What Happens if ALL 4 Bosses Meet in Fortnite! | Boss Midas Meets Iron Man, Wolverine & Dr Doom!

23 אוק 2020
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What Happens if ALL 4 Bosses Meet in Fortnite! | Boss Midas Meets Iron Man, Wolverine & Dr Doom! All Bosses Meet /All bosses battle each other, In todays video we find out What Happens if Boss Shadow Midas Meets Boss Iron Man Meets Boss Wolverine & Boss Doctor Doom in Fortnite, this time we look into what happens when ALL 4 New bosses from Season 4 meet for the first time ever in Fortnite and on ILworld.
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  • This is the FIRST REAL TIME you will see this! I have seen a few people FAKING it, so stay here for real content that doesn't trick its fans... hint hint "The Blue Dinosaur"

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    • @Zoro you're cool guys do you ever all ILworldrs are cool and do even Ryan and nasty TV and if they TV make yeah and they're

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    • @The Creator Well I don’t play fortnite that was my lil brother using my acc for some reason so....

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    • 😂 lol

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  • Doom: im outa here

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  • wait you can mess around the npc in battle lab? how!?

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  • I was just blown by the fact that they were able to get ALL 4 bosses together!!!! Congrats to wolverine!!

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  • ummm miadas did not die so did he give up on life cuz he droped his gunn

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  • 12:44 why doesn't midas have a exclamation mark

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    • just glitched out in that little part of the replay if you watch closely it soon comes back. Its impossible to fake the midas if you get his as mystique you lose the skin. Which midas does get hit. If people are telling you this is fake they are the 1s who fake

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  • danngg no wonder why wolverine is the most difficult boss to fight

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  • This is not fairrrr iron man got teamed how is that fair

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  • that was super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • You can tell that doom was a real player because he didn't instantly turn

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  • my guy doom got 200 iq

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  • Wait if they are all Marvel allies, why are all of them going against each other in the first place?

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  • ive supported you on fortnite. wasnt expecting the result, but a good one. wolverine has his healing ability that helped massively

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  • That was so epic. I was cringing on the last battle against Dr. Doom and Wolverine

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  • If you could tell Wolverine was healing every single time he got shot

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  • Iron man-bot Midas-normal Doom-camper Wolverine-sweat

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  • Smart but but stupid you cant make them fight they would stand still. You used real accounts with the skins. (Edit: Midas has regular pick so fake.)

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  • i think your liying he may be usingthe skins and abilatys and the qestion mark emote to make this happen news out aka its common sence

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  • Doctor Doom was smart tho

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