Noam Firuz

Noam Firuz

I create valuable, entertaining and fun content...and I love Iced Coffee!

So there is few questions that I get asked a lot...

25 (will try to update that)

What do I do for living?
I own a media and marketing agency, long story short I manage campaigns for companies and business and help them create more money by placing ads online.

What is my filming gear?
↠ My Camera -
↠ My 18-135mm Canon Lens -
↠ My Rode VideoMicro - Best Microphone -
↠ My Drone -

Where do I take my music and SFX?
Absolutely amazing.

How do you travel a lot and where do you book your flight and hotels from?
Hotels 👉🏼
Flights 👉🏼

Where do I edit my videos?

Where are you now?
In Israel, we keep you posted!

I have another channel with more videos in English, go check it out - link down below 👇🏽