Setup Wars Episode 227 - Clean Edition

4 ינו 2021
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▶$15 Windows 10 Key:
20% off Code: TS20
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▶Discord Server:
Brent (5percentgamer)
▶Gear List◀
Desk: Custom top with Ikea Alex drawers
Chair: Noblechair Hero real leather
Monitors: Asus PG348q, HP Z27, HP E22i
Monitor Mount: 2x kogan monitor arms. 1x Perlsmith PSFMK1 wall mount
Keyboard: Asus Rog claymore
Mouse: Asus Rog Gladius II
Mousepad: Asus ROG XL
Speakers: N\A
Headphones: Sennheiser GSP500
Microphone: N\A
Desk: IKEA Karlby with Alex Drawer and Oddvald
Chair: MAXNOMIC Classic Pro
Monitor: Asus VA27EHE (75hz) -
Monitor: Dell D2719HGF (144hz)
Monitor Mount: x2 Mounting Dream Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount
Keyboard: Custom built, Walnut 60%, Gateron yellows, Gray 68 keys dye sub keycaps from KBDfans
Mouse: Logitech G305 (white) -
Mousepad: Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad -
Speakers: x2 JBL306P MkII -
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80ohm -
Microphone: Shure PGA-48 -
DAC/AMP: FX-Audio Dac-X6 -
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (painted white) -
Tez Coiled USB C Aviator Cable
Custom repurposed aluminum headphone hanger
Anker 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub -
Anker 10w Wireless Charger -
DROK USB Volume Knob -
NYCCO Pencil Drawer -
Canon AE-1 Camera (on left shelf) -
G.SKILL KM360 (on right shelf)
Sony DSCW800 Camera (on right shelf) -
Taylor BT2 Baby Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
String Swing Walnut Guitar Hanger -
SUPERJARE Wall Mounted Floating Shelves -
White acrylic sheet to cover Cables on the back side of the PC
▶Gear List◀
Desk: IKEA Linnmon Tabletop White 2x Alex Drawers 1x ADILS Leg
Flash Furniture Low Back Designer Armless Swivel Task Office Chair:
Sceptre 24-Inch Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor:
VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable:
RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless Keyboard:
Razer Atheris Wireless Mouse 7200 DPI Mercury White Edition:
Qisan Large Gaming Mouse Pad with Nonslip Base:
Mpow BH059A 3.5mm Jack/Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Red and Black Edition:
Desk: Corner gaming desk from
Monitor: LG 27GL850-B
Monitor wall mount: Egetron FX30
Keyboard: Corsair K95 platinum
Mouse: Corsair M65 RGB elite
Mousepad:Corsair MM800 Polaris
Headphones holder.Corsair ST100
Sound sistem: Logitec 2.1 X-230
Headphones: Beats mixr
Chair: brandless
PC Specs:
Case: Corsair 465X:
Motherboard: Asus Z390-F Gaming:
CPU: Intel I9 9900K :
RAM:Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB 3600Mhz :
CPU cooling: Corsair H100i RGB White Platinum SE 240mm :
GPU: Gigabyte 1070Ti 8GB OC :
PSU: Be quiet 1200 Watt Dark Power Pro 11 :
Storage: Samsung SSD 1T :
Storage: Western digital 750GB :
Fans: Corsair LL120 six in total :
Name: Symoun Afable
▶Gear List◀
Desk: Ikea Malm with pullout panel:
Chair: 3D Ergonomics Chair by Inbox Zero (purchased from wayfair):
Monitors: Main: Acer ED273UR 27" 144hz 1440p, Secondary: BENQ GW2283 22" 60hz 1080p:
Monitor Mount: Vivo dual monitor mount white:
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Origins (white hyperx pudding keycaps):
Mouse: Logitcech G305 Wireless white:
Mousepad: Meffort XL mousepad (purchased from amazon):
Speakers: Creative pebbles white:
Headphones: Steelseries Arctis 7 white:
▶Misc Gear◀
duaslhock 4:

  • Dude is so minimalistic he doesnt even have a name

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    • @P I C K U L Z no

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    • @P I C K U L Z wow, looks like 724k people unliked this comment

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    • @P I C K U L Z video has 200k views..

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    • Yes

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    • Lmfao XD

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  • 0:57 *yeah sure, all setups since this DOES NOT have any sound system and subwoofer and also no leg space. You cant extend your legs. 2/10 setups*

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  • the secret for a clean setup is an ikea desk

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  • DAMNNNN! 0:26

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  • I have wires allover

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  • Where is the Starwars in these computers? Need to show only the rooms that have Startwars in them. At least one poster.

