Legend of BAGHDAD BATTERY, How Batteries Work

17 ינו 2020
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Is Baghdad Battery from 2000 years ago… even a battery?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#BaghdadBattery #PseudoScience


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  • 4:59

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  • We love to assume ancient people were dumb..

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  • Nobody: *a Spark appears on a finger for some reason* Ancient man: i have the Power of Thor confirmed

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  • I even enjoy his ads, 100 times better than when the video stops and shitty youtube ads start playing

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  • Perfect series of even doesn't exi... 1:25

  • That transition was legendary 🙌👌👏

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  • Dude, that smash cut between him trying to woo that electron into him trying to generate a charge on that pvc KILLED ME.

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  • Are u Muslim

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  • Some biased iranian, you'll realise just how biased he is from the beginning of the video, the persian capital was ctesiphon not baghdad and ctesiphon was just a relocation of babylon and dur kurigalzu, same thing with baghdad, baghdad was built in 700ad by the abbasids not the persians and it was named (madinat al-salam) at first.

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  • 😭😭😭 😢 am weak Electronic ancient guy

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  • Silly conspiracy theorists, those weren't batteries, those were Leyden jar capacitors 😜

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  • What a transition 3:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 now everyone around me wanna know what i laughed about. 😂😂

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  • عراقيين وينكم؟؟ هاي اول مرة اسمع اباتري بغداد منو وياية 😂

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    • شعجب اكو عراقي هنا ههه

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  • 0:57 MAMBOJAMBO !!!!!

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  • H doesn't like history

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  • Most funniest video from electroboom 😂😂

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  • man I fucking love you just being yourself.

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  • That guy in the clip of the bunch of batteries sounds like donald duck!

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  • If alcohol is exposed to the open air long enough it turns to vinegar, soo maybe vinegar mass production? Or perhaps a early carbonation method since vinegar gives of carbon dioxide and if channeled into a rotating tube that contains water you'd get carbonated water

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    • And such things would be possible even in the stone age

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  • what's your opinion why would some one make devise as such if you refuse to class it as battery

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  • What!!! No SHOCKS😢

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  • mythbusters did an episode on the baghdad batteries and found that they could possibly work

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  • I was learning about electrolysis not long ago, all I know is that one is an anode and one is a cathode and I don’t know but I think the anode likes positive charges and the cathode likes negative.

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  • ,':)

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  • Hey angry guy, look at the first lamps or the first electronic stuff we had in the 1800. They used TONS of batteries in series and paralell to power these stuff up (because the batteries where so inefficient). Is it so hard to assume that they did the same 2000 years ago if they had primitive electronics? And look how the absolutely first LED works (1907 I think it was), they could have used it for something like that. Or arc lamps.

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  • Not one single boom. Can I have my view back?

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  • 0:58 Mumbo Jumbo

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  • can you. charge a normal aa batter

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  • superrrrrr!!!! ik geloofde ook in deze batterijen doordat er zo ontzettend veel kanalen over te zien zijn en je brein wil altijd graag geloven dat er meer is dan dat wij tot nu toe weten, maar gelukkig ben jij hier even om ons wakker te schudden, dit is super plausibel, HELEMAAL GOED MAN!! dankjewel!! enneuh... succes met vertalen! ;-)

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  • im iraqian :)

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  • If I go to Skillshare, can I learn how to make a Bagdad battery too? It's a real shame you didn't get to be shocked with the battery, perhaps you will have better fortune next ancient battery video, very interesting, by the way.

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  • What? They didn't have electric screw drivers? What else do you need batteries for? 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Flashlights!

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  • Iam from Baghdad and I really love you video🥰😂😂

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  • Why are the captions in Chinese. Edit: Before you say I'm racist, I am Chinese and I want English captions not Chinese captions.

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  • Find a guy that's not talking about 3:10

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  • That negative electron bit was....... "HOT" Really charged my "SUPER CAPACITOR"

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  • They make a tea that cures cancer.. the cannabis brew has been around for a while. But it wouldn't fix world hunger, not with all the munchies you get

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  • If this is a battery, than Jack carrying water up the hill was a battery 😅

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  • its a capacitor you put static electricity in and then shock people

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  • L

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  • 100:00

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  • they probably noticed the bubbling maybe they were trying to collect the gas

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  • what happens if u charge non rechargeable batteries

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  • i love you

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  • 2:09 Would you like some lemon with your food? Aaaaaaa

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  • Isn't it impossible for you to know what they did or did not know? A lot of circular logic and hidden assumptions in your argumenting... stick to engineering, you kick ass at that ;) P.S. not saying anything about Baghdad batteries here, haven't even heard of them before this video, just saying that the arguments used are extremely faulty and don't "prove" anything, or better to say wouldn't persuade anyone with enough critical thinking and knowledge of anything

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  • I don't Bolivia

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  • 3:24 hahahahah

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  • 07:33 i can definitely see someone going like, ' hey a single one of these can make a millimeter sparkly thingy, what if i put many of these together, will i get a bigger sparkly thingy?' and thus the circuit was born

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  • Iraq 🇮🇶

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  • very cool

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  • Its a capacitor not a battery

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  • baghdad battery juice😂😂😂😂

  • One of the funniest and most informative video I've ever seen

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  • Are people disliking this video ironically or do they have no taste? How does it have any dislikes!

