Among Us: If a Crewmate Had Super Speed

28 דצמ 2020
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  • Sorry guys...Couldn't make the video longer due to slight burnout and algorithm pressure. But don't worry, I have some new plans and ideas for next year...(Maybe something different)

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    • Treeposter if you mind ofcourse 🙂😑

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    • #TheAlanYeusus

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    • @Thahira Ali Varikunnath

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  • Alternative title: Flash Vs Reverse Flash in among us

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  • If Sonic Was in Among Us

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  • Red as me:YEET

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  • Blue: (puts paper subscribe on purple) Me:😆😆

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  • 5X be like:

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  • Super speed

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  • 👇🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️💀

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  • Heads of to u man!

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  • Reminds me of Sonic

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  • How public lobbies are

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  • Me looking at the title Me again but we Doo me

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  • Damn man I love you animations😍😍😍😍😍

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  • 3x speed in a nutshell

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  • God bless you all. May God protect us all.🙏🙏🙏

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  • the player speed be like

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  • 3x speed lobbies

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  • He is going to be very famous in future

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  • Hey bro I am hacker and I am so fast than this also

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  • wau bagus

  • you cool becuse you make blue fast so i blue you make blue so fast and red

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  • So literally reverse flash vs flash

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  • make selender man in among us

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  • Blue its sanic Purple its slowpoke Red is 0.5 speed

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  • Sonic vs knuckles

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  • lesson: do not run with knives

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  • if i had that speed and saw red trying to kill yellow i would run to the emergency button

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  • IT’S SONIC!!!

  • Why he died NUUUUUUU

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  • lol

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  • fast af boiiiiiii

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  • Sonic

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  • Day1:speedposter

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  • bro, create more content so that the likes are a lot of enthusiasm

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  • Blue supposed to be like sonic right

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  • Sonic the crewmate

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  • Kkkkkkk

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  • 0:21 like and suscribe

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  • Try 2x speed

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  • This guy is sonic

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  • 3x Speed in public lobbies be like:

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  • Hahahahah blue os dead of red

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  • Alternate title: If Usain Bolt was in Among us

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  • The last scene when yellow was rushed to medbay made me think of Barry Allen and reverse flash in the tv show

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  • Last secne was so funny 😂😂

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  • Title was crewmate had but how imposter had

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  • 😂😂😂🤣

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  • 0:58 blue oh my goooooooooooooood red: ?? dead the blue: fuk you red (slap) red: ahhhhhhh ???? where slap??

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  • Привет. Круто снимаешь 👍

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  • sonic donic came in among us

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  • When flash plays among us

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  • It Is Sonic. And Sonic.EXE.

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  • Blue Runs just like sonic xd

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  • Knuckles vs Sonic in The Sonic Movie 2 spoilers? Come on!

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  • Thai truly is, Flash in "The Crew"

  • 0:17 suscribe xDDDDD

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  • that blue reminds me of sonic

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  • does but animation like this with super speed

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  • This one is the best

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  • I saw someone using your work called imposter wuest Galaxy rescue

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  • #The Alan Yeusus

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  • um *777 dislikes*

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  • Оу 777 дизлайков

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  • This was just Sonic vs The Flash simplified with Among Us

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  • Save Yellow!!

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  • Osiogyea😎😏

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  • If sonic was in among us

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  • Among Us Red Imposter too... Make by

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  • Nice vid

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  • Hackers watching this:**INTENSE LAUGHTER**

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  • public lobbies:

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  • Player Speed 1000X

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  • Lag in a nutshell

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  • I wanna ask a question Is this good as a first animation😅

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  • I got super speed on among us cuz I'm a hacker

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  • Basically public lobbies

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  • Blue flash Or The Normal Flash

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  • 3.0x speed be like

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  • Why bother just go into a public lobby

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  • I get it blue for sonic and red for flash

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  • Everybody has super speed in and among us lobbies

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  • Did you make the fast crewmate blue on purpose.

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  • If I had super speed I would legit do all my tasks right away

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  • This is kind of like Sonic playing among us

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  • This public servers And happy new year

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  • Sonic as crewmate and knuckles as impostor

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  • This symbolizes that Flash is smarter and faster than Sonic

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  • sonic

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  • Its sonic :v

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  • Flashpostor

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  • I will see this Video to long time is 1000%, better love this

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  • It was suiside😂

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  • X3 speed lobbies be like

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  • Blue put like and subscribe on purple

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  • We basically have super speed if we use the 3x speed

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  • Among us happy jiop

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  • 3x speed in a Nutshell

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  • 700 dislikes wtf

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