This £70K Mercedes Marco Polo is the ultimate luxury camper van! REVIEW

7 ספט 2020
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The Mercedes Marco Polo is a luxury camper van. It's based on the V-Class but has been kitted out with two beds and a kitchen. It's an alternative to a Volkswagen California a camper I have tested before with carwow. In this video I will show you all round the £67,000 Marco Polo and demonstrate all of its features. I'll also spend a night in it on my mother's driveway! And at the end I will let you know which I think is the best between the Mercedes Macro Polo and the VW California.

  • I honestly LOL'ed really hard at 1:51 The face, the hum and the pretentious look all before saying "expensive sounding" 😂😂😂

  • 09:28 Matt looks like a 70 year old man during the night

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  • 70k u could get a decent 4x4 van motorhome

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  • I am just pretending that Mat's girlfriend slept through this whole review between Mat putting up the "upper floor" and driving the car around.

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  • now i get why everyone wants the california instead

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  • Perfect for me getting in my knees for you matt or on all fours from the back

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    • Even better if you wanna do it standing

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  • lmao 60k pounds only get u a c300 here in indonesia

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  • Does anybody know what he's saying at 2:27 Balt up?

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    • @Durphy Thank You!

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    • Bulthaup

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  • the VW California is way more practical.

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  • I sleep in my polo vivo and I manage alright... this looks like heaven.

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  • Great video Mat it is clear that the people who designed the interior blind arrangements are not Motor Caravaners or they did not spend one night in it!

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  • Mat is just Linus but for cars

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  • VW California is well ahead in all terms....

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  • 8:40

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  • trying so hard and its painful

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  • You can't go into your mom's house?

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  • Nice to know the intro isn't a carwow exclusive

  • Rolls Royce for a £67k

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  • How about a Drag Race for buses, Kia grandbird and Marco Polo buses

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  • Camera man was a woman.! Did u jiggi jiggi?! 🤣

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  • even matt knows its not worth 70k

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  • Any Malayale!

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  • I swear when matt said I think this is a table I just knew it was going to fall apart

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  • that was fun

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  • Who is here After watching tech travel eat

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  • vw is icon, Merc...just a copier

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  • Why didnt Matt just get tested before he got to his mom's house?

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  • @Matt Watson ... how comes joe Achilles is able to order a 2021 M3 with under 200k subs.. but you've got over 4M on carwow.. and ordering a Suzuki jimny.. no offence.. but if joe can buy an M3.. surely you can buy sth more nicer then his new car..🤔🤔🤔

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  • I don't believe you didn't slept in the house.

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  • Where’s the toilet?

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  • So funny seeing Mat struggling with the picnic table and the chairs 😂😂

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  • My father wants to buy a merc van but with seats all seats and also the amg pack

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  • Bulthaup is a German kitchen manufacturer headquartered in Aich, Bodenkirchen, close to Landshut in Lower Bavaria. It has a headcount of 530,

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  • Better to stay at a hotel considering the price of the van. If u r buying a used one probably after 7 years, then it will be worthy!

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  • What if the van gets destroyed? Mat: what a waste

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  • Why has nobody liked or disliked this vid

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  • മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

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    • @Akhil K Ajith aaa

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    • Sujith Bhakthan vlog kandu vannadano

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  • *It's basicaly the Volkswagen California but with some leather and wood and more mercedesy..?*

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  • Considering how fast technology progresses in so many other areas of our lives, this is just ridiculously bad. I guess I'll have another look at camper vans in 10 years.

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  • U sure this wasn't a carwow review, you accidentally did on your own ILworld channel?

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  • How is when outside is raining and you have the roof open? I think that the protection is waterproof

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  • Stick to the truth you say Mat? The pandemic is a fucking fraud! It's about brining in the AI new world order enabled by 5G (6G in 2030), at least that's the plan of the satanic gloabalists.

