COOL DIY CLOTHES HACKS || Girly Clothes Transformation Ideas by 123 GO!

22 אוג 2020
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  • Her: Dinner Date!!!! Also her: I need a shirt Me: just use the shirt from the last hack

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  • lily looks so cute with braids and glasses

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  • wow telling kids to use bleach

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  • everything is ugly

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  • Me to I tried too of them

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  • Hi love ur vids much more

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  • Crop top seriously lilly

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  • Who is gonna get stuck under the bed lol

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  • 0:22 she lagged inside the bed lol

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  • Wow l like your v3dio

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  • 0:26 that’s Steven not jake

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    • Isn’t that lily

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  • Omg I love the red belly top

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    • I think ot is called a croped top

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  • I tried one of the hacks it was amazing

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    • Which was it

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  • Kevin Is So White!!

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  • Lily is so pretty!

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  • Lily is amazing and pretty

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  • Um 123 this is just an opinion if i sound mean im very sorry but i dont like when the annomous voice talks for a boy

  • Is it just me, or does lily have the CUTEST bangs? ✨

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    • iof

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    • @emily sky And if this doesn’t help she is the one, wearing the blue long sleeve top, then transformed it into something really cute! ☺️

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    • @emily sky I MEANT LILY !!

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    • @emily sky Emily is the one, always next to Kevin with like... light brown hair, and her bangs are in the front of her face half of the time.

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    • I love it

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  • A nail made a hole on her top And she cared about that Omg me just need something to chill my ass down when its hot like who cares about the top🤦‍♀️😭😭

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  • Check out 123 go facts they have their real names like Oliva (kiki)

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  • Them: have an old shirt that needs a change? Me: yeah Them: cut it!!! Me: WHAT!!!!!

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    • not mah favorite old shirt! ;0;

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  • On the bleach tie die sweat shirt I think you should wash the sweater first before wearing it!

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