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  • If its name was Tahran Battery we will see a different Video.😂

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  • Iranian man disses on ancient Iraqis :D

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  • could you make coiloidal silver, with this type of battery

  • The Baghdad “battery” was def not a direct battery they couldn’t have had to use it for anything the more simple explanation . Copper mental takes out sulphates from wine (sulphates are what give you a bad headache) they drank a lot back then and so they probably wanted to decrease the headache and they probably stirred wine with a metal thing just to disturb the wine and then they accidentally left it and forgot about it and then they drank it and realized they didn’t have a headache afterwards and so they took advantage of this and used it again and again

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  • That transition to rubbing a pole cracked me up its just perfect. :D Vinegar is a good disinfectant and well being in say a copper container would contain the smells so maybe they used it to clean stuff.

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  • I’m grateful that I found this because for some reason TOEFL just decided to give me an article on this in the writing test lol

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  • 4:02 prefect explonaition😂

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  • I swear i was baked when i first watched this and believed every word

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  • If the Baghdad battery isnt a battery then what is it? Its clearly not random that they had everything you need to make a battery next to each other. Even if it cant create enough current to do anything useful its obvious that they knew it was storing energy of some sort.

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  • Research done in Ved ( ancient hindu scripture) shows how to make a battery and even an aeroplane! ilworld.info/flow/eXp-wJ3On5ywipQ/wyd-w

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  • Wait wouldn’t a change of the electrolyte result in a fast charge? And the old electrolyte could be Recycled outside the Battery while the circuit is powered by the new electrolyte

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  • Nice video.

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  • 3:10 AHAHA this man is so funny!

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  • plot twist..... it's a battery for dildos

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  • I think I did read some papers on this years ago when this battery thing popped up, how It helps with wine fermentation or smth, they were not conclusive tho.

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  • Best explanation of electronegativity I ever heard ;)

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  • 3:14 i died

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  • Can please anyone tell why do one Electron comes and other electron go in 4:43

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  • 4:11 My heaaaart 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • They built these to power trimmers to tame unibrows like what’s in the thumbnail.

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  • That Praveen guy has some voice....

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  • probably the best promotion I've heard in yt

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  • But it clearly shows a bunch of these batteries can make 6volts. So obviously a bit less than bunch of these batteries can make 5volts. And what uses 5volts? USB. Yeah baby! So logically the Bagdad cavedudes and dudettes used the batteries to charge their mobile phones! Clearly if these archaeologists searched a bit harder, they will find a clay Nokia 3310. (Sounds like a job for Indiana Jones!) And I'm sure Eric von Daniken can prove some iron pillar is actually a communication tower. Wake up sheeple! Just watch, 5G will bring about the fall of our own civilisation just as the Bagdad battery caused the collapse of the great Abbasid caliphate and all of Mesopotamia! You have been warned!! Hahahahaha!!! (Where are my pills...)

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  • i learned more from this guy then school ever will learn me

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  • 5:11 so you're saying i can super quickly recharge my batteries if i shoot ionizing radiation at them?

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  • why dont they use solar magnifying lenses to charge steam boilers for generators, and could decelinate salt water and pump it to were its needed.

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  • Not to be confused with "Bad Dad Battery" where CPS gets involved.

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  • 6:23. So all I need to do is put 24 giant Bagdad Batteries in series and repeat 1000 times in parallel and I don't need to buy a new car battery. Cool.

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  • 1:34 I'm just going to leave this here

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  • Maybe you hate it because you are from Iran

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  • Ah, you're just saying that because it's the BAGHDAD battery!!! You'd be speaking differently of it if it were from Isfahan!!!111

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  • A long time ago I heard they found these batteries inside altars and other holy objects. So maybe people used it to zap people and feel a connection to god.

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  • 3:10 to 3:15 is the funniest thing ever

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  • Who edits these they’re amazing

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  • It could have been the first experiment found of a battery or, somebody that kept a copper sheet and iron rod in a jar/urn with some bitumen to keep it air/water tight just because it was fun to hide that type of melted metal shapes. Since when wine is prohibited in Arab countries? Stolen battery?

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  • عراقي و افتخر 🙂

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    • @البزنس مان باذنجان :))

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    • هلو :))

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  • 3:10 Tell me electricity is not hot.

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  • bruh he is Iranian

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  • I like ur videos but the ancien persia was a part of the big civilisation of baghdad, not the opposite, because the persian was used like slave in Baghdad by irakian (at this time)

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  • What is this Baghdad battery thing that I don’t know about when i live in iraq

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