Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

27 אוק 2020
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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

  • I’m a month late, but: “We are literally star dust“ ~Joe Rogan~

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  • The view counter on this podcast it is so scripted lmao hard to believe

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  • Holy shit Alex is funny but boy is he a fucking idiot

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  • I'm sorry Alex. i think you are f.o.s.

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  • The place you all have it all wrong is we didn’t exist 65 million year’s ago because you don’t believe in young earth creationism. An asteroid didn’t destroy dinosaurs. This is the problem with everything is Macro Evolutionary Theory being portrayed as fact. Go back 300 years ago and this was non existent. Adam and Eve were the first man and woman and they existed along side Dinosaurs and all of creation were originally most likely vegetarians. There was no death at this time. There’s a lot to unpack here with two extremely opposing world views, you either have a Biblical worldview through and through or you throw it out completely in the name of so called science. Which is ironically defined as being “with knowledge.” Kent Hovind was sent to prison because he was a leading voice for creationism. Tax fraud was a hoax. This was a cover up. There are many other amazing creationists. Dr. Jobe Martin, Dr. Del Tucket, etc.

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  • Joe says to Alex “yes but, you do understand you go on these long tangents and then you go on to frogs being gay!” 😂😂😂 34:30

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  • just love the debate about global warming and co2 . Like good old fashion pollution magically disappeared now that they debate on global warming whether real or not?? Just google some fun facts : -- average daily gas consumption -- average daily car sales ( a Toyota commercial just came on) -- average yearly air travel passengers --average daily electric consumption ( like electric cars will solve anything ) These are all needed to keep our economy going , at least the model we have at this point and time. I am guessing some time in our children's lives it will reach a tipping point in the "environmental economy ". Remember we don't " pay" the earth for what we take from it. The earth will eventually " collect" us...

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  • Hahahaha,,, so we can keep polluting and stuff will grow bigger and more,, hahaha.. God just put it in our minds to find oil and start producing cars , so we can have more CO2. Amen 🙏 Just look at any developed city or older European country and look how we literally can make areas sterile, polluted , yellow gray smog filled and people can't breath .. By the way is this guy a scientist? No he's just a BSer

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  • Give the idiots guns Ands watch them weaponise idiocy. Ignorance the depth of. Mr Jones's could only ever be applauded, nay, revered by.... Yanks.. God help us.

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  • The models they use on warming don't factor out the sun, because solar output is so regular in it's cycles that you can set a clock to it. And no scientist ever said that any major areas of human habitation would be underwater any sooner than the late 21st century. The levels of bait and switching necessary to claim that more carbon output is a good thing unless we all want to live in a heavily contaminated swamp (like when T-rex was around) reminds me of tetris played with pretzels.

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  • Bohemian rhapsody.......wait....😉

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  • "Clean coal.." lol. "More greenery now.." lololol..

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  • Hey Alex, have you checked if you have throat cancer? It's so obvious something is wrong with your throat.

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  • Alex Jones one crazy SOB but his heart is in the right place and i would love to come and spend a week or more with him, he might not be right about everything but who is but his track record is undeniably on point. Thank you Joe for having him on and you could see he was with friends by how much orange juice he drank 🤣. Keep up the awesome podcasts you, your team and your guests are really changing the world.

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  • One of the most pointless interviews ever from Joe. Thought I would enjoy this one but sadly Joe wasted about half of the show on grilling Alex on "citations" and "quotes"..just be quiet and let the man make his case and we'll google it after if we feel we need to. No need for you to play nanny for us here..

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  • The fact check breaks are the speed bumps

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  • Censorship is the start of falling from within.

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  • Alex Jones talking to Joe Rogan is like a Nascar trying to race on a speed bump track

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  • The problem with climate activist is they make everything an emergency to try to get people to act and we have this insane notion that we can keep the planet the same. He should mention how rushing into things will keep poorer nations poor and how our energy demands won't be met by so called green energy, which isn't even really that green. So the government should create incentives for research to make the technology cheap. Honestly I'm more concerned with micro plastics than I am climate change. Also America is very green other nations need to follow suit the problem is if they enact these plans right now they will become poor as shit. So would you rather starve to death and revert to the middle ages or find an easier way. I'm pretty sure there's a way to bounce that energy back up or cool the planet without destroying plant life.

