Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full Event Video)

26 אפר 2020
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Astronomical is an other-worldly experience by Travis Scott and Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite. Watch the full event experience now.
Featuring the songs:

(P) 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack / Wicked Awesome.
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  • Looking back to this video and concert such a cool concert it was watching it (Travis Scott) 2021 let’s see if we will get another concert this year 2021 or 2022 or who knows 🤷‍♂️

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  • travis you were begger thn the map

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  • Is this a real event btw I don't have fortnite so I don't know

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  • Fortnite the best event ever

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  • Enero 2021?

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  • I am Travis friend I play basketball with Travis ok I am27 Travis is28 and I play fornigh with him okk I am not lying and I like a lot of fornigh with him

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  • Sensacional, wow.

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  • Just djc kdifs kdkvjxj fkfkdk kdkgjs kdkgk dnfkd djfjdkffmdjdhdj sjjrkdk dkfkfj djfjbfjfb dkdkfjfj djfgj djjfbgj jfffjfjfvndj fjjfjfjfbf djfjjdjcjdbudjfdkcvb jrfjdbdxjevidbncnxfj

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  • OG LOC . mp4

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  • 4:19 the beat drop tho...

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  • I'm supposed to be studying for an exam rn but the youtube algorithm has brought me here lol

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    • for some reason youtube keep bringing me back

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  • They need to do more concerts, of course not like this one but like the marshmello one

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  • Good song

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  • N sei vcs mas até hj esse evento me arrepia até o bigode

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  • oooo

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  • Travis your event was THE BEST !

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  • The smart snow steadily divide because detective ironically explode including a next brown. synonymous, nasty kitty

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  • 4:09 I get those goosebumps every time yeah

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  • hes back!

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  • Epic: we got your stage ready travis Travis: *pulls out command block* all good chief don't worry

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  • lmao i looked up fortnite guy event and this popped up 😂😂

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  • Travis going crazy with all the partnerships this year

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  • Now imagine if a health bar appears above him lmao

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  • ... read more

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  • I felt that i was high on drugs in the concert

  • To Be Honest Galactus Made Travis Scott Look Like a Midget in This Event

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  • its coooooool💥💥

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  • Grande travis escroto

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    • Kkkk

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  • Tu voz y la de Drake se parecen un buen

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  • Quien gana Travis Scott like O Galactus? comenta

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    • Galactus

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  • lo unico que falto es que cuando salto le ubiera pegado a la isla yse elebara

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    • @Ian Zuriel Ochoa Montiel Pues de guarderia

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    • @Gato XD._.

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    • @Gato no soy de kinder

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    • Escribe bien niño de kinder

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  • Good man

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  • Fortnite e muito melhor freefire

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    • Concordo plenamente

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    • Isso eu concordo

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  • crazy

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  • When youre so lit that you fly around a planet with a speaker as the core, crash a useless stage, can teleport, is a cyborg, and the planet from earlier is yours, you make sick ass music and you're a giant.

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  • i feel bad for marshmello

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  • I like travis scott

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  • Best concert ever

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  • Travis scott pls bring back the skin I want it pls

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    • It's coming soon they updated it for the new item shop layout

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  • I want to say I went to the event 2 times and it was great also the travis scott set is coming back

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  • Yes😎

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  • 2021 ? 👇

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  • fortnite derailed a week after this event

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    • because for a week everyone who had saw this went brain shut down for a week

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  • Omg Fortnite guy

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  • اشتركو في قناه ابلو فله

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    • هههههههه

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  • Like I saw it

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  • I watched this event

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  • Epic did a great job on censoring the swear words

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  • naiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

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  • How this skin back to item shop

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    • Soon. Be patient. They updated the item shop layout for the skin so it's Gona be soon

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  • Why don’t they do this anymore?????????

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    • Takes time when they did this all at home.

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  • I got so annoyed people kept killing me before the concert started I almost quit. I'm glad I had patience cause this concert was LEGENDARY

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  • Epic

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  • Man, I want this event to happen again. You can only truly get the full experience in-game. The ILworld versions of it are just like the sloppy seconds 😒

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  • The fact an ad plays through this is sickening am trying to vibe fs

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  • Can't wait for the set to come back out again.

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  • دايممممم

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  • Traviss Scott! I❤️U 🤜🏻💨🤛🏻💋

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  • The event was amazing and how it was every event in fortnite. Only if you see closely and a fortnite og. But overall very cool ngl

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  • 6:50

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  • За данбас

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  • I’ve seen a Fortnite Travis Scott convert and a real Travis Scott concert.

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  • I miss this event 😔

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  • i loved this event

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  • Corona virus,illuminati,5g,project Blue Bleam

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  • This gonna get memories man...

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  • I like how he's bigger then lil nas x

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  • Привет тревис

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  • sick

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  • 💗

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  • I didn't buy the skin😔

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  • Really legend

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  • Personally, I’ve never liked Fortnite. I especially didn’t like Travis Scott selling out. But this event just proves that Epic Games deserves every penny they make off this game. This gave me goosebumps no pun intended.

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    • No one cares

      Adrian DennisAdrian Dennis9 שעות לפני
  • best visual in any game ive ever played hands down.

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  • Does he play fortnite

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  • I'm the only one that thinks 1:36 sounds like sypherpk saying give me the loot?

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  • Awesome video really eye catching

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  • Uma Das 7 maravilhas do mundo esse show e esse jogo

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  • Where juice world and Travis Scott friends?

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  • 0:41

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    • Dude how do you feel 0:41

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  • Alguien mas habla español?

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    • Hola

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  • This gives me goosebumps

    Adam DietzlerAdam Dietzlerיום לפני
    • same, 'GOOSEBUMPS'

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  • I think the concert was a test for future in game features to see if the servers can handle it

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  • mcdonalds

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  • Epic: How many effects do you want? Travis: YES

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    • stolen comment

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  • How does this have 69k dislikes

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  • Travis love it

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  • travis= best muscic guy

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  • Do post malone epic pls

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  • This was so good

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  • 4:18 Goosebumps

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