Ariana Grande - main thing (official audio)

18 פבר 2021
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"main thing” from Positions (Deluxe). Listen & download here:
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Video Created By: Katia Temkin

Official “main thing” Lyrics:
You on your way it’s a Friday night, hear the rain outside yeah
Its rose on ice, candlelight and I’m feeling nice
Anything you like boy you know it’s on me
Been a minute since I tasted something so sweet
Always pull up when I call you, call you
Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
Oh baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
It’s time to go take it nice and slow, tip toe to the bedroom
Lookin at me like when it’s cold you gon keep me warm
All I wanna do is spend my time with you
Even when the learnings done and nothings new
Always pull up when I call you, call you
Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
Oh baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
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  • Wish this was longer man

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  • Just beautiful good blessed her and is for being able to hear it

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  • I covered this song! ♥️

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  • São muito a sua

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  • I'm sorry, this is amazing as everything you do, but you did in the past some songs so damn good, that makes this sound like an elevator song. Bring something like "One last time" back

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  • can we just appreciate the fact that ariana gave us a whole album, now a deluxe version with new songs to add, three amazing and original music videos, filming videos of the positions outro and a NEW SONG with demi?

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  • hi🥺! I'm looking for internet friends, which fill the descriptions: •zodiac sign: cancer •arianator •soft girl •has Whatsapp/Signal/Instagram/Snapchat to communicate •is 13 y/o please interact with this comment if you consider this description is suitable for yourself! 🥺🍦

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    • I’m all those but don’t have snap or anything to communicate 🥺

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  • Just to remind you, this is the same person who was in Sam and Cat

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  • So beautiful!

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  • I really like ariana

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  • this is honestly what we all needed.

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  • Her voice sounds like an angel

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  • She really is a great woman with a lots of love

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  • this is so calm and cool

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  • ME ENCANTA ÉSTA CANCIÓN. 10000000000/10

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  • Ariana is kinda lookin like kylie jenner?

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  • My fave song

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  • elegantly twerks

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  • best song off the album by far!

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  • Omg she never said “yuh” in this

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  • ladies and gentlemen, a self written song by the queen

  • This song is great for just chilling

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  • This song is too short bruh

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  • بموت صوتك 💔💔

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  • CONGRATS ON BEING IN THE VOICE ive been a fan of you for years and always loved your music and great acting keep on rocking Ari

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  • 1:26 this is so beautiful

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  • The rain in the start is my favorite I’m just so shook with this album haha

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  • Cardi B is watching this video 🥺

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  • P : Problem O : Only 1 S : Sweetener I : Imagine T : Touch it I : Into you O : One last time N : NASA S : Successful ✨🤍✨🤍✨🤍✨🤍✨

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  • Yours truly : young ari My everything: girly ari Dangerous woman: naughty ari Sweetener: healing ari Thank u, next: honest ari Positions: ari in love

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  • If I had Ariana’s voice, I’d most likely never shut up and sing everything.

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  • if i was kid today, i'd say "when i'll grow up, i'll be ariana" 🤍

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  • one of the bests from positions tbh

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  • I want to know if some people here with Apple music have a problem when trying to play this song. Says. Error code: 8612. Some please tell me 😖😖

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  • This song makes me relax and remmber good times...

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  • get off the throne Queen Liz, there's a new Queen in town

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