23 ינו 2021
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Dom surprised me today by putting together an elaborite scheme to get my a yacht! I had the greatest time on it until the end... Thanks anyways Dom :)
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  • ily sofie and ily to dom

  • Doffi

    Snow QueenSnow Queen4 שעות לפני
  • And Sofie never stop slapping zak

    Roberto MuñozRoberto Muñoz4 שעות לפני
  • Dofie 4ever

    Roberto MuñozRoberto Muñoz4 שעות לפני
  • YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!!! slapping zac😱😱😱

    Despoina AlioglouDespoina Alioglou4 שעות לפני

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  • teehee from ryan higa!

    NastoyNastoy23 שעות לפני
  • It's like these two are the only ones that don't know they're dating.

    Emily DupliseaEmily Dupliseaיום לפני
  • I ship them

    Naty TVNaty TV2 ימים לפני
  • 6:35 Aww!!

    Aoife MacGrathAoife MacGrath2 ימים לפני
  • This is the cutest thing EVER!,

    Aoife MacGrathAoife MacGrath2 ימים לפני
  • #Dofie forevs

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  • It’s yacht

    Raul RodriguezRaul Rodriguez3 ימים לפני
  • She didnt slap zak?? :(

    Party ScooperParty Scooper3 ימים לפני
  • hi

    Gail HewittGail Hewitt3 ימים לפני
  • #relationshigoals

    RoseMary Agustin-WestRoseMary Agustin-West4 ימים לפני
  • Sofie must of new that dom got a yatch because she was already in her swim suit

    Amso sorry godayah PowellAmso sorry godayah Powell4 ימים לפני
  • Soffi and dom on a yatch K-I-S-S-I-N-G and went ted to be together as the cutest couple then went inside a room in the yatch And soon slowly started kissing and soon got naked and started pumping to do SEX Soffi and dom enjoyed having sex and never stopped doing that since that day

    Ahmed Zihan FalahAhmed Zihan Falah4 ימים לפני
  • Wow

    Liliaestela CruzLiliaestela Cruz5 ימים לפני
  • She buys him a car he buys her yacht can i hav a privet jet

    MaggieMaggie5 ימים לפני
  • i ⛴️ doffie😍😍💖💖

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  • ilworld.info/flow/maCcqYqXlYWbfqg/wyd-w

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  • *when she had a swimsuit on the whole time

    Ashlyn SerreAshlyn Serre6 ימים לפני
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😘😘🤩🤩

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  • Omg I love yachts!

    Trinity WillowTrinity Willow6 ימים לפני
  • mY BEsT fRIEnD tRIEd tO POoP oN mE

    Audra WhiteAudra White7 ימים לפני
  • I love it 😍😍💗😍

    Toniann MitchellToniann Mitchell7 ימים לפני
  • How did he surprise her she had a Bathing suit under her clothes

    Alainas LifeAlainas Life7 ימים לפני
    • Probably told her to put it on

      Gregory ThomasGregory Thomas6 ימים לפני
  • One time the captions instead of 'Dom' said 'dumb' tehee

    Sasha ChallagollaSasha Challagolla8 ימים לפני
  • Can anyone tell me what the montage songs were? Because they are fire

    MysticMystic8 ימים לפני
  • Hahahaha when Sofie and Dom were fighting

    Iman DikIman Dik8 ימים לפני
  • Imagine if Sofie did contortion on water or when she jumped to the water... that would be INSANE

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Dom: ELaBoRAte

    Cyrus HanjaniCyrus Hanjani10 ימים לפני
  • dom is literally me but with a butt load of money

    Avas DasguptaAvas Dasgupta10 ימים לפני
  • How u got kiddnapped

    Martin PallanMartin Pallan10 ימים לפני
  • Dom buying sofie nice gifts buying yacht valentine day gift buying roses chocolate and teddy bears dom buying stuff treat sofie like princess

    Alliyah DraineAlliyah Draine10 ימים לפני
  • Goals!

    Olivia PinterOlivia Pinter12 ימים לפני
  • I Luv how zac was just filming their "private" conversation

    Kaamila MohamedKaamila Mohamed12 ימים לפני
  • The plan is so funny 😂

    Bunny GamingBunny Gaming12 ימים לפני
  • This,is acuatlly planed .but still fun 😂😍

    sathish kumarsathish kumar12 ימים לפני
    • It’s not planned but ok

      Gregory ThomasGregory Thomas10 ימים לפני
  • Too bad it’s rented tho 😆

    CrabbyPattyCrabbyPatty12 ימים לפני
  • Scripted video from start to end n did not bought a yacht thats a lie the reason people dislike but i never dislike youtube n i watch till d end😉😒

    Savita SaxenaSavita Saxena12 ימים לפני
  • Aw I wish I have boyfriend like Dom your lucky Sofie >:3

    Chocolate cutieChocolate cutie13 ימים לפני
  • Hi I am a really big fan and I love watching your videos 😁😁😁

    Aneeqa AhmedAneeqa Ahmed13 ימים לפני
  • They are definetley dating.

    Sxmply Avacado'sSxmply Avacado's13 ימים לפני
  • Done

    Eric SmithEric Smith13 ימים לפני
  • Is it just me or are dom and slofie are so cute together?

    Kyla GibbsKyla Gibbs14 ימים לפני
  • Is that a song cause i think i heard that (I saw Mommy kissing santa)

    • C u t i e •• C u t i e •14 ימים לפני

    Jasmine GibsonJasmine Gibson15 ימים לפני
  • Sharks don't actually eat you they just mistake you for a fish I have heard this from science people

    Jerry’s JoysJerry’s Joys15 ימים לפני
  • What do you mean?

    Scott StensrudScott Stensrud15 ימים לפני
  • So dom didnt buy her a yatch???

