Trisha vs Charli & Dixie D'Amelio (Dramageddon 2.0) - Frenemies #10

24 נוב 2020
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  • “This is gonna be a 10 hour episode” Yes🧍‍♀️please

    Mollie LMollie Lשעה לפני
  • Trish called out James Charles way before we found out he is an actual predator

    Jenae SanchezJenae Sanchezשעה לפני
  • Trish should write a book about her life!

    Lesly Sorto-VenturaLesly Sorto-Ventura2 שעות לפני
  • what Trisha should have done instead of using the video of them saying the "n-word" video Trisha should have addressed how they still hang out with lil huddy who is a KNOWN Racist

    x Becca xx Becca x4 שעות לפני
  • Trisha spontaneously ripping grace helbig a new one?!

    K McKissickK McKissick16 שעות לפני

    ElliaEllia18 שעות לפני

    Presley BerryPresley Berry21 שעה לפני
  • can we appreciate how gorgeous trisha looks in this episode tho

    Sashaaa BKSashaaa BK23 שעות לפני
  • 25:17

    Anonymous ThingAnonymous Thingיום לפני

    Julie GasparJulie Gasparיום לפני
  • The truths in this videoooooo

    SeverinsenSeverinsenיום לפני
  • Funny how James Charles mentioned groomer and Trish didn’t and now the shit that’s happening 😳 he knew all along he was guilty

    Leanne NolanLeanne Nolanיום לפני
    • I was about to say the same thing. What a fucking creep.

      bb mcofskybb mcofskyיום לפני
  • vBad Bunny tour 2022

    Stormy KenStormy Kenיום לפני
  • LMAO trisha just called Charlie Dimilio retarded; i'm honestly dying-

  • I fucking love this. And Trisha

    Rhianna JohnstonRhianna Johnston2 ימים לפני
  • kind of bothered that james mentioned “and she voted for trump” as a way to bring up her wrongs. as a liberal, bringing politics and her political lining is pathetic.

    Karissa GuzmanKarissa Guzman2 ימים לפני

    Meghan CrossingMeghan Crossing2 ימים לפני
  • her voice is so disturbing, my ears want to die..

    hari harahari hara2 ימים לפני
  • Omg trisha you're literally glowing you gotta wear yellow more 💛

    KristenKristen2 ימים לפני
  • Instead of those empty influencers writing books about sh**, Trisha should write one. I would definitely read it

    K KK K2 ימים לפני
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    Beatrice JonesBeatrice Jones3 ימים לפני
  • You can say no at any point, even if you said you’re down for anything! You can always change your mind!

    Rhyan SchmidtRhyan Schmidt3 ימים לפני
  • Watching this after James made an apology for sending things to minors is crazy

    Kelsylee RichardKelsylee Richard3 ימים לפני
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    fg rtfg rt3 ימים לפני
  • i love trishas hair in this episode she looks great

    celine hutchinsceline hutchins4 ימים לפני
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    Cris MartinezCris Martinez4 ימים לפני
  • I think its really sweet how Trish always thinks to say "trigger warning" whenever ed jokes are made. Ethan's more free about it but you can tell she's concerned about the potential harm it could do to her fans.

    TaliaTalia5 ימים לפני
  • im just laughing at the cheese stuck to trish's mic

    Katy WooKaty Woo5 ימים לפני
  • The consent thing is very valed, I’ve had something similar happen to me no nothing came of it, and it’s aweful

    twisted rc up north boystwisted rc up north boys5 ימים לפני
  • trish looks so especially pretty here

    SawyerSawyer5 ימים לפני
  • I have learned that trisha is a bully. She blamed H3H3 for bullying young women but she is doing it herself? Saying Charli is boring and can't dance and Tana is dumb. It's okay to bully others but not her.

    x xx x5 ימים לפני
  • Why does that one guy take like 30 minutes to pull up a clip or comment section

    karla hernandezkarla hernandez5 ימים לפני
  • Trisha needs to write a book

    Lourdes MartenzLourdes Martenz5 ימים לפני
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    Alexis MillerAlexis Miller5 ימים לפני
  • start CENSORING

    Bunny RabbitBunny Rabbit5 ימים לפני
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    Damon ChantalDamon Chantal5 ימים לפני
  • Trisha you’re absolutely stunning

    Katrina PartlowKatrina Partlow5 ימים לפני
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    Chris CrapoChris Crapo5 ימים לפני
  • Trisha is the kind of person that try to make someone angry and waits for their reaction, if they were mean she cancels them, if they weren't, she apologizes.

