نورة القناة

احب عالم الالعاب والكمبيوتر وكمان السيارات والقتنية

انا في اليوتيوب من سنة 2011 والى الان وهذا كان حلم كبير بالنسبه لي واخيرا تحقق وشكرا لكم على ما انا عليه اليوم

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Welcome to my Channel

I love games and anything about it. Also, I love computers and anything about cars. Along with technology.

I upload video games and PC Reviews and anything I love. along with anything new. I love trying different things.

I started in 2011 now and I so happy that my dream came true thank you guys for everything and thank you ILworld and everyone that made my dreams come true

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