Laff makes fall guys 1000% funnier (season 4)

7 אפר 2021
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Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video - Fall Guys Season 4 is playable NOW on PlayStation and Steam! Download Fall Guys here:
today laff and i play fall guys season 4 and he made it 1000% funnier
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • sup gamers! Fall Guys Season 4 is playable NOW on PlayStation and Steam! Download Fall Guys here:

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    • Dead game

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    • Hi

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    • I wanted fall guys free I am bearly have money

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    • when i was 5 to i think i play fall guys to👍😄💙

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    • The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch this summer

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  • 3:20 Socks: we both have a tail! The game: and what? I don't care

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  • “You spin me right round” *Tuboat has entered the chat*

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  • Can I play with you Full G

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  • the characters shown in thumbnails are from egg fall guys

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  • 6:28 that's not a death ball that's the log from clash royale

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  • "If you die your dead??????" ~socks 2021

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  • Wait Fall Guys is still a thing?

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  • i just realized that this is so much like ragdoll royale-

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  • Why not xbox 😭

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  • Touch the spikes. Laff 2021

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  • Is it just me or has it all ways been on PS4 and pc

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  • "Not one mistake" he says after getting hit

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  • Do more

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  • Vampire is Scheming and he is cheeky

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    • I love lad's anime chracter smiling🥰🥰🥰

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  • breh

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  • is fall guys on xbox

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  • HI

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  • Nobody Socksfor1 : If you die your dead?

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  • i have 300+ fall guys wins

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  • socks for 2 1 million pogggg.

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  • LOG × BALL ✔

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  • Is that flex tape in the back

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  • Blue fries are a real thing

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  • It has to be slogo a youtuber

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  • “Skyline stumble?!” *queue voice jumping 5 octaives* “᭙ꫝꪖ𝓽 𝓲𝘴 𝓽ꫝ𝓲𝘴?!?“

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  • The game dead :C

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  • Nah, stumble guys is better

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    • @Platanos not funny

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    • Joke /jōk/ Noun a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with funny punchline. “she was in a mood to tell jokes”

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    • Has your mind gone on to airplane mode?

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    • stumble guys is an fall guys knockoff. idiot

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  • I miss the old modded 1000 days series, those were cool. I want the old socksfor1 back

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  • Us it me or when i first saw laff I thought he was wearing a tiki mask .

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  • Its been on playsaishan

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  • All these maps are dizzy heights with saten torturing them in hell

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  • Laffs name gave me flashbacks from when nadwe was sneaking around as a bat 😂

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  • Fall guys has been on PlayStation...

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  • Socks editor be working overtime lol

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  • Wait, when did season 4 came out? This game is so dead that i didn't even know that season 3 excited

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    • Idc if the game is dead or not it is fun and thats what is important

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  • Hi

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  • Plot twist: The among us guy was Memegod

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  • socksfor1: today i play fall guys for 24 hours season 4: ooh ooh my turn my turn


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    • 10k plus people

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  • Use code socks for 2

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  • Do more cyberpunk

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  • Socks I love watching you're vids each time I watch u I feel happy thanks for making your videos

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  • Maybe play with blaza Laff muffin on your team and meme nadwe tbh And Dino vs you

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  • 4:10 Percy Jackson would have ate the blue fries

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  • Its cool to see socks back with fall guys

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  • Laff makes everyone Laugh

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  • Man I want fall guys but I don’t have PlayStation

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  • i bet he put laff makes fallguys 1000% funnier just for views

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  • Socks: I've played this map since I was five years old! Me: Fall guys didn't exist in the 1990's. Much less season 2.

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  • lets admit it laff makes every game 100000% funnier

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  • Yes another fall guys episode

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  • Rff

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  • It not funny

  • Socks I saw Godzilla how can you not see him

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  • socksfor2 made to 1.01M subs

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  • soooo good ur back at fall guys i love that game

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  • anyone saw the cacodemon in 8:23

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  • Fall guys was in ps and steam when it was released. I remember it being free in the ps plus store, and I've had it on my steam wishlist for over a year now I think

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  • Fall guys us more on playstation????

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  • Me patiently waiting for fall guys to release on switch ._.

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  • Wow they didn’t make it for Xbox

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  • It's fallbeans season 4, but where's security breach and karlson?

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  • Xbox tho....

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  • Jesus died on the cross for us before it to late please spread the word he is our kind farther 🙏 ❤️

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  • Did laff make you laff haha

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  • Thank you so much for doing another Fall Guys video! I have been waiting so long for it, and I enjoy Fall Guys as much as you enjoy minecraft and among us. Watching you play Fall Guys and enjoy it just makes my day.

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  • News flash its been on ps4

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  • Chic filla

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  • Is it on Xbox NOW

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  • You should play gangbeasts

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  • And yet, it’s still ded

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    • look, another brainless person thinking that fall guys is dead

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  • Ur getting a hair cut!? I thought u were bald for1

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  • is socks smp over?

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  • It was always on Playstation

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  • Congrats to everyone who’s early🥳


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  • I guess you are watching Tommyinnit alot

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  • My guy is about to revive fall guys

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  • You copied

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  • the fact that you had the word flyer in your name in fall guys and your a spaceman ups the spacemanes

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  • Can I pls play with you socks

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  • Not even close *Socksfor 1* 4:03

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  • Hi 🙋

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  • Me:sees log Socks: *d e a t h b a l l*

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  • Finnaly ur back

  • *B U R R I T O*

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  • Wait- socks the name isnt fall guys its laff guys

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  • Lets gooooooo socksfor2 hit a mil

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  • Hasn’t it always been playable on PlayStation?

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  • Yes it’s returned thank goodness

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  • Yes it’s returned thank goodness

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  • your glithing

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  • Can we appreciate how the little characters are hilarious 😂

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  • Kisuna i chan is in the game????? I.m gonna watch her videos

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  • I'm going to play next day

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