MrBeast Challenged Me To Survive With Only THIS For 24 Hours

6 ינו 2021
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So last week I arrived at MrBeast's home town. I had the opportunity to meet him but we only had a few hours together. Literally the same day I met him (in last week's video) we also filmed this 24 hours overnight in the forest challenge.. mind you this was also just two days after I had spent the month biking across the country hahahah. So, I was sore... lol.
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  • Blown away with the support from all of you! This video was literally filmed minutes after meeting Jimmy in my last video (after biking 3k miles across the country😂) my body was so sore and it had rained for literally the last two days prior to this so the timing was terrible but we made due 😂. Love you guys. Next video is going to be INSANE!

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    • VIDEO IDEA: climb the world tallest staircase!!!

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    • You should eat a bunch of beast burgers with Mr.Beast

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    • Can I do a 24 hour challenge at a abandon warehouse supplise 2 bottles of water Wendy's fries and a burger a blanket and a pillow plssssssa

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    • mk

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    • Among us real life out side imposters use painball gun no pain no gain .....

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  • man it's sad he hasn't reach 1 mill like we see the effort he puts and fun he throwing him self out there when not as much content creators will do what he will do

  • Mrbeast, he's gonna die Tucker 3 minutes later, I'm still alive

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  • The clear beef intriguinly branch because australia systematically expect at a unadvised event. threatening, obsolete sound

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  • Plot twist: it's actually not, its the penny from last week

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  • 8:16 why is he whispering😂

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  • You could've just made a basha

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  • I like how mrbeast doesn’t spend like millions of dollars on a house but instead spends it for other people

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  • The fact that he has better signal reception in the woods than mine.

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    • Only two things than why is ur backpack full

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  • Wow pretty incredible you got 1m1 million views in a week

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  • Whatttt

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  • Mr beast smiling is the best

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  • you should have the mrbeast crew control your life for 24 hours

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  • Tucker. You should do a video staying at one hotel in every state. This would make me so happy if you did it. And if you do do it. Have fun

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  • Being an actual bushcrafter, here is my critique (no hate): 1. You bult a ''shelter'' in about 4 hours, yet it was only the framework, it doesn't really do much. You should have taken the leaves, stuffed them inside, put the blanket on the leaves and slept there. Also, you should have literally burried the framework of your shelter in leaves. That way your body heat would have reflected off the leaves and some what protected you from winds etc. 2. There were loads of branches on the ground, yet you wasted your energy trying to snap a green, living sapling. (I know he picked them up later on, but this action was unnecessary). If some one doesn't know, in a survival situation it is VERY IMPORTANT to not waste energy (and it's more important if there is no food/ water available) 3. You had no fire at all. Once again, no hate but I actually think he did not stay there for long. I think he went to a hotel, because there is no way you slept there. Hypothermia would have set in really fast because you slept on the ground with basically nothing separating you from the ground. And you have SO MUCH energy left in you like nothing happened. Sorry about the grammar, English is not my main language.

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    • What a good friend ????

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  • You should stand in place for 24 hours

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  • I hope this guy blows right up !

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  • Sneak into some where

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  • Stay in a dessert for 24 hours

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  • survive 24 hours in in the bumuta tringel

  • VIDEO IDEA: climb the world tallest staircase!!!

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  • 300k subs and 1mil views guys sub to this guy he is such a great content creator

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  • I love this guy

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  • Only two things than why is ur backpack full

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  • You should try to survive on a island for 24 hours

  • Tucker could have wrapped him self in the bedsheet to go through the thorns without getting poked

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  • Hey good video idea u should rock up to demolison ranch and give him a nerf gun haha that would be funny as

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  • Ok, you must have noticed that even after using Mr. Beast, you couldn't gain too many subscribers. So here is what I believe, it may e right or wrong. I have watched a ton of your videos and they are decent but there are many things that aren't connected and things get mixed up a little bit. You are good at some things but there a few areas that are very important and you are considerably weak at them. My English may not be correct, because it not my 1st language. Your major strength is video editing and drone shots, I love those drone shots, they are pretty cool, especially that solar panel drone shot. Video editing is also cool. Things which you should improve upon is the stability of the camera. Your camera shakes a lot whenever your cameraman runs behind you, I don't know what can be the solution to this but that camera shake doesn't feel appealing to eyes, its real discomfort. Another things is content, overall the content is fine but you are unable to bind the story or sometimes the story doesn't have that much potential. Like this video right here, its story is nothing unique, Mr. Beast himself did a similar ( not same ) video where he survived in rainforest for 24 hrs. So think before you work on an idea, don't pick an idea which has nothing new exciting to it. Like this video only, you had your phone, if I am given my phone, I can survive over there with very minimal things for even 48 hrs. I will tell you how to content gets off the topic. That heely's video, it was fine but you weren't heelying ( idk the spelling ) most of the time. Even if you don't plan your trips, just see if there is a chance where you whole plan may fail. I know its a lot easier to say than to do but trust me this is what a subscriber notices first. All the best, I am still subscribed : )

