MAGNET IMPLANT Gives You Powers!!! (LATITY-003)

30 ספט 2020
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Can I implant a MAGNET in my finger and FEEL ELECTRICITY?! Let me check your submissions...
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Hello BOOMers! Some of you talk about how Cody'sLab or "The Thought Emporium " did the magnet implant and it worked. Well I couldn't find Cody's video [found now, read more]. I watched Emporium's video and all it says is how to install it, and how it sticks to metal and potentially can feel electricity. IMHO it is still a pretty useless body mod! So it can attract ferromagnetic stuff, and he doesn't show what current level you can feel with it. I also confirmed you can feel high enough electric current. But it is pretty limited application to stick a foreign object in your body for. If you think it would help you with electric works, IT WON'T! Don't stick magnets in your fingers for SH$%s and giggles!! It can cause bad infections. [edit] Found unlisted @Cody'slab videos thanks to @Dawnflare if you like to watch below. Kind of confirms my experiment, can feel high current or strong magnetic field of transformers. Can't feel wire with low or no current. AND later removed because of infection! Its an old 2014 video, but here it is: He also removed a few months later:

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    • that man became a meme on Brazil 5:57

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    • @Dan Delczeg hater

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    • dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it

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  • In pakistan these stinger things are common with no ground

    Ribbat AliRibbat Aliיום לפני
  • Okay, can we talk about the awesome Skeletor impression @7:56?

    Olosnah Crafts and MoreOlosnah Crafts and Moreיום לפני
  • Clash of clans: 8:20 when a balloon gets burned by an inferno tower

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  • Save money by using magnet in meter 🤣

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  • Indian accent 4:51

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  • 5:21 Ah yes, a classic Brazilian old internet meme What an era

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  • 😁🤪👍

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  • Can you do a demonstration of electrolysis and/or electroplating ?

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  • learning, laughing and clapping i love your channel my friend

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  • Love from Pakistan.op

  • 4:30 I think a Jacob's ladder is being formed.

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  • 12:07 i see you're a man of culture as well

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  • His arms are so harry is he bigfoot

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  • 0:37 sauce?

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  • Point of correct, VPNs cannot secure your internet connectivity/browsing

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  • 5:43 thats why I love Brazil,

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  • gotta love how people have now started worshipping ex-cons as some source of hidden knowledge in the US. that's how you know your nation is on a one way street to shitehole status.

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  • Me: *sees **0:37* Me: **dramatically spits drink while wheezing**

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  • The magnet finger implants are inside of an outer casing that the magnet can move around freely inside of, allowing the finger to feel thee vibration.

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  • generally if cooking with a stinger type device you would ideally use a double boiler type setup to heat the actual food portion.

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  • Isn’t that how you make hydrogen gas 2:00 ???? Uhhh

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  • Hi

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  • Hey, Mehdi! There's a funny bit of trivia related to the prison cooker thingy that you may not know about. Did you know that that's exactly how they cook the bread for Japanese Panko bread crumbs? (the longer, shard-like bread-crumbs) They have huge batches of dough between electrified plates, and the current passing through the bread cooks it. This achieves two things, apparently: one, it can't overcook the bread, because once enough water has evaporated when the bread is cooked, its resistance goes way up and it stops cooking. And two: it cooks bread without developing a crust, letting the panko stay nice and white in color. Also, it supposedly helps develop the large, long crumb structure that lets it crumble into shards instead of dust. From what I remember about it, it was developed during WWII when soldiers in camps didn't have electric stoves, couldn't risk lighting camp fires, but did have access to batteries from vehicles, and plenty of metal. When the soldiers came home, they missed their strange, long-crumb-structure, crustless bread and so bakeries started to do it that way, and still do to this day! So you _can_ cook your food with electricity and be perfectly safe! It just depends on what you're cooking. Bread is apparently just fine!