    Hala MalikHala Malik5 ימים לפני
  • I’m cryinggggg at the James impersonations lmfaoooo

    ASMARAASMARA6 ימים לפני
  • Ok but trishas hair is soo pretty

    LilithLilith6 ימים לפני
  • Dixie and chalri amy have adhd and Dixie gets awkward easily she is also a very picky eater

    Agahahshs AgahshshssAgahahshs Agahshshss6 ימים לפני
  • I'm finishing this at school

    Laila MartinezLaila Martinez6 ימים לפני
  • North Kong lmao you never know with Trisha

    Yob EkorbYob Ekorb6 ימים לפני
  • Charlie is vapid and talentless

    Gabe BellGabe Bell6 ימים לפני
  • Whoa whoa whoa I just watched the podcast before this one and Trisha was still with the brother inlaw, but in this episode Trisha just called herself a single 30 year old women?? What happened? Can someone please tell me omg I only just started watching these podcasts in order from the start

    BunEeveeBunEevee6 ימים לפני
    • nowadays they are engaged but im not sure what the reason was but they were on a little break

      Isabella BurseyIsabella Bursey6 ימים לפני
  • it’s weird hearing people use the “oh but they’re/ i was __ age” bc they’ll say ages that i’d currently be in (if that makes sense) and like,, i know not to say/do stuff like that,,, i’ve known not to say/do stuff like that since i was a kid,,,,, idk i just feel like it’s kinda dumb to use age to excuse shitty behavior

    miumiu :Dmiumiu :D6 ימים לפני
  • 1:08:09 She had a point, they’ll eventually have a downfall. And that happened rn with the vlogsquad

    Janaelforever101 :DJanaelforever101 :D6 ימים לפני
  • I mean though Trish responded to the wrong video of them saying the n word, they still have definitely said it and gotten called out for it before

    creative ameenacreative ameena6 ימים לפני
  • When the groomer comment from James came out of nowhere, lmao. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

    Chloe HansenChloe Hansen7 ימים לפני
  • The viet cong was the south 😬

    Linh HuynhLinh Huynh7 ימים לפני
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    Back DoorBack Door7 ימים לפני
  • watching this on April 6, 2021 is such a trip lmao

    DiandraYEAHDiandraYEAH7 ימים לפני
  • lol james calling himself a groomer... foreshadowing

    Katie TetreaultKatie Tetreault8 ימים לפני
  • Trish you look fabulous in this vid ! I love your hair and our tan is on point gorggggg ❤️❤️

    Danielle LynneDanielle Lynne8 ימים לפני
  • the vietcon is the most dad metaphor. Good, but very dad. Ethan is truly a real dad

    y ygy yg8 ימים לפני
  • ethan screaming “hi sisters” has me yelling

    myonna readsmyonna reads8 ימים לפני
  • Whats the point in trying to justify cancelling a teenage girl for being grossed out by a snail? It just makes you sound like you're mad for something else

    y ygy yg8 ימים לפני
  • Honestly… _get her jade_

    Angel ColonAngel Colon8 ימים לפני
  • Talking about Dixies stomach issues/making fun of Bulimia and calling it bad parenting is kinda distasteful coming from someone who suffers with an ED, there are actual sensitive stomachs to where they can throw up at the thought of food. That was uncalled for regardless of what Dixie has done. Don’t throw around eating disorders to people you cannot confirm are, you damage people that way, and a lot of us already struggle with “not looking sick enough” so laughing and saying “thats the first thing that comes to mind when you throw up a lot/everyday” and yeah i will be triggered because ive been battling with Anorexia for 9 years now, ive been in recovery for 2, my stomach literally makes myself throw up 3x a week because of bile and other shit, and hearing her just say she has a weakened stomach and you guys automatically jump to an eating disorder, and then say bad parenting. As if eating disorders arent fucking mental illnesses and addictions within itself

