Giant 4 Dollar Homemade Fajitas Meal | But Cheaper

2 מאי 2021
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Ah yes, the TexMex classic, fajitas. We all know it. We all love it. However, going out with friends and family trying to enjoy a steamy plate of meat, beans, vegetables, and warm tortillas that you just want to cuddle up in are so darn expensive!! Enough is enough of spending over 15 bucks a serving for fajitas. That's why we are making chicken fajitas at home, but wayyyy cheaper. Like $4 per serving cheaper.
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  • Maybe I am a baby, but I can’t certainly help how my body works now can I?

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  • Hey man! Love your videos! I had a quick question about the chicken thigh seasoning. On the caption it said 1 tsp kosher salt but you said out loud 1 tbsp. It looks like you used 1 tbsp but wanted to check and see. Thanks!

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  • oh cmon man not cooking spray :p

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  • We gonna get the ℬℰℰℰℰ𝒜𝒩𝒮 𝒲𝒟ℱ

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  • I want to see you recreate snacks perfectly and then make a but better version (pot noodle, cheetos, chocolate bars,.pop tarts etc.)

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  • Josh I have a question for you it’s going to be the hardest question you’ll ever have to answer in your life one of these two things have to go which one your girlfriend or Broll🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂

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  • I did this took the whole day....I’m tired but it’s amazing! The beans were the best part and basically a meal in themselves.

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  • Give life to Jesus Jesus amen

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  • you should do another segment called "everybody in the comment section should watch the video instead of just commenting new ideas"

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  • If I can’t find chipotle powder, what should I use?

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  • 2lb of chicken thighs for 2.99? That sounds horrifying.

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  • What. The. Fuck. Is. This. Cinnamon? Chicken? Chicken broth in the beans?! Basmati rice!? Cheese? And not even Mexican cheese?! Go away.

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  • You've done a lot of mexican videos and they are always very nice! Can you do one on vegetarian mexican food?

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  • beans rolls

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  • I tried this and it sucked. Everything tasted like cumin. It was overwhelming. I mean, 3/4 dishes had cumin as its primary seasoning... and a LOT of it. And the rice didn't have nearly enough liquid. After my rice cooker was done the rice was still extremely hard and chewy with the given instructions. I had to put it in a pot and add a ton more tomatoes and broth (and eventually water) to get the rice to a cooked state. The chicken had way too much seasoning. If you do his "worst-case scenario" and put it on a skillet it won't cook properly. The seasoning creates this nasty shell that doesn't look at all like his. It looks like cinnamon on toast, and any nook and cranny in the chicken that you put seasoning on that doesn't touch the pan has this terrible "raw seasoning" look to it. It was gross. This was my first attempt at one of Josh's recipes and I was severely disappointed.

    PylonsPylons19 שעות לפני
    • Looking back at the video, there is no way that the amount of rice he put in the rice cooker was all of the rice he just showed in the pot. It's like half, if not less. Josh if you are going to put out recipes like this please make them accurate so people don't spend $20-30 on ingredients just to have them screwed up by incorrect proportions.

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  • It’s midnight right now and I want fajitas 😭😭

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  • Funniest ILworld chief after uncle Rodger

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  • Go to the valley and get real fajitas bro, Austin’s Mexican food dont cut it

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    • lmao the valley

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  • Dirty!!! 😉😉😉

  • Every time I think this dude is getting a little full of himself, he pulls something like the 2:40 mark and restores my faith.

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  • I cooked all the items in this recipe for my family today and it was a big hit! The chicken was delicious, the beans so much flavor. I only marinated the chicken for 1hr so I can only imagine how tasty overnight would have been. 🙏🏼 I don’t have access to a grill so i added a bit of liquid smoke to the marinading bag. 😉

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  • that rice aint it

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  • I made everything here for my family on Cinco de Mayo and we ate bomb fajitas! I used the spice mix on a sous vide flank steak and it was fuego! Thank you so much for all you do!

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  • What a minute PaPa 😭🤣

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  • This is dumb, you can’t buy 3 tablespoons of oil, you have to buy the whole thing

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  • For me, I'd skip on the beans and maybe do a pico de gallo instead. Sorry papa, don't be mad!

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  • I came for the fajitas, I stayed for the kiss from PAPA

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  • 1;37 Well you should. Fry the rice with a bit of garlic and then let it steam with some bay leaves to make the so-called "arroz a la cubana".

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  • I made the fajitas and rice last night. They were the best fajitas I’ve ever eaten!!! Thank you!

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  • How did you know I’ve been craving fajitas?! Money-saving tip: Red bell peppers always cost more than the other colors, so buy a bunch when they’re on sale and chop and freeze for quick fajitas!

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  • when did Josh stop wearing the rolex?

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  • Noooo way I actually can't believe that, you should just open your own restaurant

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  • for the love of god stop calling urself papa

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  • Wait, do you really put beans and rice in your fajitas? I thought rice and beans were just the sides and the only things you add to the fajitas are the veggies, meat, cheese, guac, and salsa... I've never put rice and beans inside my fajitas before.

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  • Anyone else notice how he says 1 Tablespoon of kosher salt yet the overlay says 1 top of kosher salt?

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  • Bro $4 is a lot in brazil now Im just sad :(

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  • Typical youtuber who lies for views. I love Adblock.

