Epic Cycling on Ice

10 פבר 2021
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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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  • Ada yg mikir ga sih ,, ngerem pkek sandal + di kasih aqua gelas atao tabung ale ale biar Bunyinya kayak moto GP .. 🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Bcueu,uwbzg

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  • Bike store: “What sort of tires are you looking for?” The Q: Yes.

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  • حلوه

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  • this video found you

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  • When you fall and your balls hit the wheel

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  • Se esse pneu pegar na bunda kkk

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  • If u fall off that bike it’s lit for u

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  • Rip up the trails an build a log cabin while you do it!! With the all new trail mix 5000 ..some nuts required.

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  • Moral of the story - never draw a bicycle

  • Then you accidentally hit your foot with the front wheel while riding with sandals.

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  • This is the famous saw bicycle. To brake, a literal iron foot is required.

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  • Why did u use a custom bike.

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  • How to slice your toes thank me later

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  • Increíble 👌

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  • I call it the "icycle"

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  • 4:29 you're welcome !

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  • Código de wish :xwjmpgk

  • se fosse aqui no brasil já teria gente tentando dar um grau ou RL kkk nice video!

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  • Hello everyone and this is YOUR daily dose of internet

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  • 🤩💯

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  • Its the future bike

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  • I made this cycle after seeing it yesssssssss 😊😊😊😊😸😸😸

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  • Como te caigas encima de la rueda trasera, te vas a hacer enorme la raja del culo.

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  • Абсолютно бестолковая вещь и бесполезная на таком каждый день Не покатаешься.

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  • Real fun would be when your foot gets in contact with the front wheel

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  • What do you call this...ICYCLE?

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  • It's all fun and games till he goes on the sidewalk and chops up a dog.

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  • а теперь представим как его опа падает на заднее колесо.

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  • Sick!! 🤘

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  • Massio e comfortavel kkkkkk Na moral, eu achei que ia corta o gelo e pedaços com a roda da bike kkkkk

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  • Epic

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  • Ah yes, the Ravenholm bicycle

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  • Imagine slipping off the seat and on to the rear tyre with your anus!

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    • Imagine a pillion

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  • 4:56

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  • Congratulations on coming to a full circle and inventing the wheel

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  • Algum brasileiro aqui? 😅

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  • 4:47 skip

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  • nice video

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  • 4:45 신의 한수.멋지네요.

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  • Is it not dangerous? Because there is nothing to block the wheels of the car.

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  • That's cool

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  • If you guys fell back when you r riding that bike, that the point when your life ends

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  • This is something I've never seen before, it's really cool!

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  • This video reminds me of Hollow Knight and the White Palace for some reason. I don't know why... It just reminds me of that White Palace.

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  • Fantásticas sierras para tropezarse y caer con el cuello sobre ellas!!!

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  • Why do the front spikes face backwards?

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    • He fixes it after, but at first the front wheel just slides.

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  • Imagine slipping backwards while sitting

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  • Me: how can i find where i came from when i cycle Google: look at google maps Bing:

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  • man this bike i really dangerous

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  • This is what quarantine did to us

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  • Everyone gangsta until the ice breaks

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  • I have one question, how many people has this bike killed? xD

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