PES 2020 Тоtmmmuuuiiikhhhhh

11 אפר 2021
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  • Nice. Same to you play Pes

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  • 333 ന്ന് ഉള്ളത് 334 ആക്കി

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  • 😣😥😡

  • mm8iookpo

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  • تم تك تججههلبل أن عدد دظوىرىنظيصس

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  • Is something wrong with my comment section? Everyone is talking about man untied vs Spurs when the video is about pes

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  • O

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  • Fxhĝgxjdfncn

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  • Dean Henderson is taking over

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  • What is Garret, the golf is the first again? :)

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  • Indonesian football ceckin

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  • Капец Тотенхем неженки прям нельзя притронуться, Сону от потока ветра стало больно походу

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  • Ini pertandingan kapan

  • What a random collection of highlights.

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  • მანჩესტერი გრინვუდი გოლი კავანი გოლი ფრედი გოლი ტოტენჰემი სინი გოლი მანჩესტერ მიყვარს ტოტენჰემი 1-3მანჩესტერი

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  • Cavani

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  • Tottenham fans who only watched 1 round and then woke up and immediately saw the final score be like: ......

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  • see cavani real preedator

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  • Son my favorit

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  • Gavani the best

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  • Untied back in track.

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  • Respect cavani

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  • What a game I have enjoyed

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  • ดูกี่รอบก็อไม่เบื่อเด็กผี

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  • Drakor Son

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  • I feel United is back

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  • Сатылган ойын

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  • Kasian kena prank

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  • Pertandingan kpn nih?

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  • สเปอร์คาบ้าน

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  • Greenwood super sud

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  • hi

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  • This is for you for 1-6 Manchester United is the best.

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  • 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🔥🔥🔥

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  • I hate Indonesia 🇮🇩

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  • I am from Thailand 🇹🇭

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  • Spurs players look physically week they are falling so easily

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  • Kavani merepot

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  • Mantap 👍

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  • Well done united dats y we called come back kings💯👌

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  • love this game

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  • Son u prick as gud as u are dats the lowest u can go in football but thanks to you we got the motivation we needed

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  • Cavani still the most dangerous killer inside the box and front the gold keeper in the world till now.

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  • Cavani man of the match

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  • I love man u

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  • 12 players vs 11 players but this team is Manchester united....dramatic is nothing

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  • salfok sama bendera warna warni kaya bendera LGBT 🤔

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  • Кавани прям заиграл в МЮ!

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  • Mengsedih

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  • I love real madrid😘

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  • Manchester United good

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  • I support Manchester United From SOMALIA ♥️🇸🇴

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  • I like this channel

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  • Edinson Cavani amazing

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  • Holly molly dolly colly gllory,,, GG MU.. 👏👏👏👏

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  • Well done to mason and our super sub goal keeper dean🔥

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  • Where is De Gea goalkeeper

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  • Tottenham Tolol. Tim cupu lawab tim Besar. Gak tahu mentalitas MU

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  • AWESOME! no more BS let's enjoy great football....

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  • Green vood

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  • Jose is teaching cheats ..90%of spurs players cheating Silly

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  • Number 7

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  • GG MU

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  • Mourinho out , get out

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  • TOP

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  • lloris jugo genial igual defendio lo que mas pudo

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  • just request Ole gunnar to consider Cavani as number 9 and the combination of BRUNO, Mctominy and Pogba in the mid then our young greenwood and Rashford to the wings. my friends it will be an unstoppable Man-u and also the defence to remain intact.

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  • Mason Greenwood bkln jd pmain muda hebat🔥

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  • I Love Manchester United. From Laos🇱🇦

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  • Hope UNITED can cleared all Match with 3points

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  • Cavani's goal is excellent!

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    • Really

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  • Lucas Moura 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥🔥

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  • สเปอร์แม่งกากวะ

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  • Dm coi thi it quang cao thi nhjue

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  • Man utd at its best 👌 ..ukumanyawaka from from malawi🇲🇼

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  • cavaanii

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  • King cavani

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  • You make dramas, you earn karma

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  • Mancaster united menang yeeeeeey!!!

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  • Mu

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  • Banh bóng Var hay cl gì nữa

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  • Those people saying Pogba should leave don't know his value. Few players can do what he can do

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    • Kfjfn

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    • 🙂😎😄😌😃😂

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  • Cavani's pressence in this team make them stronger, a lot!!!

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  • แมนยูทีมเทพของจริง!!

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  • Special epic comeback

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  • 1.3

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  • Thanks you from Myanmar(Burma) #Reject Military Coup ❤️♥️🤟

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  • Tai

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  • Simply a Great game!,,

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  • Deano start made saves with his leg like De Gea did.. 🔥

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  • I'm glad that Greenwood took a leap of faith and shot with his right foot because there are many games where he had better chances of scoring but missed due to taking too much time by attempting to take the ball with his left foot. Last season he scored a lot of goals because of his unpredictability and lack of faith on his right has been his downfall this season

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  • too many unnecessary clips 👎🏻

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣tot

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  • Cavani

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  • I love Cavani

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  • orbiter. GG MU GG MU GG MU

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