KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV

29 נוב 2020
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KAI's 1st Mini Album "KAI (开)" is out!
🎧Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KAI_EP
🎬FILM : KAI: ilworld.info/flow/iaCjsZTVeX3Uqoo/wyd-w
01 음 (Mmmh)
02 Nothing On Me
03 기억상실 (Amnesia)
04 Reason
05 Ride Or Die
06 Hello Stranger
KAI Official
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  • Yesssss...mmmh

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  • I guess that the ending of this video is a teaser of Xiumin's solo.

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  • Guys please str3am the album on spotify too

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  • EXO-L especially Erigom, let's make it 100M views before Kai 2nd solo!! Wohooooo

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  • محد قدك يا كاي

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  • this MV Wardrobe is crazily unique

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  • اومق نيني سو برااود

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  • Soon 50M

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  • King is 41M now 😭💓

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  • i love you bear!

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  • kai so handsome

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  • i miss exo so much

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  • International fans...where are you?! Let's support our ni ni more(: Don't forget str3m in spotify and ILworld

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  • I'm straight, until i saw that one kai's backup dancer😐😳

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  • Pls share mmmh in spotify...we have to keep his song in the top 10 chart of spotify

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  • Amazing

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  • 41M ♡

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  • Stan KAI y'all never be disappointed

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  • D.O is coming back can't wait for Kaisoo moments

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  • I miss Kaisoo moments

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  • Congratulations Kai you deserve it

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  • Reality show 2013: EXO's Showtime! 2014: XOXO EXO! 2014: EXO 90: 2014 2015: SurpLINEs EXO [182] ( Line TV) (Xiumin, Chanyeol, Tao, Kai and Sehun) 2015: EXO Channel 2016: Exomentary Live 2017: EXO Tourgram 2018: Travel the World on EXO's Ladder Season 1 2018: EXO Arcade 2019: Travel the World on EXO's Ladder Season 2 2019: Hearts For You

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  • how to press thumbs up multiple times

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  • Download mubeat and vote for Kai and EXO

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  • Yeah Mmmh

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  • You make me feel so..!

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  • 41M to 45M this January!

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  • 50M view 3M like 1.5M comments We are coming for you We are one Exo_l for ever

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  • I cant stop watching this mv :) it was fantasssssssssstic

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  • Suho , was the first member to join SM Entertainment, after a successful audition through the company's member selection system in 2006. The following year, Kai , with the conviction of his father, auditioned for the SM Youth Best Contest; he won and got the contract.

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  • If you are voting for Kai on mubeat please focus in the best male category only, do not waste your votes in other categories there are so many big groups competing there.

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  • Suho , Baekhyun , Chanyeol , DO , Kai , Sehun , Xiumin , Lay , and Chen . [1] The group was formed by SM Entertainment in 2011 and debuted in 2012. Their music includes genres such as pop , hip-hop , andR&B , as well as electronic dance music genres such as house, trap, and synth-pop.

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  • Kai who first appeared in the teaser video of all EXO members. Kai appeared in 9 teaser videos in the following 3 months with other members.

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  • kaiiiiiiii exo kai exooooo

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  • mmmh kai exo

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  • In October 2012, SM Entertainment teamed up with car brand Hyundai to release PYL Younique Album. Together with Super Junior Eunhyuk , Girls' Generation Hyoyeon , SHINee Taemin , Super Junior-M Henry and EXO-M Lu Han , he is part of a dance unit with a track entitled "MAXSTEP"

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  • today is Sunday

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  • kai❤️

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  • 虎牙直播

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  • صباح كاي

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  • Kai was born in Seoul , South Korea on January 14, 1994. Kai was entered into SM Entertainment during the Youth Best Contest in 2007. He was trained in ballet and jazz dance. [4] Together with other EXO members, Suho and Chanyeol , he made a brief appearance in TVXQ 's MV entitled "HaHaHa Song" in 2008. He is the first of the eleven members to be introduced via the teaser which was released on December 23, 2011. [5] He graduated from Seoul Art High School in early 2012

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  • اسطورته الكيبوب والعالم

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  • Kai was born on January 14, 1994 [1] in Suncheon , South Jeolla , South Korea. He started dancing when he was eight years old. Actually, he did jazz dance , but after watching the ballet dance performance The Nutcraker , he started practicing ballet dancing when he was in the third grade of elementary school. [2] He stated that his parents actually wanted him to learn Taekwondo and piano. After participating in the SM Youth Best Contest with encouragement from his father, he won and signed a contract with the company in 2007 when he was thirteen years old. He began training in hip-hop dance after joining SM Entertainment . [3] Kai graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul in February 2012.

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  • كيم جونغ أن

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  • jongin said: exo is reloading. are we getting an exo comeback. ㅠㅠ

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  • 1.5 million comments let's go!!! don't forget to str3am Obsession too, Love Shot and Monster are both heading to 400 million views

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  • VOTE on MUBEAT: artist of the year, mv of the year

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  • Why kai is so FINE ??!

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  • 01 음 (Mmmh)

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  • "KAI (开)"

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  • exo l forever

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  • love it kaiiii

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