Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

22 אוק 2020
8 877 894 צפיות

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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  • Trump won. No doubt.

    DaVinciDaVinci8 דקות לפני
  • Omg again a big man no not a big man he is a big lier lol

    Jason,Jennifer PhillipsJason,Jennifer Phillips8 דקות לפני
  • 4 more years.

  • Fake and sleepy Biden has no chance.

    kurdi98kkurdi98k8 דקות לפני
  • Bro lmaooooo I thought he said "good " to the fact that they lost their parents 1:28:34

    KILO LINKKILO LINK8 דקות לפני
  • Biden: Americans don't panic. Toilet Paper:

    Michael SvensonMichael Svenson9 דקות לפני
  • I think we can all agree that these guys did a much better job than the first one

    Iva&Nicole ExploreIva&Nicole Explore9 דקות לפני
  • She asked Trump what would he do to stop foreigners from interfering with our election and all he could do is speak about Bidens sins instead of what he would do to secure our election. Point the finger, point the finger, point the finger instead of answering the damn question...

    Eunice MobleyEunice Mobley9 דקות לפני
  • Moderator: Whats your plan for the virus? Biden: I will make sure I have a plan.

    Michael SvensonMichael Svenson9 דקות לפני
  • MAGA2020

    concerned citizenconcerned citizen9 דקות לפני
  • Lets all vote for Mr Trump, he knows what he’s doing. Also, let’s all keep on praying for him. Blessings.

    Ricardo TrujilloRicardo Trujillo9 דקות לפני
  • Just realised this isn't SNL...

    III III iii iiiIII III iii iii9 דקות לפני
  • If you are voting for trump, you are intentionally trying to burn down America, which is very unamerican of you. And you are an idiot.

    Qias OmarQias Omar10 דקות לפני
  • A vote for Trump is a vote for America and the American way. A vote for Biden will be our fall. I love this country and I pray we get it right

    ddgmfddgmf10 דקות לפני
  • I actually do not care for the vote and i am not american but i have to say as good as she handled it, she felt way to "pro biden" for me.

    AnTrAxX SlingshotsAnTrAxX Slingshots10 דקות לפני
  • Have they ever stayed in topic? Good grief! God bless America! 🙏

    Ana AvitiaAna Avitia10 דקות לפני
  • By the way raising minimum-wage kills small businesses and makes all the prices go up and the value of the US dollar down...

    SpenceSpence10 דקות לפני
  • 37:56 IM DEAD

    NithuNithu11 דקות לפני
  • I hope with a Biden administration we can give the trump supporters and on 'the fence voters' the proper mental health care they so desperately need and maybe a daycare afterwards so we have someone who actually gets paid to baby them

    brendon stephenbrendon stephen11 דקות לפני
  • Funny how the Dems want to avoid how quick Trump was healed from COVID 😯 NO ONE IS SICK. WAKE UP!!!

    Larry UnderwoodLarry Underwood12 דקות לפני
  • Biden gets so much time to respond. But trump is always interrupted when he is responding.

    Alireza ZamaniAlireza Zamani12 דקות לפני
  • كلهم متشابهون

    YaSsiNe WiSs OfficielYaSsiNe WiSs Officiel13 דקות לפני
  • Joy is a brilliant quiet gentleman and I hope he will win this election inshallah. Greating from somalia

    Sadiiq YareSadiiq Yare13 דקות לפני
  • 57:28 I feel bad for sniffing joe. And miserable old man. We can see in his face that he's suffering

    Dreamcast3wDreamcast3w13 דקות לפני
  • "Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, POSSIBLE exception of Abraham Lincoln." -Donald Trump How? HOW is he even there right now ? - A very confused Canadian

    M CDM CD13 דקות לפני
    • Because trump is awesome.

      LordAngie007LordAngie0079 דקות לפני
  • Based on my understanding Trump's care more about Economy and Joe Cares more about People

    RetardedChuckRetardedChuck13 דקות לפני
  • Judging by the comments, looks like half of you don’t know how to listen.

