave oven👇

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  • Wanna know why electroboom named himself electroboom because everytime in his videos something happens bad

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  • You would be one hell of a podcast host!

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  • Anyone else hear him say the n-word at 8:47?

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  • 11:23 He literally had a free award at the top right

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  • “What is this? ah Tik Tok junk” Mehdi succeeded as a dad

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  • i think your video's might be fake when you get shocked

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  • lol the thumbnail was like Trevor from gta v

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  • 'And he still alive' omg

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  • Me: watching electro boom my brain: wait... this guy doesn't know everything??? HES LEARNING NEW THINGS??? WDYM HES TOO BIG BRAIN HE KNOWS EVERYTHING ALREADY

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  • Why u ugly?

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  • The fanart was awesome on it's own, but it really popped when you added the full bridge rectifier.

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  • I have that same Logitech wireless mouse. Pog

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  • Make your own laptop if you can

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  • Mehdi's unibrow is a full-bridge rectifier.

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  • I think this self-assembling wires topic has bigger potential for videos. #mehdispinoffseries

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  • Can you make video on how different antenna work

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  • You know you forgot something important in your art if Mehdi pulls out Photoshop lol

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  • Don't try this at home, just watch it and laugh many times. 3:27, 4:16, 5:51

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  • 8:47 joined as guest or something

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  • Can you make a video on Seebeck effect due to heating there is whole page in my book about this but i cant understand it

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  • 12:22 try that with 120c 1100 maH 6s lipo batteries

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  • 1:54

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  • Its like u do the right thing but u always mess up

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  • Are u even a licensed electrician

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  • You're simply the best, I've been a fan for many years

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  • Muon G-2= New physics

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  • cre-a-ture

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    • He made me us shocked

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  • Who else feels like everyone watches mehdi just to see him get shocked

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    • “Somebody actually learned something and made a super high voltage thing” lawyers & ILworld: O_O " and he is still alive, that’s a plus for me haha!" lawyers & ILworld: ow

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  • here before 601 dislikes

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  • there is teory in physics that you cant put magnet on other magnet without any suport ;) . (its posible only when 1 of them spinning)

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  • 😂😂

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  • 10:55 Mehdi being a Full Brow-bridge Rectifier.

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  • 8:49 n word

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  • :D

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  • im trying to get into circuitry, re there any tips you can give a beginner?

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  • “Somebody actually learned something and made a super high voltage thing” lawyers & ILworld: O_O " and he is still alive, that’s a plus for me haha!" lawyers & ILworld: owo

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  • He made me us shocked

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  • When ElectroBOOM makes another video: *Live wire: Ahhh Sh*t, Here we go again!.

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  • Is this channel all about failing wow GG

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  • Electrobooms ZVS Circuit can produce thousands of kilovolts and one million Cubic square kilometres of smoke

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  • Pov- starting oil fires

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  • "is there any free award" while there's a free award button in the top right

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  • Very cool! Random point: Did anyone ever mention to you that the 'r' in iron is silent? It's like "aye-yen" (as opposed to ion which is pronounced like "aye-on")

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  • 2:37 maşAllah

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  • Bruh how many volts have went through ur body already

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  • You

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  • "I actually taught someone something.....AND hes still alive!"

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  • سلام مهدی جان خیلی کارت درسته و باهوشی و به نکات خیلی خوبی اشاره میکنی و طنز میکنی . بالا که هستی ولی انشاالله بالاتر ببینیمت🤩🤩

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