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  • Joe was nervous on this one. Thought he was about to get deplatformed.

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  • Brush is struggling with the climate change stuff. Yes the plants do absorb literally all the man made CO2 by spring. CO2 levels were higher during Roman times so I'm wondering if we really are the cause.

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  • Joe is a snake the way he said “you go on these tangents then you go to frogs being gay”.. as a way to mock Jones.. Anyone with half a fucking brain knows that’s actually a fact. Look it up.

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  • 0:11 Jamie is back 0:20 Jamie cant taste 0:40 Introduces Alex & Tim 1:30 Ghislane Maxwell & her family 2:35 Alex learned about Epstein 20 years ago 3:36 The Borat movie & Bruno 6:36 Sacha Baron Cohen tried to cancel Alex 7:48 Censorship & White House smear campaign 10:31 Bidens daughters diary & foreign interference 13:10 Lobbyists, AT&T & big tech 22:50 Xixi Ping,Trump, coal plants & trade 25:44 Clean burning coal 30:04 The carbon conspiracy 35:31 Election night Joe & Alex will be live 36:01 Joe & Alex debate climate change 47:10 Electric cars & TEAM CARBON 48:02 Nuclear power & BP 51:55 Global warming, cars & centralized control 54:11 Joe wished he was high & covid conspiracy 55:50 Alex Jones mistakes & Bohemian Grove 56:57 The Post Human Era, Neuralink & AI 1:01:22 The first amendment & big tech 1:08:32 Bohemian Grove Cult & Nixon 1:20:09 Human trafficking Vietnam black ops 1:23:50 Clinton & Epstein Island 1:25:53 Ted Gunderson & William Colby 1:28:42 Apocalypse Now & Epstein 1:29:50 Jamie shoutout & Epstein Island 1:33:15 Trump & Roy Cohen, Infowars & The Young Turks 1:36:55 Free speech & censors 1:40:55 The election, Communist China & I Phones 1:49:38 Bill Maher, Democrat & covid conspiracy 2:01:00 Brian Redban & Election night podcast 2:02:32 Whitmer assassination plot & Bret Weinstein 2:11:24 The post industrial world & autonomous cars 2:13:56 Police state & the pandemic conspiracy 2:28:48 Contesting the election & voter fraud 2:34:56 The universe, aliens & DMT 2:36:43 alternate dimensions & Bob Lazar 2:41:51 Technoptimism 2:51:40 Joes new studio & Jamie appreciation 2:53:24 MRNA vaccines 3:00:25 Alex talks about retirement & addiction

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  • Alex Jones represents free speech and the rights of the individual Don’t dampen him JR- it will only backfire on you

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  • There still time to get together for the election . Who knew ?

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  • SMH, Alex Jones is a great DJT lap dog!

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  • GOD controls the WEATHER!!! STOP BEING BLIND AND READ THE BIBLE BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!! The climate change BS it’s just the devil blinding you from what really is happening!! GOD is judging the world for being so wicked!!! The devil knows he has a short time so he’s doing all this things like invoking pestilences like covid to get people marked so they end up in hell!!! Do not be deceived!!! Open your spiritual eyes and look for Jesus!!! Jesus is coming very soon!!!!

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  • He was wrong for once. Trump lost

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  • For your next guest you should try and get Donald Glover on

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  • bow-rhaaat - Alex Jones

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  • I believe Joe really does care about people, he is a true progressive centrist, in my opinion.

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  • No way Is Alex Jones 47! That guy is in his 50s easy, I'm 52 and I was sure that Alex was older than me. He really should let joe help him.