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  • That rice being $2.89 at my local Walmart 🥲

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    • yeah the whole recipe definitely costs a lot more than 4.4 in most countries, some of us are discussing it here on papas Q&A site

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  • @ juice world I agree

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  • Uh oh papi @ 3:41

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  • in Thailand, a chorizo that size would cost $20 already at least. Pinto another $10.... Tortillas.. another $5 for 5... shit.. I miss living in the US.

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  • me wanting to eat his food and play some games lmao

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  • Do a bahn mi video because you already have pho and spring rolls

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  • Riiiiiight "kitchen" torch.... That's what I use it for... the kitchen. 👀

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  • Ai papa, a little question. Why take the seeds out the tomato? With kees, child

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  • I need chipotle powder in my pantry.

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  • I don’t understand how this man balances memes and beautiful cooking at the same time. Also “papas fat meats”

  • can you make a video with a real price for a meal? 4.40 a serving for 6 servings is like 24 bucks not 4 dollars like your title says. im one person how can i just buy a couple servings and not bulk like you do for your videos

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  • If I want Mexican food It will come from a Mexican , not a gringo .

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  • Papa Josh, I love watching your cooking videos. Please do a take on a pot roast; like a dutch or mississippi roast. Why? Because I've been craving it and I've recently learned a lot of people I know have never had this deliciousness but it's so simple and amazing! I know you could make it better.

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  • I'd like to see you go to town on a weber kettle grill! With a California classic, a tri-tip sandwich. yesssssirrrrr

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  • Papa………….

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  • But how many servings does it make?

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  • My guy!! You gotta make the West Coast classic, carne asade fries!! There’s a lot of versions out there but I know we’d love to see yours!

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  • Nice recipe but chipotle is basically the same thing in a pinch, cheddar cheese? That’s so gringo

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  • can you make beef jerky?

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  • Will you please do Gyudon? I can't figure out the broth.

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  • Mexican rice :add chipotle pouder? XD

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  • Spanish rice with Basmati?! Ew no! 😭

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  • Pick of da guy-o? Yikes.

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  • josh: grab a saucepan ˚▱˚ josh: don't worry we're not cooking the rice in this ε- (´・`) josh: *dumps rice in saucepan* ☼Д☼ josh: we're gonna lightly toast it ㅎ_ㅎ josh: and put it in the rice cooker (``=∀=);;

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  • Rice cooker vs pot?

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    • @Fandeed & Menga_TV oh yeah. there is a bunch of Q&A for fatijas can also be found here

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    • definitively pot!

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  • CANNED BEANS .. I am screaming 😱

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  • if josh was one of my parents and he told me “we have it at home” I would be genuinely excited

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  • Clearly a crapton of great information in this channel, but I'm stuggling to get past someone repeatedly calling himself "papa" that looks like he still says "and a half" when people ask him his age....TBF, *no one* should repeatedly call themselves papa like that.

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  • papa not the canned beans 😭✋

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  • i live in castroville and thats is the artichoke center of the world and I'm 14 and I think u should do sum with artickoces

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  • Suggestion: avocado bacon burger but better

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  • I wonder if he could do five guys next for the but better series

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  • The "Well My Child" clip got me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 why you like this papa??

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  • The voice over/ edits of these videos goes under-appreciated at times

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  • bro untwist the apron strap im triggered papa

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  • You deserve all your subscribers you make excellent food

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  • do an oreo but better plz

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  • Really wish you called it b-ean roll...

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  • Josh, great vid. Can you make Jamaican jerk chicken and coconut rice?

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  • Anybody really eat one serving per meal? I’d eat at least three

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  • Preemptive dislike because of your weird daddy fetish

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  • Can u make little Caesar’s Italian cheese bread plz :)

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  • I love joshua's style of humor, but it backfires when i show the video to mom to ask her to make this lmao

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  • my God that intro song SLAPPPS

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  • 👇 This many Taxans here

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  • the "that looks nasty" really rumbled my tummy joshy

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  • Do the dollar menu at mc and do but expensive

  • Yooooooo, don't be calling my momma a baby just because she can't handle spice, man. );

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  • How many onions do you want me to use in this dish? YES

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  • The reverse footage in the B roll absolutely blew my mind 🤯

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  • Love your channel so much Joshua! I would love to see you make a banh mi!

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  • Okay but were you making this video when babish called you? 😂😂😂

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  • Sss

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  • Since you did meal, now do bibimbap

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  • I came here after watching the end of the epic tortilla-sombrero made by Babish and I love this canal. Here’s your “subscribe”, good man. I’ll be watching more.

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  • LIES! Every single video is clickbait bruh. No way that was $4. You've got to buy all those ingredients. Tell me where I can get a single TEASPOON of chipotle powder for $.60. Nowhere. This guy is a grade A asshole that just mooches money off sponsors. Another pointless clickbait channel.

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  • I got ice cream today for More than this today

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  • so fire

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  • dude holy shit i fucking love you

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  • I feel the rice could be even cheaper cause not everyone had chipotle powder or cumin! My rice is -2 cups long grain (5lb bag for $2) batsmati is usually like $1-2 more than long grain) -1 onion (about .40-60 cents) -3 cloves of garlic ($1.00 for a bulb) - 1 tBSP chicken bouillon($1) or you can use chicken broth in place of water ($2) and use Salt and pepper to taste -3 tomatoes or 1 can of tomato sauce ($1-2)

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