    TeddyLovingBearTeddyLovingBear13 דקות לפני
  • Trump 2020

    Dan The ManDan The Man13 דקות לפני
  • Trump 2020

    Nicholas ButlerNicholas Butler13 דקות לפני
  • "dA keTcH n' ReLEeSh"

    Call Me CancelledCall Me Cancelled13 דקות לפני
  • Im literally watching this at the gym 39:00

    DizzybossbDizzybossb13 דקות לפני
  • Trump: Biden: *CoME oN mAn* o_O

    DHL maoDHL mao13 דקות לפני
  • jojo stop trump 2020

    sam antonsam anton14 דקות לפני
  • #AsiansForTRUMP

    YeahwhateveridcYeahwhateveridc14 דקות לפני
  • The “big guy” opens his mouth and I have to turn it off. Wouldn’t want to be him on judgment day!

    Sheila Lewis-LorumSheila Lewis-Lorum14 דקות לפני

    Tenacious BunsTenacious Buns14 דקות לפני
  • This was a very good argument even tho some of it didn't make any sense to the actual question but I enjoyed

    KILO LINKKILO LINK15 דקות לפני
  • Biden says he is going to eliminate Oil and Coal industry by transitioning to Wind and Solar. Wind IS A Big Polluter and Solar barely is working. Natural Gas is Extremely Clean but Biden wants to do away with it as Well as ALL Fossil Fuels for something that Pollutes and Something that does not work anywhere near well enough to supply our Energy Needs. What are the People In The Northern States going to do when their Children Are Freezing or Southerners when their Children are Frying under the Summer Sun? What is America going to do under Biden? But Oh Yeah President Trump takes everything out of Context. Biden Twists everything around to Make his Democratic Supporters Richer. Terrible Policies for America is the Future Biden supports.

    Alvin GlennAlvin Glenn15 דקות לפני
  • Vote!!

    George BlackwellGeorge Blackwell15 דקות לפני
    • YES

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez14 דקות לפני
  • biden dumb ass say wear mask all the time while holding a mask but he ain't wearing! so you ain't black if you don't wear one? 😜

    N00 ENTERTM.N00 ENTERTM.15 דקות לפני
    • Have you hear of grammar?

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez14 דקות לפני
  • Frank "the wank" Fahrenkopf and his rulez committee need to put on a muzzle mask on STAT. Not for the breath so much as the gross totalitarian messages. ...And breath Gross on all levels.

    Chris Rad StorgoffChris Rad Storgoff15 דקות לפני
  • Nobody: Trump:👐🤲👉👐 54:49

    Jordan MillerJordan Miller15 דקות לפני
  • Biden:don’t panic Gun stores: we sold everything

    Samuel SalinasSamuel Salinas15 דקות לפני
  • Go trump : We love u ! 🇺🇸

    Christian HopeChristian Hope15 דקות לפני
  • Lol omg people need to grow up and except the life you made and stop teaching your kids to fear the officer that are there to help and when you teach your kids that it that you are ashamed by your own individuals skin

    Jason,Jennifer PhillipsJason,Jennifer Phillips15 דקות לפני

    SiimplyBuiildsSiimplyBuiilds15 דקות לפני
    • You see it all over chumps face when Biden shits on him with facts and calls out his failures as a president and a man. The Fuck u watching boy?

      Louie CarrilloLouie Carrillo10 דקות לפני
  • They should have fact checkers and a pop-up should appear when the facts are incorrect.

    Rikie DRikie D16 דקות לפני
    • That would be hilarious 😂

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez15 דקות לפני
  • so trump already recovered from corona? wtf

    stay truestay true16 דקות לפני
  • skin colour doesnt matter, if you are hodded walking around the streets at night you will be seen as suspicious.

    GenMarsGenMars16 דקות לפני
    • @stay true 01:29:40

      GenMarsGenMars13 דקות לפני
    • timestamp?

      stay truestay true15 דקות לפני
  • I won’t vote for a guy who doesn’t wanna give people vaccines until 2022 and supports abortion and more, TRUMP 2020!

