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Remember these days as a kid when life was easier?
Really, what do you need to think about when you are a child? What toy do you want to take with you on the trip? How to buy more time before sleep?
High school problems as a teen, on the other hand, can be crazy!

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00:00 Pants party
00:25 About shyness
00:44 Before school
01:16 School Grades
01:33 Dressing up
02:01 School dance
02:53 Afterschool
03:25 Getting parents attention
03:59 Driving with mom
04:18 Carpool Karaoke with mom
04:41 Drinking coffee
05:10 Presents
05:55 Make-Up
06:25 Love letters
06:52 Picking up from school
07:36 Picking clothes
08:12 Bath time
08:36 Saving up money
09:56 Visit a doctor
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  • I think i'm half kid and teen because my personalty

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  • The one in the car with mom is lo

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  • Why are you looking at your friends bits??? Bruh

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  • I like your videos that music

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  • This. Is fucking stupid

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  • Wtf I am not like that we I was by as kid

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  • Can you please do a live stream please

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  • Sue just say sh*t

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  • no

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  • I have the same hat

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  • This is copied fro brent rivera

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    • Yaaaaaa

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  • it was my birthday when they did this

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  • Picking for shool izs best scane🥺😂😂

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  • The teen is weird Ok

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  • With there things open it was , funny

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  • sue:ok am out of here bye rob

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  • You copied. Brent riveras video 😡

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  • I like it wen sue dressed odd

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  • 1:39 so cute how she talks

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  • 3:59 driving with ur mom xD child teen

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  • Ew they were looking at there well u know I think

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  • Is funny when the boy gave her the chiclets does this mean we are married is funny

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    • They copied Brent rivera

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    • OH MY GOD

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  • Never eating lunch for a for a weekend of bad idea

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  • 2:39omg Rob I hate you

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  • i like sue

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  • Im prity shore that you will like to do some

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  • I did some life has at school

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  • Maybe u guys should not swear in a kids vid

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  • Arka daş güzel ama parti olayi sikar

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  • These days the kids are more mature

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  • MOMMIE how do u drink de evryting

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  • when its child its a soft girl and if its teen it looks like e girl😂😂😂

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  • Bruh what in the world is they looking at they each other well you know

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  • 0:27 ewwww...

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  • SHE JUST Said Shit

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  • Brown and pink hair salon well she has brown hair as a kid or toddler so she has been care of you she probably died my hair pink yeah that’s not a good person and I don’t himself bye

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  • I'm 7

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  • When you fire your homework thats bad

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  • When the teem girl screamed it was soooo funny

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    • Sameeeee

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  • dance party

  • When you fire the paper you are gonna fire the house 🤭🤭🤭

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  • You know half of this is copied right I don't know about you but my little sister wants Brent Rivera and this is one of their videos and almost everything They're copying from that video so yeah and every word

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  • 😂🤣

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  • Hello

  • You’re so comfortable

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  • What I meant to say was it was funny and weird at the same time

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  • What's funny and no hold on guys it was funny super duper funny and a little bit to wield

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  • Lol

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  • At the part when the little boy tries to kiss a girl he looks possessed

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    • So true

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  • Love this video 💗💗💝💝💘💘💓💓💞💞💕💕💖💖

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  • Hi

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  • She said shi* at 5minites and 8 seconds

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  • She said shi*

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  • Love 💗 👍🏼😘🤩Ximena

  • What were the kids doing 🤔 holding Their pants 👖???

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  • You guys are not kids you’re so grown-up so have a mom

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  • Charli are so much cute

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  • Ah. that’s soo much cute I love sue soo much because she’s soo acctres at childhood role🥰😊☁️🎭💕

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  • I am a kid cause I am only 7 years old

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  • That mom mom mom mami mami maa and hi that one is BTS v making tiktok

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  • Me drinking coffee be like 4:48

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  • Me when I see vegetables. : 0:06

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    • Lol

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  • She is sek si

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  • That would be me burning my homework when i get a F on a test or something else

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  • shut the fuck up this is so so so bad and good for kids

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  • Pants time

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  • mom

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