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  • F

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  • Black or white or something in between :D something between 16.8million colors

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  • Is it safe to buy a windows key from that website

    Been LogicBeen Logic3 ימים לפני
  • Anyone have suggestions for a clean look while the alex drawers are out of stock? Thanks in advance

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  • wow

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  • He mad drippy doe

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  • the plantage does look nice tho

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  • that white solid case is hella clean

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  • the cables make me wanna kms

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  • imagine not being on 144hz plus kinda cringe

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  • CyberJunk 2077, it’s in the game.

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  • Noname guy is actually.... Filip

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  • That's his setup at his mistress place but he watçhes this show with his wife.

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  • does anybody know what Grahams wallpaper is

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  • 5:37 where can I get that spacebar? or a spacebar like that one?

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  • Is it safe to buy windows that way??

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  • If only gram had a frank p mouse pad aka his wallpaper

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  • im sorry ed but you butchered graham i dont know wether its pronounced differently in the states but over here its pronounced "grey" "hum"

    Joe MamaJoe Mama6 ימים לפני
  • meanwhile me with a t430 lenovo thinkpad Sad puppy noises*

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  • I wish I get a PC from him 😭

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  • Ed u have over half the amount of the population of New Zealand in subscribers Just think about that one

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  • 6:42 Bro those are the exact headphones I'm using to watch this video right now lol

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  • Zvezdan’s pc placement gives me anxiety

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  • wow!! great setups.How do i enter the setup wars?

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  • Gongaginha

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  • Hiii :D

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  • The maniacal hovercraft ironically slap because flare intrinsically satisfy off a new puffin. hysterical, troubled fact

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  • THANK YOU for showing me a site where i can buy Windows key for 14€ it rly saved me much money :D

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  • "I can't help but feel like your monitor is positioned willy low."

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  • Acoustic foam doesnt absorb sound be careful with that!

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  • can i get a pc lol

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  • post a vid of ur fav setups in 2020

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  • Me watching this thinking that if i had enough money to make a setup like that id finally start up my own youtube channel and create content

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  • Waiting for episode 230 so i can join

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  • Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

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  • we all know no one can be cleaner than Edgar himself

    AR PolarAR Polar8 ימים לפני
  • fact: make your setup white and it’s automatically “clean”

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    • this is a really good pc setup I think you would like to make a review on I do not own the video just think its really cool

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  • Yo ik u prob wont see this but ive been trying to buy my first gaming pc but i cant afford it . Would u be abke to get me 1 or atleast put a bit of money towards it cus i have no1 to play with on my nintendo so pls pls pls can i get 1

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  • Hi i wonderd if u can help me , i live in south africa so there is not a wide range of pc components and stuff can u maybe help me pick up some stuff (more like suggest some components ) please help me i also have a budget of 800-700 usd (i mostly play valorant and CS:GO) i hope you reed it since it is on your newest video

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  • how much does those Autex composition panels cost? It doesn't mention the price anywhere in the website...

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  • Can i get a pc

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  • Hey man i love your channel because of you its why im a god at every game and at pcs

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  • Me with a ps4

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  • How can he not say graham right ahah

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  • Wish I had a good setup mine is so bad

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  • I need a gpu for the new flight sim 2020 but my budget is £400 any suggestions

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  • Can I have a free pc, i am from the uk

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  • this is a really good pc setup I think you would like to make a review on I do not own the video just think its really cool

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  • If I give u $2000 will u make me a gaming dasktop

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  • dont call him grogu, his name is baby yoda

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  • Tech source can you give away me some pc for my online class?

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  • After watching this , yup it’s decided I’m buying a monitor arm

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  • What games do you play

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  • .

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  • Do a dirty edition

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  • I wanna pc but I’d much rather get a pre built, are they as bad as people say?

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  • Graham was best

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  • When you find out who unknown is (on the discord)

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  • Corsair all the way for the pc I want. But I have no money and I’m 14 and no job

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  • Me looking at my setup with gtx 1050 i5 2400 8gb ram 😐

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    • 0:50 that's Typhoon ayeeeeeeeeeee

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    • Exactly😂😂🤣

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  • Me and my dad loves to watch Edgar's setup wars and pc building and my dad said he will buy me a pc and we gonna build it together, but now he's dead, and I'm too young to work for myself. Hope edgar will notice this. I always wanted to have my own computer for online classes

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    • That’s so sad bro ):

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  • 0:50 that's Typhoon ayeeeeeeeeeee

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