    JamesJames16 דקות לפני
    • I’m undecided now, because here I thought I remembered Trump saying the vaccine was coming November 1st. Now he said he can’t say for sure. So when is the vaccine coming?

      Lost ZLost Z10 דקות לפני
  • Biden gonna ruin this country if hes elected

    Zach LawZach Law16 דקות לפני
  • Loaded question. The coronavirus is fake

    Nick TNick T16 דקות לפני
  • Impeached Hair Drumphenfüher lies, lies about lying. Chumps strategy is clear: rapid fire lies that Biden spends most of his time defending. The only people who still support Mango Mussolini are rich, racist, and /or stupid. Bty Baby Hands, your crimes from the Muller Report are waiting for you. The second you're not able to hide in the White House.

    Jared CoombsJared Coombs16 דקות לפני
    • Trump had Biden stuttering like a kid whose out of touch with reality . He owned his ass

      Larry UnderwoodLarry Underwood15 דקות לפני
  • OMG I can't believe what a liar Biden is. Outrageous. And he has to stop his snickering and laughing.

    katgirlbluekatgirlblue16 דקות לפני
    • It’s absolutely disgusting

      Lady LoveLady Love12 דקות לפני
  • This moderator good unlike the last one dude. This women give them chances to reply to each other and neither one yelled over each other nor did she join in at attacking a candidate.

    John DountsJohn Dounts16 דקות לפני
  • I agree with a few aspects of the Trump healthcare plan and a few aspects of the Biden care if they could be more diplomatic in their efforts we would all benefit from factors both if there were a way we could go about this without eliminating jobs or possibly turning major corporate insurance against the United States government indirect competition drainingour healthcare system security which I will admit at the current state is in absolute shambles forward-thinking could be applied to benefit America and if other countries took example possibly other parts of the world.

    Tony CrewsTony Crews16 דקות לפני
  • They are interfering with American sovereignty without giving joe a kickback?

    Thuoc KuzmicThuoc Kuzmic16 דקות לפני
  • Claim your “here before 10 million views” ticket here 🎫

    Toby OkaforToby Okafor16 דקות לפני
  • At least this debate was watchable unlike the last one.

    Shady YamShady Yam17 דקות לפני
  • Trump won

    ShadowHumorShadowHumor17 דקות לפני
  • I love trump want him to win

    Shivam BhardwajShivam Bhardwaj17 דקות לפני
  • Trump this, Biden that Can't I just drink water in peace without having a stroke?

    Francisco BetancourtFrancisco Betancourt17 דקות לפני
  • This debate really opened my eye's about Joe Biden, people pretrayed him as a decrepit old man that has cognative issues, but he can make solid points without much trouble & was very repectful, I have respect for Joe Biden.

    JJ_ AliJJ_ Ali18 דקות לפני
  • Trump had Biden stuttering like a little kid

    Larry UnderwoodLarry Underwood18 דקות לפני
  • Trump is smart and good...Christie Welker u are the best dear...we need u ever....Trump I will vote for u...U are straightforward

  • There was a reason why they were in prison though.... 38,000 people werent all falsely sentenced

    Laneya MillerLaneya Miller18 דקות לפני
  • Is this comment just a bunch of trumps supporters? 🙄

    YoinkzenYoinkzen18 דקות לפני
  • Much better moderator this debate.

    chembradchembrad19 דקות לפני
  • round 2 oldtimer race. 😕

    N00 ENTERTM.N00 ENTERTM.19 דקות לפני
  • C

    Jopee RejanoJopee Rejano19 דקות לפני
  • I don't trust any government lol

    Jason,Jennifer PhillipsJason,Jennifer Phillips19 דקות לפני
  • Sis highlight was on point

    Millie MagicMillie Magic19 דקות לפני
    • Millie Magic FOH

      Larry UnderwoodLarry Underwood14 דקות לפני
  • Me waiting for part 3

    KILO LINKKILO LINK19 דקות לפני
  • Lol CIA is again government lol who do you believe lol

