will pistols work if stuck in concrete?

24 דצמ 2020
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  • 50 bmg

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  • Jack hammer

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  • Sledge hammer

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  • Camerman sounds wierd. Like migrant who just debark from the ship and jump directly in to american dream.

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  • Your grandpa is genius 😑

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  • Take them out with 50 bmg

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  • Sludge and wedge will make things easy

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  • hard to watch

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  • Demolitions ranches favorite gun😂😂😂

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  • не тот цемент используют!

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  • Can we stop for a second and show some love to revolvers, for how amazingly reliable they are, and how easy they are to use and handle?

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  • What country is this? Must have gun rights?

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  • Id really like one edwin. I'll pay shipping. 8 inches...ha...haha...ahh...

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  • He should of put tape on the tip of the barrel hole so concrete wouldn’t block the barrel

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  • 🤚🙂🙂

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  • Ods did it first

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  • How to get it out? Give it to the Hydraulic Press Channel: Nothing left in one piece if they are finished to play with it.

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  • My wife said this is why women live longer🤣 lol

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    • Lol 😂 we just be curious

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  • yous a sledgehammer

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  • It’s not going to work with the semi auto is because you’re blocking the blow back necessary for chambering the round therefore the gun will not cycle or fire successfully

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  • Have a CVS 50 cal barrel little machining should work! 20 inch long! Its a recall barrel!

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  • I got it just shoot all the other concrete tubs with the 500 Magnum to get them out problem solved

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  • Shoot the concrete with a 50 bmg

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  • How to remove the rest of the guns. Shoot with 500 magnum.

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  • 😭😭😭

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  • Lmao , " i ddn't put my ears on "

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  • Cheap homemade Oil Filter

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  • They speak better English than me

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  • Revolver is the only ones that will fire because the slides on the others are jammed by the concrete. Revolver turns instead of sliding.

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  • A pickaxe and a sledgehammer

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  • 1:00 - 1:10 Insider😂

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  • The falling part was a straight cap 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

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  • That was really interesting, shoot from magnum second time was great idea

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  • Try a Ak 47 7.62 Get Your Hand’s A Elephant rifle And Any 50 Caliber rifle

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  • So no one is talking about this semi indestructible bullet proof concrete

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  • Pode jogar as armas foras espandiram o cano !!!

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  • 7:10 smith and wesson give me free shit cause I broke the last....

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  • Damn I cant believe those guns even fired. That 500 ain't no joke lol

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  • Use a water jet to cut them out. Im curious to what happend inside.

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  • Fathers are important too

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  • That looks like cement not concrete

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  • stop screaming and stop putting guns into concrete for clicks...

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  • President Edwin revolvers can fired 500 magnum is king king 🤴 that game revolver working fire @

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  • This was a brilliant & funny test video, you guys are like a comedy duo, keep it up!

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  • 500 mag one playing

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  • Way the go guys

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  • can ya stick the barrel of a sniper rifle in there and see what happens?

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  • 0:17 - 0:30 is that your headcanon, Eddy?

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  • try the 50bmg

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  • Flea market Smith and Wesson knife 💪💯

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  • Electric jack hammer 1 in wide bit

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  • This video looked unsafe but very entertaining lol

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  • Мужик,ты неумный

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  • And a bullet comes out the back of the gun and your srewed

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  • You need help.....with your HEAD! LOL

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  • Ever see the guy blow up his pistol in the bathtub?

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  • Hammer the guns out

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  • drill multiple holes in the concrete, stopping when you get right up close to the barrels. try and whittle down the concrete until all that's left is an enlarged concrete suppressor, and then you could use a hammer and chisel to remove the sabot-like structure. That's all I got lol

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  • Edwin: *Unintentionally makes a suppressor out of buckets of concrete* Edwin's doggo: "Edwin, no. Stahp, pls. Edwin, wut r u doin'? Am gon to die :("

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  • WOW MADE MY F(*&(*& DAY!!!

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  • Unlike the many element-based torture test, there is absolutely nothing to be learned from this.

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  • Don't use a jack hammer, shot it with a .50 cal

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  • I am a indian .. when he said madar i was laughing so much only indians will understand 😅😅

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    • @Rotiya Gaming but if i wonna say it to the ones who know hindi i can say .. and also .. i even don't know its meaning in english 😅

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    • @NK Fun Hub Yeh but if you really wanna say it you gonna have to type the meaning of that word in English...and that my friend will not be allowed to type

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    • @Rotiya Gaming its actually not a English word its a hindi word.. and i think even youtube don't know it 😅😅

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    • @NK Fun Hub oh i see...youtube wont allow those words to be typed..

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    • @Rotiya Gaming in india its a cuss word

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  • Shoot the concret with the 50 bmg

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  • "you have a knife on you" "Always"🤔

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  • FOR THE SCIENCE! P.S. You can always shoot that concrete with some AP 308 rounds and save yourself a day of hammering. Guns in there an efed up anyway so no harm is done. Idea for next video.

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  • Shotguns next

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  • حهترهحترترهححتهرحرته

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  • Why is this a thing?

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  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 brasil

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  • The bullet don’t go

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  • Power outage

  • Take a hammer and destroy the concrit

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  • Just just fayde 500 Magnum and it will be in pieces

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  • Lying 🤔🤔🤔

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  • Dios nose ni una mierda de ingles pero me gustan ver tu videos

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  • Damn Edwin talks with a accent when he wants to and regular most of the timea lmao

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  • #1 reason why guns explode is a squib round

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  • Its called.a squib load

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  • If i were his grandpa he would owe me ne guns.

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  • Cool

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  • Lol 😂😂😂 all the guns fell in u funny!!

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  • Plot twist: matt actually owns a part of hi point 😅😅😅🤣😭👍😝

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  • Now imagine that with an 50 cal or 20mm

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  • use a Chisel with an 6-or-8kg hammer just put the pressure on right place with chisel and it will break in two. i love this video

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  • Love from India

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  • Y’all just got loaded guns laying around in positions that could fall/move by themselves

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  • Nice hi point joke 😂 you do talk to much

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  • Well... that's certainly ONE WAY to save on the cost of ammo. 👀

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  • Hand Grenades will get them out.

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  • Jackhammer

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  • Use a four pound hammer and chisel

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  • bro can u take super slow motion video to see bullet reaction next time

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  • Pickaxe

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  • Just a nice thing to do you must try and shoot the guns you by using more guns

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    • Try and shoot the guns out whit a bigger an stronger gun

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  • Military already tried this, apparently thick concrete can stop bullets AND artillery

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  • I think Smith and Wesson has put the strongest stainless steel in the world in there 50 calibers

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  • real men DO NOT CARRY KNIVES !!!!!!!!

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  • Shoot the concrete open with a 50. Cal

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  • First ever video I've watched by you, subscribed instantly

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