RICH VS NORMAL STUDENT || Rich Vs Poor Girl At School! Body Swap for 24 Hours By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

7 נוב 2020
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Being rich can be awesome!
And being broke is, well… not usually awesome.
But sometimes the universe has a way of evening things out, if only temporarily, anyway.
Would you switch lives for a day or more? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Rich like kylie

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  • 1:12 is Julie okay-

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  • no

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  • U gooo

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  • Don’t say that Julie should be popular!

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  • I don't think so but it's just not that🤑

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  • “Rich like Kylie “rich like Kylie me: “rich like Kylie” “rich like Kylie” NOTHINGS HAPPENINGGGG!?

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  • The best video ever I wish I want to see daily 1000 times!

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  • 💋

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  • You are so cute and you are the perfect and so sweet

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  • Sa magjiiiiii!💖

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  • it's just funny

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  • LOL

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  • One million one banan

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  • How it is possible

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  • Wow rich

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  • Yes

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  • Your swap and for julie its time for spa

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  • I’m Audrey Rich I’m happy And I got four baby brothers Antenna 10 Sisters👩🏽‍🦱💕

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  • I❤️ i Phone

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  • The poor girl is more cute than the rich

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  • Nice

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  • Julie is like a rich girl 🥰🥰👍👌

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  • I love dis

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  • You are so beautiful from Princess

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  • Mehjabin didi ko princess banao

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  • The dog is very cute ☺️😘🥰

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  • Julie’s dog was cute when she was rich. I love this Chanel

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  • julie literally wasted a million dollars for a BANANA!!!! You can buy a whole big bunch of banana's in 3 dollars

    Ramla TameemRamla Tameem2 ימים לפני
  • when julie srayed saw the Toilet srayed it Didn’t said toilet spray at first

    Nadah El GizoliNadah El Gizoli2 ימים לפני
    • Lol

      Mya StadtmillerMya Stadtmillerיום לפני
  • Very enlightening moral for parent as well as for students

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  • So much rich girls

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  • I will swich life

    Las travesuras de daisy OlvidóLas travesuras de daisy Olvidó2 ימים לפני
  • I would switch lives for my high school best friend. She gets so much love from her parents, while my parents are rushing out the door at 7:00 in the morning. By the time I wake up there’s a babysitter. Her parents even play with her! I don’t even remember the last time I got to play with my parents!

    Anna GriffinAnna Griffin2 ימים לפני
    • Dont worry one day they will realize your love for them

      Lucia GonzalezLucia Gonzalez5 שעות לפני
    • That’s sad

      wynzyr Bings Bynxwynzyr Bings Bynx17 שעות לפני
  • Khylie is from asia Julie is on europe

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  • Yes

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  • I love your vids

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  • I love the car

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  • They have apple laptops

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    • I have i phone

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  • The dog is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 💅

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  • Ilo

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  • I watch your videos every Single day I love Sophia and Amy the most but you are the best

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  • cool

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  • I Have So Many Coins I'm Rich

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    • Batara Langit Anabrang hahahaha you don’t have a dog

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  • 8:35 what?

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  • P 50.00

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  • Is would for at least A month

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  • I like being A rich girl

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  • Cool

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  • 8:23 did she want to eat the banana

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  • 7:31 abibas omg

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  • 6:49 omg how many camera lenses

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    • ???

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  • Friends and family ar important not rich

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  • what she love that painting that is a banana stuck on tape dump artist!!!!!!!!!!!! loser artist

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  • Everybody. Did. You. Konw. That. Are. Fake 😅

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  • "Rich like Kylie, Rich like Kylie!" Me: *Jenner.*

    • LOL

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    • What’s Jenner or who’s jenner

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    • LOL

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    • Yeh

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  • Broke person is not allowed to have money just like that you have to make money now from someone else and then they turn to gather that is a legal I hate you whoever you are you’re a real broke

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  • Cringe at its finest (or shittiest)

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  • How long did the switch for because in the iphone cat 😺 it looked like they switch for a long time I agree

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  • 1:41 Julie: Math my favorite lesson. Me: Kylie walks in like she just came from a fashion runway, then Julie just opening her book. 😶

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