    Abbi StarkweatherAbbi Starkweather8 ימים לפני
  • trisha looks like a hippie queen this episode man she always serves but this time she double served

    Alpha47Alpha478 ימים לפני
  • This is the biggest “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” mood and I love it.

    96NekoChan96NekoChan8 ימים לפני
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    Nguyen Kim PhuongNguyen Kim Phuong8 ימים לפני
  • “i was accused of being a child groomer” omfg didn’t age well, james 😶

    asel -asel -9 ימים לפני
  • Trish!! Get off this show !!! He secretly hates you! He goes against everything you say to make you look stupid and you don’t even realize it. Then he makes you speak on your past to make you look worse. He’s evil and you should seriously get the heck away from him. He knows what triggers you and sits there to make you look like a fool while you try to prove your point!

    J chalice3J chalice39 ימים לפני
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    Back DoorBack Door9 ימים לפני
  • trisha was like a prophet with that rant near the end lmao

    Vasquez PosadasVasquez Posadas9 ימים לפני
  • pls watching this now is so funny is because James is actually a groomer and the kids were 16 🤢

    shroomfuqshroomfuq9 ימים לפני
  • can we all agree on how beautiful trisha looks here omg her hair w her glasses n top looks amazing on her!

    shelby mshelby m9 ימים לפני
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    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley10 ימים לפני
  • I am so sorry I’m making all these comments but she said that she felt weird about being there with Jojo and she said that now unless she said something in the past but if you didn’t isn’t that just damage control like you said you’re saying old people are just saying these things because you know damage control but literally that’s what you just did oh I felt weird being there without her parents I’m very confuse unless you know people can vouch for you unless you said that to Jojo or whatever I’m not gonna put it past you and say you know I think she’s most likely lying Because I don’t know I wasn’t there but what you just did was damage control unless you can prove it and if you have then that’s my bad

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
    • And in all honesty I wouldn’t even say damage control more like hypocritical it’s weird I replace my damage control with hypocritical

      Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being friends with someone that is younger than you only time it would be wrong is if you’re trying to gain something from it if it’s nasty or you’re just not a real friend it’s like saying it’s weird for Colleen To be friends with JoJo JoJo is younger than Colleen And I’m pretty sure she’s an actual friend to JoJo just because you had bad experiences with older people that doesn’t mean everyone is like that it’s not weird at all unless you’re doing weird things but I don’t think no one is doing weird things to these younger individuals unless you bring up you know Dom and David But I don’t think they were friends with those girls

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
  • I’m not really fond of Trisha but I actually really like Ethan even though he is against David which is absolutely OK because you know society has a right to be against him so that’s completely fine I am against his actions but you know I actually really like Ethan Because you know like the video that they made reacting to his apology he was pointing out you know he made some good points or he said a good thing here and I appreciate anyone that can see that even though I know that doesn’t change How he feels about him compared to Trisha she didn’t she was just agreeing and didn’t want to agree that you could see it in the video it was hard for her to agree that he was making some good points in his apology I’m talking about the second one

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
  • And then she’s claiming that she doesn’t care but you go back-and-forth with these people on the Internet not just Charlie or Dixie yeah you make videos if you didn’t care you would not be going back-and-forth with someone that is Younger than you if you’re right or wrong Images younger than you just anyone regardless I hate when people throw that word I don’t care around but they go back in for a fight with people that does not make sense