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  • I woulda duct taped the end of the mc blanket and made a hommock

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  • stay in the same place for 24 hrs

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  • You should start with a paper clip and trade / sale items to try to get to 10,000. If you fail before 1 month you have to do somthing bad haha

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  • Hey bro I am super hyped from your video sorry because I only seeing your video lately The France to Switzerland video was my first one Be your self for ever...

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  • This is absolutely amazing

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  • Do a mum reveal

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  • Spend overnight in Jimmy's ware house.

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  • You will blow up no doubt. You're my second favorite ILworldr under MrBeast!

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    • Drive a semi truck with only a pebble in it all the way to Alaska

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  • plot twist a shark walks on land and eats him

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  • unicycle across your state

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  • Spend overnight in Jimmy's ware house.

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  • Bruh I want to do this, mainly cause it would be easy for me

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  • Wouldent u not get service

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  • 6:16 - Just like every other challenge...🤦‍♂️

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  • Me who is so used to going into the woods and being completly destroyed by stickes thanks to falling into pits of them

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  • Obama

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  • You should have your camera man pick 10 items and you could spend 24 hours in your back yard

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  • How did you find him

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  • papa rug told us to sub to u

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  • For your next challenge you should try to find Elvis

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  • When you live in La could you walk to Faze rug (Sandiego) and giving him a rug that would be awesome and love your videos

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  • Here's a challenge for you spend 24 hours in a forest with everything you want you can make it cozy or you can make it difficult, your choice

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    • Hi

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  • Hi

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    • why tf are you lying about the temperature

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  • Drive a semi truck with only a pebble in it all the way to Alaska

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  • Jump a car into a semi trailer

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  • Survive on a snowy mountain with 20 or your choice amount of items

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  • Go camping for a week out in Montana or somewhere

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  • 6:36 Be looking like that guy from the Lorax

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  • hAw hE iS HeRtInG mOtHeR eArTh

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  • spend 24 hours in a cave

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  • 0:56 whys jimmy lookin thicc tho

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  • That was a lot of items, not 2 items, and he had food and extra clothes

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  • hitchhiking New York to LA

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  • after all those trees mr beast planted, and you destroy them...

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  • he could have at least gave you Chirrs

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  • Tucker: *complaining* Camera man

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  • go bungee jumping or smth lol

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  • why tf are you lying about the temperature

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  • Hi

  • Do the same thing but then for 1 week with more people and have a spin Weel of how much money you can spend on stuff for the week

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  • You should have used the duck tape as a roof. Like the slate tiles on a house. And it would hold the sticks too

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  • “Surviving with only two items” *has a full backpack”

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    • Yea i thought that too

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  • Make a full house of duct tape and stay in it over night😂

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  • do 1 week in the woods

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  • U should do the one chip challenge with mr beast

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  • Well this was so amazing but you could've made a Hameck* sorry idk the spelling*

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  • PLEASE ask Jake Paul for a boxing match PLEASE

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  • Need a 🔥

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  • great vid babe

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  • Hi

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    • Driving a car from Canada to Argentina

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  • You should sneak into mrbeasts house

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  • Very very very very veeeeeery underrated youtuber, like who is here before the first million subs

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  • You should survive on a bout in the middle of the ocean

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  • Its sad tho... travelling 3k miles for mr beast only to spend a night in the forest... Alone

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  • What about the camera man?

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  • I would use the duct tape to tape the bed sheet into a dodgy sleeping bag

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  • Yo did anyone else see the thing in 8:44

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  • :-)

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  • Epic

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  • You should follow Mr beast for 24 ours

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  • survive 24hrs in himalyas

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  • i live in canada and i’ve been out in like -20 Celsius (-4 f) not cold

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  • why do u have your phone hmm

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  • “He said whoever’s idea this is, your fired” But it’s his idea?

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  • He could have a Chis

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  • Driving a car from Canada to Argentina

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  • The most best youtuber that actually works really good for his videos , i want u to try every hamburger in every us state!!!

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  • Clinton road west milford nj

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  • Yo u needed to put pine needles on top to work as kind of like shingles

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  • U SHOULD bike for 24 hours

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  • Paddle boat to Alaska

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