    Jason,Jennifer PhillipsJason,Jennifer Phillips19 דקות לפני
  • Litteraly made me cum

    Helen KellerHelen Keller19 דקות לפני
    • Same

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez18 דקות לפני
  • Viewers: did Trump just washed the floor with Biden? Sir Dyson: no that's my vacuum cleaner

    Freeman GentlefuckFreeman Gentlefuck20 דקות לפני
  • Vote Trump, Biden will get dementia by year 2 if he becomes President

    DasanDasan20 דקות לפני
  • Lol who is telling the truth lol its so Trump and I don't even really lime him lol

    Jason,Jennifer PhillipsJason,Jennifer Phillips20 דקות לפני
    • Gullible and naive. Sad bro

      Louie CarrilloLouie Carrillo12 דקות לפני
  • Man they say Biden has dementia. He speaks better than all the trailer park trump people put together. Trump just rambles on non sense. Never answers the question. Trump is ridiculous.

    Louie CarrilloLouie Carrillo20 דקות לפני
  • Everyone drinking the Cope Juice after seeing all the Trump supporters drowning in it.

    DesiredHeadshotDesiredHeadshot20 דקות לפני
  • trump 2020

    Keza SalmansKeza Salmans20 דקות לפני
  • All I see are two senile white people arguing without having America in their mind!! I don't hate anyone, but I don't like Trump at all, but Biden is also not high on my likeability list either!!! Good luck America!!!

    K PK P20 דקות לפני
  • Who ever reads this please know: You have so much potential inside you. You are beautiful and strong. Have a wonderful day ❤️. Much love!🙏🏽

    Ryan FilaRyan Fila21 דקה לפני
  • Fan fact: The person that was actually first never commented

    Subscribe for Good LuckSubscribe for Good Luck21 דקה לפני
  • For everyone who is watching this. I pray for you God bless you and have a great day. Stay safe

    Subscribe for Good LuckSubscribe for Good Luck21 דקה לפני
    • Thank you ❤️

      Mandy GMandy G16 דקות לפני
  • Me in the beginning of the 2020: This is my year" 2020: "Yeah This is your year" 👼

    Subscribe for Good LuckSubscribe for Good Luck21 דקה לפני
  • verbal diarrhea at 44:28

    dead channeldead channel22 דקות לפני
    • Ah yes diahhrea I eat

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez20 דקות לפני
    • question starts at 44:10

      dead channeldead channel20 דקות לפני

    Joshwa ChartrandJoshwa Chartrand22 דקות לפני
  • America: Presidential Election Time!! Voting is the most important thing!! Also America:

    Dubble KoiDubble Koi22 דקות לפני
    • You rickrolled me good job

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez19 דקות לפני
  • trump trump 2020

    youzar seefyouzar seef22 דקות לפני
    • My butthole is bleedin

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez22 דקות לפני
  • Cmon

    Adam BmZAdam BmZ23 דקות לפני
  • This was a much better debate then the other one. This moderator was much more decent than the other ones. Go Trump 202

    David WaggonerDavid Waggoner23 דקות לפני
    • Yes I agree about the moderator

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez21 דקה לפני
  • Trump Flawless Victory

    T MT M23 דקות לפני
  • The Wario Apparition dreams edition.

    kazedmonkskazedmonks23 דקות לפני
  • The poor boys 😂😏😏😂😂😂

    Pop MurPop Mur23 דקות לפני
  • These guys didn't even shake hands...?? That's not very presidential...!!!🙄

    MaxxYieldMaxxYield23 דקות לפני
  • Joe Come On Biden

    MZMZ24 דקות לפני
  • I just want covid to be over.

    ATG GamingATG Gaming24 דקות לפני
    • 100%

      Maria NevelshteinMaria Nevelshtein10 דקות לפני
    • Everyone does

      Ling LingLing Ling22 דקות לפני
    • Same

      Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez23 דקות לפני
  • IS there a mute button in Among us?

    4Jon4Jon24 דקות לפני
  • Here's your bullet proof vest. We're going in the comments.

    OculiOculi24 דקות לפני