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24 אוק 2020
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Follow Player in this compilation of episodes 1-5 of Among Us Logic! Whether he's playing on The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Pollus, Player just can't seem to catch a break. Join him and his good friends Captain, The Gentleman, Veteran, and of course Mr. Cheese, as they try to win both as crewmates and impostors...
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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    • Hello I'm ibrahim

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    • I want MrCheese vs MrEgg and i want MrCheese to win

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    • The best youtube video

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  • I like your video,s

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  • I like your video,s

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  • I am going to be your fan

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  • my sister: wow sis, your a legend in among us! me: im not a legend, you need to be dead to be a legend, im not dead.

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  • I love your vids,keep up the good work!

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  • I'm rose and I shot ur friend I HATE BLUE THO I shot him too

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  • I love red's voice

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  • Good job GameToons!

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  • what is this a court case in among us

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  • poor ninja

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  • did anyone see that in the first report it said that stoner reported but then it play who reported

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  • why he want to play fall guys when he can just give among us a chance

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  • biggest*

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  • hiiii! im a big fan probly the giggest fan.

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  • Mr chese is a nood

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  • allso sub to game toons so u never miss a vdeo

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  • i litterly play as mr cheese

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  • I like being a crewmate

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  • Space is not the ejection place on Mira hq

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  • veery wow!

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  • I am your biggest fan

  • It was Stoner All of this time.

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  • I love your videos 👍 100k

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  • I love ur vid it made me make my own Among us logic thanks game tunes

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  • I like mr cheas and player

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  • nice and comedy

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  • Por veteron

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  • 43:42 i thought this was players first victory but its actually one ofr cheese victory

  • Same

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  • 😂

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  • That was funny

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  • 35:05 No one gonna talk about how this whole sequence SLAPS?😳👍✨

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    • What is that song I want it

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  • I've watched this like five times its that good

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  • Mrcheese is dumb

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  • Hhíiiiiiiiiii

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  • Quick question, why did you call yourself player?

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  • Wait how did stoner report MR.Cheese body when he wasn't near Player and The gentleman???

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    • But then it switcher to player reporting the body. HOW?!?!?!?!?

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  • 3:11 I love TheGentleman's Reaction

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  • this is cool mmamnna

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  • KILL... Mother:Oh my god! That was franklins first word!

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  • really hope the mini crewmates won't hold a grudge and come after Player or mr cheeze xD

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  • When he said poopyfarts96 made me laff SO HARD!!!!!!!!

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  • Hahajaajhahaahah

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  • hey player you really wanna win a game in among us will i am a pro in among us lets be frined and we will win a game

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  • Mines the gentlemen

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  • 3:34 lol the report was called by player not stoner

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  • do one where they team with crewmates

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  • Among does not like this

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  • I’m trying not to be able with the kids

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  • X cxbc

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  • 35:10, wait, what? Is That Eminem's Lose Yourself from Eight Mile?!!

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  • Poor Mr Cheese 🧀

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  • This is really cool! Great job!

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  • Greatest plot twist on youtube

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  • Poor mr countries :(

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  • Make a logic 15 I really want one

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  • player is the best

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  • This is so accurate.

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  • among us but without the characters hands look so weird

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  • Poopycock wt

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  • Ever thought of the robots the people behind the screen are controlling... The robots:

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  • wow

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  • not cool for the first round

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  • Djsjsjxhdjdjdjdjdjsjdjk

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    • Jsjsudisisjsjsjsjjsjs

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  • cool I am playing it

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  • Lol I just remembered that big Babi and rose in ZMDES game they were in love

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  • So good

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  • Those characters are stupid

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    • Like you? =P

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  • your animations are really great!

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  • I keep watching this

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  • 20:09

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  • Mumbo jumbo I like hermit

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  • How do angel kill b-day and rose at the same time? İsnt there kill cooldown

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    • Watch among us logic 14 it will explain

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  • I Luv ur animations!

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  • angel was the impostor guys

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  • such a good animation !

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  • Awww poor veteran

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  • That stoner cut was so big brain I can't even be mad

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  • Why does BDAY Sound like Greg from Steven universe?

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  • Why does

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