Harry Styles - Fine Line (FULL ALBUM)

19 מאי 2020
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  • Esse álbum é simplesmente maravilhoso!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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  • Why does Adore You start so beautiful? Not just the lyrics, but the SONG!!!!!

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  • Larry is real😼❤️

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  • Harry Styles has found his own personal “groove” on his “Fine Lines!” I particularly love the horns! They bring their special heraldry and it elevates the song’s mood up to a level of musical theatre’s bright and warm “gaiety!” I’m an old “Rolling Stones” baby boomer, and Styles rocks and gently rolls on his second solo! Well done, Mr Styles. I’d go to one of his concerts, myself. I’ll have to sit in the front row, as my husband said the girls scream the whole time!

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  • please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase

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  • please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase

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  • please do one for the 1975 s albums .all of them pleaaaaaaaaaase

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  • please do one for the 1975

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  • please do one for the 1975

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  • ay t amo

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  • The best thing bout 2020 #thissong

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  • "ı work in a bakery" "We're One Direction" "Treat People With Kindness" This is the REAL succes story guys

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    • Aaw... I wanna cry 🤧🥺♥️

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  • i love golden and treat pepole whit kindness

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    • whit

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  • omg dans une chanson sa parle francais

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  • uno de los album mas lindo y chingon

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  • how many copyrights-

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  • It's my first time listening to his album and I find myself liking it :>

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  • 🐙

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  • :v

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  • ese mi harry siempre tan talentoso

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  • ✨Harry es Arte✨

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  • if your here listening to this album, you've got great taste

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  • tysm i listen to fine line while doing my school work harry made a masterpiece :) tpwk

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  • Keep calm and listen to Harry Styles

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  • Mardición ME ENCANTA

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  • i love she

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  • I really love this album but it reminds me of my ex and it hurts ):

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  • Golden 0:00 Watermelon Sugar 3:32 Adore You 6:27 Lights Up 9:55 Cherry 12:55 Falling 17:06 To Be So Lonely 21:04 She 24:17 Sunflower Vol 6 30:23 Canyon Moon 34:04 Treat People With Kindness 37:13 Fine Line 40:30

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  • Sick album mate...................Cherry ending scares me tf

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  • love thisssss

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  • ⚠️DIRECTIONERS ALERT⚠️ Guys, I made a tribute mashup for the boys with their iconic solo songs and other 1D songs that we all love, please check it out and like and share if you enjoyed it.. The link to the song: ilworld.info/flow/pnd8xX-3Zn_Ti2U/wyd-w

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  • Perfeitooooo

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  • ;-)

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  • OMG que hermoso album lo amo harry styles es mi razon de vivir

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  • if he would do a video for 'fine line' song that would be great...tnx

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  • unlike most albums, i love ALL the songs on this

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  • however much i love harry styles i clicked on this for alternative music not this

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  • Golden 0:00 Watermelon Sugar 3:32 Adore You 6:27 Lights Up 9:55 Cherry 12:55 Falling 17:06 To Be So Lonely 21:04 She 24:17 Sunflower Vol 6 30:23 Canyon Moon 34:04 Treat People With Kindness 37:13 Fine Line 40:30

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  • Umm this is the song golden...

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  • Turn on waves sound in the background. Enjoy.

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  • primera vez que escucho una de sus canciones completas y ya me encanta :(((((

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  • mis oidos quedaron bendecidos :)

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  • amo a este cantante❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • This song came to my mind, recently.

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  • Gracias por esto ♥ lo mejor de lo mejor ✨👄✨

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  • Ohhhh!!!!!! man................this is a real masterpiece😍😍

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  • un álbum mejor que este simplemete no existe

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  • this album is so good :)

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  • I feel bad for all the 915 people who accidentally hit the dislike button. (This is a master piece)

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  • You have to listen to the whole together like this. Just one song by itself does this album no justice! They are all amazing though, but listening to the whole album together on headphones just hits different. STAN HARRY FOR A BETTER LIFE!!!!!!

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  • #Kindness come on EPIC!!!

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  • 👑

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    • 😙😻👍

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  • :')

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  • happy bisexual noises

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  • primeiro BR a comentar ? Será ?? rsrs Harry o melhor cantor que existe ! Gosto muito.

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  • Harry styles is the only person who can make me listen to 40 minutes of their songs😂😂😂❤️❤️

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    • Sameee

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    • Same girl 😄❤

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  • WOW. This just popped into my auto-play while I was working… really, REALLY loved it. It's a buy for me.

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  • The man the myth the legend Mr.Harry Styles

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  • i love so much your song!

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  • why harry's voice is so fuckin' beautiful

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  • 🌟00:01 - Golden 🍉03:32 - Watermelon Sugar 🐟06:27 - Adore You 💡09:55 - Light Up 🍒12:55 - Cherry 🎹17:06 - Falling 👶🏻21:04 - To Be So Lonely 💭24:17 - She 🌻30:23 - Sunflower Vol 6 🌛34:04 - Canyon Moon 🕊37:13 - Treat People With Kindness ➖40:30 - Fine Line

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  • Cuando mi hermana me molesta escucho esta cancion y me relaja

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  • 894 dislikes?! ARE U OKEY?

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  • lixo

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  • Esto es vida Gracias Harry por existir :'D

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  • Fair play to him, I am too old to be liking this and it's not even the style of music I usually like but he is a great singer and these songs are excellent, especially Golden. Would be interested to know just how much input he puts into the writing, often singers are given credits these days just as a token gesture but great work by the writers, producers and arrangers very good album👏

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  • Asu q bn álbum para no hacer mi tatea

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  • Love this album Harry

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  • Harry Styles is everything I needed in this 2020 ♥ ️

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  • Doctor: you have 46:49 minutes to live. me: *open this* im gonna die in peace now... *fine line the song starts playing*

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  • Never thought I will ever say I like what this guy is doing. Can't stop listening to this album. This is something totally different from what I used to listen but I just feel it.

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  • Looks like La Roux

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