Ali Gatie - If I Fall In Love [Official Music Video with Lyrics]

25 מאי 2020
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Director: Russell Majik
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Ali Gatie is a singer-songwriter renowned for her hit songs “It’s You,” “What If I Told You That I Love You,” “Moonlight,” “Running On My Mind,” “Used to You,” “If I Fall In Love,” and “Can’t Lie.” He worked with artists like Russ, Alessia Cara, and Tate McRae - amassing billions of global streams and receiving international acclaim.
It feels like magic
It feels like magic
If I....
It feels like magic
If I fall in love
With you
Then it’d be magic
And if you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
Cuz your smile takes me places I’ve never been
It could travel continents
In our love I’m confident

Cuz your eyes make me see things I’ve never seen
Baby it’s just you and me
You’re part of my destiny
Yah when you talk , it’s different
The way you feel , it really makes a difference
So in love and lately I been thinking
Why are you the one that got me tripping
Baby there’s just something about you got me thinking bout you
Every time you’re r gone I wanna be around you
Tell me where you are , I’ll come and grab you
Girl I’ll never leave cuz I can’t leave without you
You my first and last choice ima always choose you
I would rather die before I lose you
Having you around is something I’m used to
If I gotta lose you now then girl I lose too
But I don’t wanna lose you it’s not an option
If you wanna talk let’s get to talking
Everything you want you know I got it
Ima love you till the end I’m never stopping
If I fall in love
With you
It’d be like magic
And if you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
If I fall in love
With you
It’d be like magic
If you gave me a chance
Then I could prove
What I’ve been planning
I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no, no
Girl I can’t lose you no, no
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