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  • Alex Jones is in a room with two comedians and he's by far the funniest person there

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  • Tim Dillon needs to be on the show less

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  • At 2 hours and 23 minutes in. They start talking about how people are against America now about how people are saying the flag is racist then everything about America is racist. I think you're missing one important factor. COLLEGE'S... They are literally teaching our college students to hate America that America is racist. And I think that's where all this is stemming from. Possibly some sort of plan cooked up by communists to brainwash our children into destroying our own country. Now I could be wrong but I think you guys were very right about a lot of things but you were just missing this. The college students start to learn about how if you're white you're racist that America is a racist nation and then they graduate and go on to these companies and then they start projecting their ideals into the workplace. I don't know how long they've been teaching this stuff in colleges but this generation is dangerous. A Very smart man once said, that we are always one generation away from losing our freedom. Could this be the generation when that happens? If colleges continue to teach their students to hate America, if this keeps going on pretty soon everyone that goes to college and graduates will be brain washed into hating america and call our nations flag offense and racist. Sorry about the rant but when I was in grade school holding my hand to my heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance looking at that flag I felt a pride in my heart. I've always been proud to be an American and I am disgusted by the far-left lunatics just shitting all over a nation that stands for equality for all regardless of race.I am profoundly proud to be an American. This racism issue is never going to end because SOME individuals will always be racist. . It's it's scary to think about.

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  • Truth is always stranger than fiction.

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  • See ya at #1855 ✌🏻

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  • Honestly, I lost some respect for joe for letting alex jones drink that much alcohol on his podcast.

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  • shame on you.

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  • Joe Rogan Alex Jones is the best podcast combo in existence

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  • The thing is he wouldn’t be censored off everything if it wasn’t all true

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  • Joe needs to bring alex back asap. Sober joe can not interview jones. Wtf

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  • Joe do the world a favour and get David Icke on

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  • Arrested for free speech? Or HATE speech?

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  • Why is AJs voice so low? Testosterone supplements?

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  • Alex “I want to give you the big enchilada”Jones

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  • Joe. You are the voice of reason when you have Alex on your show. That's why I rabidly defend you.

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    • Woow, u guys are lost.

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  • The only thing that is going to save all of us is God Almighty! We need to get men back to stacking wood and women back to making canned foods! I trust only God! We need to get back simpity in our daily life!

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  • Alex seems much more sane and calm now than ever. It's weird.

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  • What if Alex Jones works for the New world Order, who pay him to preach these conspiracy theories to discredit his own self in order to hide their true existence?

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  • Alex “big tech” Jones

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  • Informationwarfare should be the name of the next call of duty

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  • Nobody: Alex: I identify as Jennifer Anniston

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  • Nobody: Alex Jones: what was the question?

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  • Love Joe's Roberto Duran shirt! Where can I get one?

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  • COVID has been the greatest aspect of the Biden campaign.Tank the economy and blame Trump for it.

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  • joe is normie

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  • Joe "let's not go down this rabbit hole" rogan

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  • I agree with JR's analysis of Alex's broadcasting and interview style. If Alex took it down a few, used more visible proof, etc. He would be less known as a quack and would be 10x his credibility and provide far greater insight into his assertions.

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  • This whole podcast needs to be in a GTA 6 radio station.

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  • 2:55:30 search for Bill Gates Caught Off Guard on CBS News, when Questioned About Vaccines

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  • The kids get taken to meat processing plants and they get sent to fast food chains subconsciously introduce canabalism

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  • Alex Jones is very smart and knows alot of whats going on but still can’t ever trust him. He said i rather eat someone than let his daughter starf to death. Even know there is unlimited foot in nature 🤦🏻 well joe rogan is a sell out for sure👁

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  • Skull and bones is the modern day ss

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  • Let’s go further

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  • That's what the ovo symbol is we are controlled by sex addict blood sucking demons

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  • Alex jones is a hero to humanity

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  • When Cocaine feels down, It takes a hit of Alex Jones

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  • Mind Blown

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  • Oh so this is the famous podcast that he when he switch to Spotify that he had to quote fact check end quote Alex Jones but he never seem to do that before turn into a little b**** cuz spotify's got your your hundred-million-dollar number there, huh Joe? Dont be a little PC Fact check bitch joe. Geezus. You forgot where you came from once you got 100million.

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  • Joe "9/11, it was fun" Rogan

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  • Wicked good podcast.