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  • 8:10 the video is answering him 😂😂

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  • Who's the artist for 0:37 I feel like I have seen it before

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  • I have used those big capacitors to shock my dad with over 4000 volts which can vaporise flies and burn grapes and he got angry when I ran out of my lab room because I had a deadly SHOCKER in my hands which was taped together and had 13 450v capacitors and had 2 big thick cables on it which was 13 caps in series and I used a homemade 330v supply to charge every cap manually until I had 4kv and I blew up my multimeter when trying to measure voltage and this cap bank could weld wires to whatever metal you want and my dad probably would have died if he got a SHOCKY SHOCK SHOCK from my SHOCKY SHOCK SHOCK and he also tried to discharge it but he shocked himself with like 1.2 kilovolts trying to discharge 4 caps with wire but he touched the other terminal and felt the ZAP smash through his chest and he was 100 kilos at the time I made all this when I was 10 years old I even made Lichtenberg figures with a microwave transformer and still have the wood somewhere and I have made a mains resistor with 12l of saltwater and when shorted it was drawing like 60 amps at 240v and heated up the cables a lot so I had tens of kilowatts and when I plugged it in it made a big spark that caused minor damage to the socket and I could almost weld with it and the power in the whole farm temporarily dropped to 170 volts and the fuse blew shortly after and Gavin next door was telling me about power problems because his lights were dimming and the air con stopped working and the dryer slowed down and it was all because I stole his power to use my little SHOCKY machine and I have touched 240v supplies to run tens of milliamps through me and the amount I touched made my tongue buzz and made my sight flicker at 50hz and nearly stopped my breathing from the tightening current. I flicked it off with my foot after I put the current on the max of 12 milliamps as I could not let go of the stupid thing that I held and on the mild side I have used tubed neodymium magnets and remember the microwave I got the transformer from I took out the food table spinner motor to smash the coil out and placed that coil next to the tube and began shaking and I think it generated 5 volts and I rectified the output with a simple diode that also came from the microwave in the circuit board and put a capacitor on it with a white led connected to the capacitor with a switch and I began shaking it and after 100 shakes I flicked the switch and it was like a camera flash that lasted a few seconds and I did a better one with a motor that I ran across the concrete and made sure again that it was dc and had the same led circuit but this time I used a 47000 microfarad one instead of 3300 and it lasted about a minute after running the motor 20m. I also have used piezo TASERS to zap people but they are nowhere near lethal even though they had 15kv because they are only zapping for about a microsecond or less at tens of amps and they light leds too.

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  • Did he just copy davie504 ?

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  • Excellent 👌🔔👍

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  • 0:48 ahahah I actually follow Larry Lawton and I love his channel 😂. But yes, that one was quite dangerous

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  • 1:57 That's how some of those VICS vaporizer humidifiers work

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  • got express vpn thanks for being awesome

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  • Me : how you still alive Mehdi : i have no idea

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  • There are two measurements one at home and one at the transformer if the two wattage count don't add up, you get penalty, or worse they will cut your area off permanently

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  • Mehdi: "STOP THIS!" BOOMers: No, I don't think I will

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  • I have a powerful magnet that bit me when I walked passed an outlet with it in my pocket

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  • 11:43 fbi open up

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  • i've got a great free energy device that works 100% every time!! an extension cord from my neighbor's house....

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  • 5:28 AI ai.

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  • you don't need a magnet, I can feel the current flowing through a macbook if it's connected to the power outlet, all you need a macbook :v

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  • Maybe I should get express vpn so I can watch Jimmy Neutron

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  • Ive should have guest its mostly hent.. i mean anime*😂😂

  • 2:57 aaaaaand he summoned a black hole. I knew this would happen eventually, it seems I have waited too long, and it has gotten out of hand...

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  • 12:10 im from Pakistan... and im going to watch The Witcher now.. lol

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  • 0:37 pause ;)

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  • 5:20 He is a idiot in my country...and now he is a politician...well...still idiot...

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  • When he didn't felt current: WOW I feel,NOTHING WHEN HE FELT:OH SHIT!