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
    • @Sally Sue yeah I agree this whole situation is not a big deal at all I am at first was like you know I really don’t care about the D’Amelio‘s and in all honesty I still kind of don’t with the amount of heat that they were getting because of the situation was stupid and she made it so big and she’s talking about OK why come after me she is literally the only famous person or a well-known person that is talking about the situation everyone is going to pay attention to you especially when you got 10 million views on that video yes they’re probably going to come across it so she made it bigger than it was

      Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
    • The whole thing gives me a headache.I agree Trisha is older than Charlie or Dixie and should not have taken this far. W/ peace and love

      Sally SueSally Sue10 ימים לפני
  • She she knows she’s not exactly a good person at least she owns it and because in no way shape or form is she the type of person she called out somebody over some stupid stuff like this yeah I need to realize just because you call somebody out on the things that doesn’t mean that that person that is doing the calling out is a good person they’re just doing some thing that not a lot of people would do

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
  • Why wouldn’t you take someone killing yourself seriously this even know if it’s from a nine-year-old it could be from a grown man or a grown woman these are something that celebrities should not ever take lightly because you don’t know who’s watching you who has a weird obsession over you so that you shouldn’t take so lightly because i’m pretty sure it scares people that are in the spotlight and it should because like I said you don’t know who’s watching you who’s following you and who’s probably have a deep hatred for you and say something like that happen with Ariana Grande

    Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
    • I meant to say why wouldn’t you take someone saying killing yourself seriously

      Dylane HarrisDylane Harris10 ימים לפני
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    catalina reedcatalina reed10 ימים לפני
  • I feel like Trisha is growing seeing this side of her makes me want to try to not be impulsive and act out of anger. Kuddos to her !

    Hay LopezHay Lopez10 ימים לפני
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    devilsautopsydevilsautopsy10 ימים לפני
  • I still see the cheese on Trisha’s mic from last episode

    Janice OrtizJanice Ortiz10 ימים לפני
  • Trisha made such a good point. People always bring up her age as if that isn’t a sign of prosperity. She has been killing ILworld for a decade and is still relevant. Still rich. Still getting views and sponsorships and opportunities. Most of these kids will never make keep it up the way she has period.

    Tay CharleseTay Charlese10 ימים לפני
  • love u but larri queen

    Hahna VaigaluHahna Vaigalu10 ימים לפני
  • why did u come for larri

    Hahna VaigaluHahna Vaigalu10 ימים לפני
    • cause he’s problematic

      mburstmburst9 ימים לפני
  • Damn it Trish I wanted to know more about what you knew about Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta. Ethan interrupted before she can spill the tea. 🤨

    TJ MalanaTJ Malana10 ימים לפני
  • trisha always looks beautiful but she looks stunning this episode

    DestinyDestiny10 ימים לפני
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    Georgianne ChimesGeorgianne Chimes11 ימים לפני
  • Wait why does she say she's single? Moses....

    Reyanne CadimaReyanne Cadima11 ימים לפני
  • Trisha would make a great host on a talk show. Put her on the veiw

    Nikki DNikki D11 ימים לפני
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    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley11 ימים לפני
  • Trisha write a book about ur life PLEASEEEEEE

    kiley tkiley t11 ימים לפני
  • 35:00

    NathanNathan11 ימים לפני
  • Trisha looks so good in this video

    harpaharpa11 ימים לפני
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    John M. TiuJohn M. Tiu12 ימים לפני
  • I love how Trisha went off on those old creators that used to be shitty to her that are irrelevant now when she still is lmao

    iwilituiwilitu12 ימים לפני
  • Omg Trish, those glasses are on fire!!! hair, makeup everything it's so on point

    Mada AndriescuMada Andriescu12 ימים לפני
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    Latesha PresleyLatesha Presley12 ימים לפני
  • *”No I wasn’t apologizing, I was sending my condolences.”*

    lysxd :plysxd :p12 ימים לפני
  • Wtf, did they ever respond to the comments on the previous episode?? I want to see them apologize to Trisha for trying to invalidate her feelings and defend Moses’s gross behavior.

    Irish LassIrish Lass12 ימים לפני