    Antonio ChinniAntonio Chinni15 שעות לפני
  • @Joe Rogan I love you but I'm really disheartened by what you said. Cops stepping on the necks of our black brothers doesn't outrage you enough to leave but people looting as a byproduct of the lawlessness of cops is enough? That's not right. The problem wasn't looting, rioting, and peaceful protests. It was seeing that 20 years after Rodney King, nothing has changed other than more cameras on the streets to catch cops more often.

    Akash ChopraAkash Chopra15 שעות לפני
  • its crazy that 19k people dislike this, and these same ppl are the ones trying to desroy this country, election and the free world. sadly they control the media too

    JohnJohn15 שעות לפני
  • I would like to suggest that we start producing our products in India! We are friends with them and also they are non a communist country!

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  • COVID and human C02 have the same problem .....ZERO impact human C02 = 0,0016% in the air Covid-19 = 0,16% mortality C02 hoax Composition of air According to NASA, the gases in Earth's atmosphere include: Nitrogen 78 % Oxygen 21 % Argon 0.93 % Carbon dioxide (C02) 0.04 % Of these o.o4 % of Co2 in the atmosphere: 95% comes from nature (volcanoes/oceans/vegeration etc...) 5% from human activity The human C02 content in the air = 0.0016% !! covid hoax 97% survive the covid-19 virus 90% of the PCR tests are false positives ! (a PCR test is NOT A DIAGNOSE for covid-19 .. ...only an indication for further lab research ... (look at the damn test prescription leaflet of the manufacturer) 97% recover from covid 0.16% die from covid Covid-19 = NO PANDEMIC !! leftist authoritarian fascists say: DON'T YOU DARE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF !!! lockdowns = house arrests

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  • Did he swallow a frog lmao

    cold heartedcold hearted16 שעות לפני
  • One of the best talks I’ve seen. Should have Elon musk, Alex and Joe on another episode. Can grill Elon on his opinion to Alex’s views.

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  • I'm sorry. Alex Jones says some real interesting shit that makes sense, and then he runs off the cliff with some other shit.

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  • Why do they keep sayin Bill Mur?! Isn't it Bill Burr?

    Mario EmanuelMario Emanuel17 שעות לפני

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    • Do u guys have big cities

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  • in the netherlands we are supposed to get off gas by 2030 because of co2. gas is much cleaner than any fossile fuel, its utter bullshit. also neighboring germany is just now switching over the gas 😮

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  • First of all, I love Joe's shirt! Just noticed it 33 min in lol. Second is how do we fight back?

    Dustin DDustin D18 שעות לפני
  • where can i go to watch alex jones? i wanna see some conspiracy theories and such

    Mr QuikMr Quik18 שעות לפני
    • The Fifth I looked but idk where his conspiracy theories are

      Mr QuikMr Quik17 שעות לפני
    • infowars is his website

      The FifthThe Fifth17 שעות לפני
  • Alex = Half Man, Half Robot

    Capital GCapital G18 שעות לפני
  • We've been deindustrialized since like 1985? Where the hell has Jones been?!!

    ResistEvolveResistEvolve18 שעות לפני
  • Apart from the content itself, the video editing choices are hilarious.

    Kwame WeekesKwame Weekes18 שעות לפני
  • Counter attack order_66 they will not be destroying our democracy nor republic with there new world order empire

    George SpellGeorge Spell18 שעות לפני
  • holy shit the whole segment of carbon dioxide wanted me to pull my hair out...

    Rekty RektingsonRekty Rektingson19 שעות לפני
  • Jesus god almighty this was tiresome. Joe and Jamie “fact checking” every fucking little thing Alex said or asking him for a specific source every single statement. Just damn tiresome. Here is the deal Joe: either have a good faith discussion with someone and leave “fact checking” for later or don’t have a discussion at all.