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  • minute 9:20 so creepy and funny

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  • I believe the table has a twisting lock in the middle to secure the legs strut... did Matt missed it or was he just being funny?

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  • Just get a Vito and convert it yourself

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  • where are the likes/dislikes?

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  • a normal bed is 140 cm???? This was the after-war standard. I mean world war II. Today a "normal" standard is 180 cm; I have 200 cm standard since 40 years. Every IBIS hotel has 180 cm as standard. So the Marco Polo van is comfy for two kids, or one adult. Idem for a California. Imagine Mat and Yianni sharing this matrass :)

  • 3:36 it’s not a bmw bro

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    • He said that the table is better on the VW (Volkswagen) not BMW.

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  • This was painful the privacy is an issue, takes too long to put on the curtains

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  • Wait, this is the price for the new car? Do they sell it in asian market?

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  • Having trouble with the chair and table was such a baby. 🙄 My kids can handle that enjoyingly.

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  • I didn't see any girlfriend up there Matt....looked like a blow-up doll to me, mate

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  • Infrared Mat Watson looks a lot like Toronto mayor John Tory!

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  • Cant wait to see you return you have the best personality

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  • Tip: Use the matress from upstairs, downstairs for quiet comfortable rest

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  • The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper, with dogging friendly window blinds 😂😂😂

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  • Getting real Alan Partridge vibes from this guy

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  • Great content! Keep up the good work. If you have a second go have a browse of my channel 😊👌

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  • When he showed the nightcam footage I genuinely got scared. A true demon of the night, sorry, Mat

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  • Marco polo is for the boomers. vw is for the youngblood

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  • Mat, I had a look on company house and you aren't even a share holder of carwow?? they literally revolve around you at this point and they have over 20 million of revenue with 95% of that being profit. Why wouldnt you make your own service like carwow? Everyone would follow you. It's sort of like top gear and the grand tour. if you need help setting up a team with a video editor etc email me

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  • no toilets? Shower 70 k?

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  • @12:30 nice McDonalds trash

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  • Mats polish?

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  • I was just thinking that Matt should start his own channel and then I stumbled upon this. Noice.

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  • His teeth look totally different in the dark.

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  • So odd for a German brand to market their models with anything but alphanumericals

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  • Plot twist - the person who was sleeping upstairs was actually Doug Demuro and he was talking in his sleep saying THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS IS A 2020 Mercedes Marco Polo "

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  • Make a video with the Mahindra thar

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  • Mat Watson struggles a lot to......

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  • 👍

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  • This is very expensive van.Not VFM at all.

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  • 12:30-18:30 vw california advertising

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  • Congrats on 300k!

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  • Hi Mat Waston

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  • Matt needs to make more personal account videos

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  • Awesome to see you, doing your own ILworld channel. Keep it going I love your car reviews and content!!

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  • hahaha awesmoe

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  • He seems he have just woken up

  • Does it pass the visor test is the real question here

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  • The fact that you can get an AMG trim on a camper van sums up the problem with Mercedes nowadays

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  • The back of the V-class / Marco Polo looks really good for a van

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  • But it your mom u have same germs and u wont get covid _19 unless some one random is living there u dont know but ur mom dose ok

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  • Mats Isolation Hair

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  • Fun fact: the VW california campers can be more expensive than this

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  • Can you hellp me to tell which car can I buy to under 6000 pounds which is sporty.

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    • No matter it is old

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  • So this is what Pepa Pig had in that episode

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  • C'mon get in the hole. May be this is why he was banished by his girlfriend

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  • Hey I have I budget of 100k aed I am looking for a good sport car which pls reply

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  • Al that luxury and whatever and it hasn't got a TV

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  • Whos here before 1mil views?

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  • Luxury only because it's a Mercedes.

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  • Matt you have my dream job can I ask how did you get into the position you’re in would love to know

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  • Matt chanelling his inner silence of the lambs with the night vision shot. 😃

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