  • Pooòòoooooooooo9ooooooooo

    Fatima OlalokoFatima Olaloko15 ימים לפני
  • Dom and Sophie are a cute couple

    Faith CapuzziFaith Capuzzi15 ימים לפני
  • Lol the end can’t stop laughing

    Play Roblox :3 CPlay Roblox :3 C16 ימים לפני
  • WHY DOES DOM HAVE NAIL POLISH??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    cloudy_ asthecticscloudy_ asthectics16 ימים לפני
  • I’m sorry but I don’t ship Dofie I liked her when she was solo and making vids with zak

    An Thien DangAn Thien Dang17 ימים לפני
  • I was happily watching this when a h&m advert popped up whyyyyyy😭

    Villain Shoto TodorokiVillain Shoto Todoroki17 ימים לפני
  • Their first fight

    Mpindi zainahMpindi zainah17 ימים לפני
  • Dom like sofie 😚😚

    Nazri SolomonNazri Solomon17 ימים לפני
  • Dom is a true friend

    Celine SaxtonCeline Saxton17 ימים לפני
  • Well if I get bitten by a shark it probably might go viral few hours later guys I didn’t get bit by a shark😅

    Jasmine CrimleyJasmine Crimley18 ימים לפני
  • One answer ima say to dat SUS kid, You SIMP you LIKE HER but GIRLS THINK "We just friends" ;) u like her to u she's ur gf

    Birute BakunieneBirute Bakuniene18 ימים לפני
  • I ship you and Dom so much

    Giavanna OliphantGiavanna Oliphant18 ימים לפני
  • se u ar baten

    Samea BidahSamea Bidah18 ימים לפני
  • sofie: finds adress in avacodo sofie: gets "kidnapped" sofie: find skittles leading up to a car where prob expects a serial killer in there dom: hiya sofie

    i d k / / w o a hi d k / / w o a h18 ימים לפני
  • He really likes soffie

    Olivia ParkinsonOlivia Parkinson18 ימים לפני
  • your boyfriend cheated on u

    Summer FowlerSummer Fowler18 ימים לפני
  • Dom is crazy

    Reya RachithReya Rachith18 ימים לפני
  • Cool

    Reya RachithReya Rachith18 ימים לפני
  • I love your videos and I love your videos with lexi

    Lila lavaLila lava18 ימים לפני
  • Sofie: I don't have anything to do today. Me: whaaaaat it just skipped to Dom's part

    Mykeshae JohnsonMykeshae Johnson19 ימים לפני
  • I wish you were my sister 💓

    Corey FinkCorey Fink19 ימים לפני
  • #dofie there so cute together. they should be a couple

    Jacqueline ParraJacqueline Parra19 ימים לפני
  • omg its so amazing Dom got a yacht for Sofie!

    Jacqueline ParraJacqueline Parra19 ימים לפני
  • That's true love right there

    John BlackburnJohn Blackburn19 ימים לפני
  • theyre dancinggggggggggggg~~😏

    Paimon is emergency foodPaimon is emergency food19 ימים לפני
  • how did he put a message in the avocado?

    Antara ZaveriAntara Zaveri19 ימים לפני
  • how did he put a message in the avocado?

    Antara ZaveriAntara Zaveri19 ימים לפני
  • Dofies kids: are parents are JUST FRIENDS

    Juno BradleyJuno Bradley20 ימים לפני
  • DOFI

    Bella McMillanBella McMillan20 ימים לפני
  • OMG HE IS SO WHOLESOME THO 😭😭😭 Sofie's life is literally a dream show 😭

    Madison AbagailMadison Abagail20 ימים לפני
  • The plan was amazing

    Saad SiddiqueSaad Siddique20 ימים לפני
  • Hi I can you send a copy

    Maya’s playroom channelMaya’s playroom channel20 ימים לפני

    Uso and beans Means meUso and beans Means me20 ימים לפני
  • She said “ya I’m leaving” once she find out he didn’t buy it

    Ashley ParkerAshley Parker21 יום לפני
  • Dom is so nice to get you a yacht

    Brodie HoyerBrodie Hoyer21 יום לפני
  • Is anybody else thinking that Dom and Sofie would be a great couple

    NeonGamer556NeonGamer55621 יום לפני
  • Dofie

    Kendall HazelipKendall Hazelip21 יום לפני
  • is it dis $ 100

    Estelle AssalaEstelle Assala22 ימים לפני
  • Dom makes a great plan to kodnap her and it works too 2 seconds later.... Is struggling to make her put a bag on her head😂😂😂

    GEETAGEETA23 ימים לפני
  • dom is such a good boyfriend

    DaNzReEl-BrOsDaNzReEl-BrOs23 ימים לפני
  • Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nallely SanchezNallely Sanchez23 ימים לפני
  • Daing sofie u really wanted that yacht 😆

    Elizabeth MejiaElizabeth Mejia23 ימים לפני
  • i have a dare for you. ask dom if he want to be your valentine

    ikrame zouggaghiikrame zouggaghi23 ימים לפני
  • I'm actually watching my favorite ILworldr on my bed🥺🥺🥰#sofiedossiTeam

    Lexii PlaysLexii Plays23 ימים לפני

  • Did anyone saw that or is it just me @7.14sec dom actually tried to give her a goodbye kiss 💋 😱 OMG!! But see soon realised Zack is filming 😂

    Pournami B SPournami B S23 ימים לפני
  • Ilysm Sophie! I wish you can notice me..I alwaya wanted to be a cortoraonist when I was first watching you. Ilysm

    taurus_savsavtaurus_savsav24 ימים לפני
  • DID THEY JUST PUT A GROCERY BAG OVER HER HEAD ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    Minty_air 9068Minty_air 906824 ימים לפני