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  • I want Alex Jones to form a group of superheroes. The A-Men 😁

    eastern sunseteastern sunset20 שעות לפני
  • told us this back in 2017 So why does everyone talk bad about the Q drops? Seems like we were let in on some huge intel but only certain folks picked up on it. Trump 2020. Enjoy the show

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  • Black mail was the name of the game Its worldwide fukkery 😎 Follow God and enjoy the lighting up darkness 🙏

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  • Alex Jones and Bill Burr on one fucking podcast

    Zen VentziZen Ventzi21 שעה לפני
  • Funny how views have frozen at 14M.. also.. how come ILworld removed this from trending? It's one of the most watched videos... they don't seem to like what Alex has to say

    DaybeeDaybee21 שעה לפני
  • Lol @ all of the snowflakes that think Joe was being too hard on Alex. I’m a huge Alex Jones fan but having a balance to his erratic tangents is definitely refreshing. If you want just pure Alex Jones rants with no Joe Rogan then go watch infowars.

    Mom’s ForsetiMom’s Forseti22 שעות לפני
  • I smoke 100 cigarettes a day, about a half gram of vape concentrate (thc) and or 7g of weed flower. Got covid, no ill side effects except loss of taste. Age 29. They are grossly misusing covid to take away freedoms and rights from citizens. Whether intentional or moves being made out of pure panic - I don't know.

    aDayInTheMindOf MEaDayInTheMindOf ME22 שעות לפני
    • @Arthur Morgan Not saying that, but was showcasing a severe lung impairment (100 cigs is no joke), and how it did not affect myself.

      aDayInTheMindOf MEaDayInTheMindOf ME19 שעות לפני
    • i can attest, cigarettes helped me tremendously when i got covid

      Arthur MorganArthur Morgan20 שעות לפני
  • liars ..deceivers .. Testing .... testing .... covid-19 contaminations ? WTF !!! The PCR-test is not a DIAGGNOSE for COVID-19 .....only just a starting poimt for further pathogen research. Another endless leftist war: war on covid-19 !!! Covid-19, like the flu, is never gone go away !! No lockdown will help ! 97% survive the covid-19 virus 90% of the PCR tests are false positives ! (a PCR test is NOT A DIAGNOSE for covid-19 .. ...only an indication for further lab research ... (look at the damn test prescription leaflet of the manufacturer) Covid-19 = NO PANDEMIC !! The covid hysteria is a massive delusion created by the wealthy elitists, self-proclaimed elites, who are gone profit from it, big time, making everybody else poor and dependent ....on a marxist universal basic income!! How many lockdowns do leftist idiots want to impose, before the economy, and with it, our health care system collapses. Covid-19 -being of the same corona family as the regular flu, is never gone go away !! No lockdown will help ! by the way: De CORRUPTE MEDIA (bought & paid for by the psychopathic elitists) covets up for DAVOS EVENT 201 in NY (oktober 2019) ! About Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019 bastards !!!! bring them to justice (Den Hague) for crimes against humanity !! ... fauci ....telling years in advance under obama that the next administration (i.e. the Trump administration) would be faced with a virus pandemic . ps: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to 'Persuade' Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines The options they are studying include shame and anger techniques: Other: Control message Other: Baseline message Other: Personal freedom message Other: Economic freedom message Other: Self-interest message Other: Community interest message Other: Economic benefit message Other: Guilt message Other: Embarrassment message Other: Anger message Other: Trust in science message Other: Not bravery message This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available. We will compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine -at 3 and 6 months of it becoming available (intervention & control) Study participants are recruited online by Lucid, which matches census based sampling in online recruitment. The government website even describes how to guilt someone into taking the vaccine. 1/15 of the people will be assigned to this message. The message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one’s family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease. And here is how they convince someone on the “trust in science” subgroup. bonus 2: Ein zwei drei ..polizei ....hitler on steroids !!!! 'Dangerous Marxist leaders call for ‘The Great Reset’ to destroy capitalism' ILworld German sicko klaus schwab ...'we have vays of shutting your mouth' in a forced-labor/reeducation camp....... organizing an existential crisis for a criminal psychopath like you!! Arrest this wannabe dictator and the whole davos cult of psychoopaths ! Bring these criminal scumbags to Den Hague !!!!

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski22 שעות לפני