  • its funny because the very first image actually explains electricity kinda well

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  • 'WOW! I feel NOTHING" Really got me

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  • Yea Japan has hent I mean anime

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  • 6:07 I think you have to read between the lines on this one... although if it doesn't open the door to the beyond for the user then maybe having all the lights pop out in the room you're using it will offer the atmosphere of a seance.

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  • Reviews: 7:21

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  • 2:14 @nilered is this true

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  • 11:47, you say not to tamper with the meter and the government says don’t, is the government telling you not to not tamper with the meter?

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  • I've seen power lines arc like that. It was a crazy snow/wind storm in Colorado. And the poles were set up normally, not dangerously close like the video.

    Winter LuxWinter Lux28 ימים לפני
  • i love you mannnnnn, you change my vision of ILworld

    ANANT JAINANANT JAIN28 ימים לפני
  • 2:12 on prisons inmates use a nail and wires to heat water and a gillette blade..

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  • i am brazilian

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  • 0:37 true facts

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  • 5:30 Insert a "Brazil Mentioned" meme

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  • Good them song BDW

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  • Think this... michael reeves and electroboom epic colab

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  • Try to take your credit/debit card into your hand when you have a magnet in the finger...

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  • 0:49 he was showing how he used to cook food in prison, Larry Lawton was the biggest jewelry thief in the US

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  • Ele reagiu a um vídeo brasileiro????????????

  • This water heater is actually sold in China. And it works even without salt.

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  • DadaDAdadadadadaDAdadadadada

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  • That DIY heater in Eastern Europe is called “buzała” and its used to cook water for coffee. Though even here prison give you a kettle for that, but yet ;-;

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  • I prefer NORDvpn

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  • By the way - electrolysis in salt water produces not Hydrogen and Oxygen like it does in fresh water. It produces Hydrogen and Chlorine gas. You really shouldn't breathe that stuff.

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  • ive seen people who use/enjoy memes insult "occultism", or whatever they perceive it as :p

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    • (but theyre the same thing) i should probly add this

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  • k

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  • Me who is a pedantic pathetic person: Badly breaks down food molecules to a state of poisonous chlorine gases and other harmful chemicals. Mehdi who gets to the point: *COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHEMISTRY*

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  • Peach kinda sus

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  • 4:30 Why are twenty lines perpernigular to that!!! Vocabulary with electroboom

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  • Why does no one explain that the water is NOT heating up. The electricity breaks the bonds of the water molecules down to oxygen and hydrogen.

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  • 12:05 Literally the reason why I love ElectroBoom

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  • mehdi: let me bring an iron. me: cringes

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  • The knotty titanium randomly snore because kite postoperatively reign apud a undesirable suggestion. healthy, brown deer

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  • 9:42😂

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  • Ya i wanted to get magnet implant but I'm so AFFRIED about the consequences

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  • Just saw this and saw my man Larry. What a guy

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  • Meteram um meme brasileiro kkkkj

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  • BOBO

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  • Mehdi is a cultured human

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  • I’ve been watching Larry Lawton for like a year now damn

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  • When the magnet is in your finger its much more sensitive

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  • 2:05 congratulations mehdi, you made dasani

  • lol i already subbed to larry's channel. They do feed you in prison but the food sucks and you only get very limited basic size meals, so making more is vital. And you have no access to any cooking utensils or equipment.

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  • Stealing leway from pewdipie

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  • I *WANT* you to do a touch circuit that requires body energy to work.

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  • but don't induction cookers electrocutes food too?

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  • Everybody has something like this now Maybe Jack's gonna do LTISSMS LAST TIME I SAID SEND ME STUFF

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  • Simply amazing!

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  • i know how to get free energy/electric. just sneak a cable to your neighbour's home and plug it. here you go

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  • "Hey jimmy heres a knife" "Thanks bo- AHHHHHH MY HAND" is what im imagining when i saw this video

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  • well you used 110v DC for hotdog and it changed chemestry and AC does not have electrolysis so and some water boilers for coffee they use 2 plates for seqating on 240v here in UK so

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