Dennis Lloyd - Alien (Official Audio)

12 יונ 2020
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Dennis Lloyd - Alien (Official Audio)
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I’m feeling like an alien baby
Riding around the world
I’m feeling like a stranger lately
Round and around we go
Verse 1:
Where did I come from?
Where do I go?
I’m so far away from home
What am I going for?
How can I know
What I’m fighting for?
I’m feeling like an alien baby
Riding around the world
I’m feeling like a stranger lately
Round and around we go
Verse 2:
So where can I go?
A million miles from home
What am I going for?
How can I know
What I’m fighting for?
Produced by: Plonter Animation Studio
Director: Yoav Aluf.
Art Direction: Hila Einy
Chief Animator: Noy Bar
Storyboarding: Ory Pinchasy
Compositing: Ido Hartmann
Key Animator: Shahar Muller
Clean up Artist: Sapir Danan
Color Artist: Rona Lee Israel
#DennisLloyd #Alien

  • 👽ALIEN Out Now👽 This song is for everyone who ever felt misunderstood. Sometimes people don’t get you and that’s OK

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    • LOVE YOU♥️♥️♥️and your new song anxious soooo good💜

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    • Wow, for the longest time I’ve felt just like that but I thought I was just being weird or dumb, thank you ❤️

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    • Fati Khaddi hbvgbhujthhtg Nbchbvght

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  • İ love the sound...

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  • This song is soooooooooo good

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  • Lost Dog Poster ?

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    • They are looking for alien's dog

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  • I came because I thought it was rick and morty related.

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  • This song gives me summer vibes idk why

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  • Me likey 😊

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  • Perfect for night ride 😍

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  • This Song takes me out of depression, thank you!!! ❤️

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  • This Song is Amazing. I hear that every Day. 😎😎

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  • ISRAEL LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Whatever you go for, don't go for marriage. It screws you up as a man.

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  • es una de mis favoritas, saludos desde Ecuador - Guayaquil

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  • Der Text beschreibt so exakt wie ich ich fühle - allerdings schon mein ganzes Leben lang ..

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  • Arnold

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  • As an American I had no idea so many people have seen this. I thought it was lowkey. Heard it on Pandora.

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  • Next song Zombie

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  • The title says "official audio" but I feel like it's a second official video

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  • Listening to this while animating

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  • Being depressed in Canada was listening to this song so often while driving on highways...

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    • why are you depressed? you live in Canada, a really lit country! Greets from good ol' Germany

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  • im an alien because i like men

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  • I fell like an alien too, I'm far away from my country (I'm in Germany)

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