Hamster Escapes from the Minecraft Prison Maze

27 מרץ 2021
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The hamster's name is Popcorn. He is the son of Marshmallow. He really likes Minecraft and mazes.

  • I watched this in my french class today. This has nothing to do with french but now I have to write a paragraph on it.

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  • I loved dis video

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  • я один русский?

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  • i love hamster :D

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  • to znęcanie się nad tym chomikiem biedny chomik musi się męczyć nad jakimś głupim torem przeszkód

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  • Cute hamster awwwwwwww hes got a good smell

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  • Why are you imprisoning the mouse?

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  • I thought the hamster was eating a golden block

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  • And also *rules* "do not make hamsters scare and don't keep dangerous stuff to hamsters!!.

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  • What the, how do u make that whole Minecraft box?!. And I like the hamster just pushing the Minecraft players lol this is like funny moments 😂😆so cuteeee

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  • Hamster on the begin : *Slaps mate out off bed* BTW : Beatiful Hamster & Hamster PRISON mazee :D

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  • I like hamsters cos they are cute and I like that he’s smart

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  • i like the hamster alot

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  • I love it. You are a genius!

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  • Popcorn is so frikin cute :)

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    • O Lopers e Rafael estava reagindo a esse vídeo

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    • I salute the man who made this,not that man who made this

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  • At 1:41 he killed the police men

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  • i have a hamster :3

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  • i love how you made popcorn move with the cheese

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